Saturday, March 26, 2016


Just back from the beach. Waves crashing on the rocks is almost deafening. The light is bright and warm. Yea, I wish! I've been relaxing to the sound of this ocean with my light in my face and my eyes closed.  The fan is giving me a breeze ahhhh

It sounds funny, but sometimes we all need a little get-away.  What's wrong with taking time for yourself?  You may be the one who holds it all together and is the emotional component in your family for everyone.  You need time to recharge in a quiet place where God is with you and calmimg music or sounds are around you.

If I can't go to the ocean, which is my favorite vacation spot, then I bring it to me!
(It's funny that I'm writing this and the television just turned on with March Madness teams cheering and announcers yelling.............I think I need to take my ocean upstairs or downstairs! LOL

When I saw this I just cracked up!  I hope there is no explanation needed. LOL  If so email me and I'll explain.                                                
Tim and I were just talking about the fact that dishes don't get done even though there is a dishwasher in working order. We've checked all of our kids and they are healthy. We know they can LIFT dishes, we've seen them with dishes, forks, knives and spoons! We've even seen ice cream in bowls that wander out of the kitchen to the family room.  They know how to use the coffee maker. Sometimes however the Keurig doesn't empty itself! Coffee is left in the holder.  When they return for another cup of coffee, guess what?  It's empty again!  We have a magical Keurig machine!
I think it's time we got rid of these conveniences and let children wash, dry and put dishes away like we did when little.  We'll get a regular coffee pot where everyone has to agree on the kind we drink.  No more maid service.

Ya know we've also got a magical garbage can too.  It's kind of like a Genga Game.  You see who is the one who can't possibly stuff anything more into the garbage bag.  Tim and I always lose. Imagine that.  I think Tim and I should just stop doing things around here like the kids. Let's just all live how we want to live.
I'm sure that would never work.  Tim and I would get disgusted with the condition of things way before the kids will!  God bless them, they are our kids and they'll fly the nest as soon as we can boot them out!  All of this is in good humor. I love being a mom and don't want to be taken advantage of.
 Look at this sweetie pie!  This is Adam, my great-nephew.  The shirt is too much!  He's the little guy who was a preemie. Look at him now!
 Prayers continue for Brussells. Praying that people there continue to help each other move forward with lives without loved ones.  I can't imagine losing someone like this.
 Babies and Kittens automatically get an, awwwww.  This is Phoebe sleeping on Tim's lap while he watches t.v.  Isn't she the sweetest thing?
 This is the card I made today.  I love the blue contrast with the orange and peach colors.
 This is an oragami fold for a card.  I made two of these.  It's a good way to use designer paper.
This is the verse of the day.  Read and ponder it.

Dear Lord, I want to be a woman with a teachable heart, a willing spirit, a bendable will, and a loving attitude. I want to be guided by You each moment of my life. Help me to be this woman more and more, day by day. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
- Lysa TerKeurst

This is a video of Sports Day at a preschool in Africa. The little boy in red and blue shirt and red shorts is their son Keelyn. His parents are friends of Ben and Rachel.  Ben and Rachel trained with Tim and Jenny, Keelyn's parents. Sports day starts at about 2 minutes.  I loved the last race with the tie, hat and shoes.  They make the parents do some of the races too.  Too cute.

Blessing of the Day: Getting lots done today.
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