Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2

6-19-10 Saturday
We got to sleep in today. I was up at 5, then 7 and read the rest of my book. Then I went back to sleep. I had a hard time falling asleep, then staying asleep with the hard mattress. Tim was out like a light and I could hear his snoring which was frustrating to me too. J
I went back to sleep then got up about 11. Seems the walking I’m doing and the heat combines to make me tired. So glad for the air conditioning here.
We ate lunch then went into town for more worms and forgotten items. It was a small town that was actually in Maryland, not Pennsylvania. It was definitely small town but seemed nice.
It was very hot so I tried to control how much walking I did.
Tim showed Ben how to fix the chains on the bikes. Not sure they will work well, seems they need more that just oiling and adjusting. Kids rode them and had fun today. Someone came back with a chain hanging……….oh well. Too bad cuz I thought it would be fun to ride a bike but Tim said the bikes are too rickety to have me try to ride them. L
Tim went out to walk and run this morning. He also went out to walk one of the long trails. He said it was too rugged for me. I guess I’ll just read, color images and look through catalogs. Internet is weak so we’re not getting much as far as email etc.
Everyone took an afternoon nap and awoke to grilled hot dogs and burgers. It was a nice meal. The meal was filled with talking, laughing and lots of fun. It’s been nice to see this kind of silliness again.

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