Sunday, June 20, 2010

We're Off on Vacation to Pennsylvania

6-18-10 Friday
Friday 9:30 We departed North Royalton on our vacation to Pennsylvania to a cabin in the woods by a pond. We traveled through a lot of construction in Pennsylvania and paid a lot in turnpike fees too. One fee was over $10 which I thought was a lot.
We stopped for lunch with the only choices being Burger King or a hot dog place. Burger King won out. They also had a beverage store with snacks and candy. We got some snacks for the road and we were off again.
We used the Tom-Tom to direct us on the trip and it made it a very easy drive. Even in the small dirt road areas, it was very accurate. We arrived about 3:30 due to a 20 minute traffic delay on the freeway or motorway as the tom-tom calls it. J
The cottage is so cute, I had to get lots of pictures. It is called Lory Cottage. It has two bedrooms with double beds and a couch to sleep on downstairs. The floors really are creaky so whenever someone walks upstairs you can hear it through the house.
The kids and Tim explored a bit. There is a big pond near the house so the kids have gone to explore the paddleboats, volleyball, bikes, etc. on the other end of the pond.
I used my cane to walk down to the pond. I took some nice pictures.
Tim and Ben went into town to get groceries using the tom-tom and had no problems. They arrived back in about an hour or so. It takes 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back, so we had corn on the cob ready to eat when they got home. This looks like it’s going to be a junk food vacation, one that won’t be easy to turn down……………..
We had fun watching Ben and Sarah toss water balloons at each other. I took pics and videos of it. We watched a Lost in Space DVD together………I don’t know how they can sit and watch them…………oh well to each their own.

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Hope said...

Have a great time ... I'm back to the real world tomorrow. Enjoy your time with your family!!!