Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Make Your Mark On The World My Son

I went grocery shopping today and when I do, Ben brings the food in and helps me put it away.  I looked at him today and whined, "This is the last time you'll help me with the groceries."
Poor guy, he said, "I'll be around, I'll be close by."
He's always made sure mama was taken care of.

Day by Day more gets packed and moved to the living room and dining room to be ready to move Saturday morning.  Ben and Rachel worked today on emptying the basement of all of their things.  The keyboard and couch remain. They will be moved Saturday.

I'm sitting here listening to Tim and Ben moving stuff from upstairs or downstairs to the living room. It's hard to believe that Ben moved in here at 5 years old, a little squirt cute as a button.  He moves out a grown man stronger than Tim.  That's the way of life isn't it?
Go and do what God's given you to do.  Make your mark on the world my son.

I received mail yesterday from a name I didn't recognize.  The script was that of an older person. When I opened it I cried. It was from a gentleman of a woman I had just sent a birthday card to from Splitcoast Birthday Random Acts of Kindness.  The gentleman kindly explained that his wife had passed and he wasn't much of a card writer, so he was returning the card.  He also included a memorial card.  He explained she lost the battle with cancer.
I turned around and got a sympathy card and sent it to Gregg.  That was his name. I prayed for Gregg. Whenever anyone tells you they lost the 'love of their life', it's one of the toughest things to be the one left behind.
I felt so sad for Gregg and I hadn't even met him! Thank you God for the gifts you've given to me.
Cards can touch people in ways that other humans can't.
Life is so special that you don't have to know a person to pray for them in  their time of loss.  We've all known loss and pain associated with it.

Here is the card I made for today's color challenge.  The colors were real red, turquoise, emerald envy with the addition of a bird if you chose to.  Well here's my crazy bird.  The big dots behind the bird look black but they are actually red as you can see at the top of the white paper.  It's shiny red metallic paper added to a special paper that you heat.

I used Wink of Stella on the bird. There's lots of embossing with the big shot using the confetti folder and the big dots folder.

His love is unimaginable you know?  We can't fathom how deep his love is for us. It's deeper than we've ever been loved?  Who wouldn't want someone like that in their life?  It's crazy isn't it?

Listen to the in-tenseness of this song. It is by Casting Crowns called, Love You With The Truth.

Blessing of the Day: More and more is getting done for the move Saturday.

Thank you for stopping in today.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Cabbie, Cards, Never Give Up

I've spent the weekend driving Rachel around since Ben left early Thurs. morning. I told Ben when he came home I was trading in my taxi cab keys for my own! LOL

I've been taking card breaks between packing things for Ben and Rachel.  I am going around pulling the things that are not obvious like the vitamins and things in the kitchen cupboard, their cookbook, and coffee and creamers.

This is a wonderful stamp set that Jan let me borrow.  This old lady is a hoot.  She looks pretty sassy to me.  I've made a Polaroid looking picture on the card.  Remember those kind of pictures? You took the picture, it was spit out of the camera and developed before your very eyes!
 This lady is from the same stamp company, Impression Obsession.  She is yelling.  On the inside it says, "Your birthday popped up again!"
 Isn't this the sweetest stamps?  This is in our new annual catalog. I've used the new(seasonal catlog) for the cable stitch embossing folder.
This card is cut outs from a new stamp/die bundle.  Isn't it pretty?
This is another dragonfly card.  This technique was where you took some paper with words on it then stamp on it and color in the stamp.  I've never done this before and really liked this technique.
 Check out THIS cutie pie with his parrot.  I think this is the cutest stamp in this set.
 Here she is Sassy Lady.  The embossed background is a basket weave embossing folder.

Verse of the Day: I know this verse is very hard to follow.  It is especially difficult if you have people in your job or at home that in our mind, don't deserve anything from us.  I remind myself that when I work, it's for God, not the person who asked me to do something.  Sometimes that helps.
Lots of change going on in our lives here.  Ben and Rachel are moving out.  We want to downsize but don't know when. We're thinking of moving but don't know where God wants us.  Could you move to a warmer climate where there was no one you knew?
  It's different I guess with moving for a job.  I want to get away from the snow and cold of Cleveland but how far south?  I've made some wonderful friends here and don't really want to leave.  I don't like dealing with snow, driving in snow, walking in snow, snowblowing snow...falling and breaking a hip in snow.......What's a person to do?
Please pray that we hear what God needs us to do. Pray that we will go where God sends us.
Tough decisions coming up.

Here's a song by Luminate called, Never Give Up.  I hope it encourages you.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and Ben got home safely this afternoon.
I had dinner with a dear friend.  Thanks Jan!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Busy, Fulfilling Day

Today was a busy day full of errands.  I took Rachel to work at 8. I came home to do my quiet time with coffee. I posted a few pictures of events on the back porch.  It's amazing all that goes on out there.  Then I went to a local feed and seed store by canal road.  After that I went to Berea to the book store to pick up my check for the cards I sold.
Then I went to Cafe Aroma for a turkey club sandwich.  I had to mail a package so I stopped at the post office.  When I came home I was tired and hungry.  I had lunch then watched some little league baseball then took a nap.
I swam before dinner and enjoyed floating on the water then swimming.  It was so peaceful.

This is a picture of my happy place. I love the flowers, the birds and a cup of coffee in the morning when it's quiet except for the birds.
My side kick Phoebe is always good for a laugh or an amazing thing.  Here she's checking out the plant I just moved there. I love when she stands on two feet like this.
The is the Breakfast Club this morning.  The birds love the seed and suet. There is constant noise and constant ins and outs of this area by the birds.  If you were to see the  ground you'd see another group of friends. There you'd see chipmunks, a squirrel, mourning birds and sometimes cardinals.  You can see the cardinals also like the suet.
So it begins.  Well, this is only a small part of the moving stuff.  Ben and Rachel took the kitchen stuff down Wednesday.  Rachel and I will unpack and get the kitchen ready tomorrow afternoon.

This sweet baby boy is 9 months old today!  Hi baby Adam.  You are getting so big.  You are such a sweet baby.  You can't help but smile when you see him right?  I wish he didn't live in Indiana.

This is from FB a few years ago.  I really like it. I smile and share it because it reminds me of my quiet time in the morning when it's quiet.
Verse of the Day: The more we learn about God, the more we become responsible for.  When God sees you can handle what He's given to you, He proceeds to give you more.

This song and artist are new to me. Tell me what you think.

Blessing of the Day: I got all of my errands done and had time to swim.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Like a Whirlwind Around Here

Today and last night I spent time going through drawers and cabinets for things to donate to a woman who has a  safe place for battered women and children.  The woman was asking for things to make cards with.  Now I know that when it comes to getting rid of things, it's the hardest thing a stamper can do.

I decided that there were so many things here laying around.  You know what I mean.  You have 35 bottles of Stickles glue bottles cuz you liked every color!
I used the 10 colors I had rarely now that we have Wink of Stella.  So I put all 10 bottles in the box.

How about years ago when Stampin' Up had watercolor pencils and crayons.  Do you still use those?  Nope, me neither. Those went into the box.

How about the 3 acrylic blocks that were  acquired randomly years ago. Didn't think so-I didn't use mine either.  So those blocks went into the box.

How about all of the retired designer papers you have that are half-used? You can't keep them if the colors are retired and you don't have the ink to go with them.  Into the box they went.
You get the picture. I went through almost everything to see what else I could donate.  I'm thinking downsizing as well.  With Ben and Rachel moving out, I'm not sure what will happen next.  I know though that if we downsize there won't be room for even half my stuff so I'm taking care of that now.

I have to tell you that I felt good doing this knowing I hadn't used the supplies in a long time and someone else would be encouraging others with these supplies.

So today I didn't stamp any cards at all! AAAAAHHHHHH it can't be true can it?

Ben and Tim left very early this morning to drive to Williamsport, PA to watch the Little League World Series.
Usually when Ben was younger and on a travel team, we'd still be playing baseball through July. So we'd end up going on vacations in August.  So staying in a hotel we'd always find the World Series going on and we'd watch it.

Well, now Tim and Ben are visiting to see for themselves how the real games compare to watching them on TV.  Sounds like so far they like the games. The food is bad but at least their stadium has a roof covering part of the stands.

Sounds like the international stadium has now roof at all.  It has to be brutal to play in the sun.

I remember the days Ben did this year round. The one thing I hated was that each and every holiday we'd be playing baseball somewhere.  Now I miss watching kids play ball. I guess I'm going to have to find a few games to watch this weekend.

I hope this encourages you today.

This is a photo of my Stampin' Up markers.  I used three tops from our Project Life Cards and held them together with those binding clips. I filled them with my markers and put some post-it notes under the front of the box to tip it up.  This made it easier to take the pens in and out.  I put my business card holder on it.

I was out dead-heading flowers and ended up being stung by something.  I never saw it.  Oh my did it hurt!  It stung for an hour or more. Tim said whatever it was must have been on a branch I cut and had thrown it into the garbage can I had with me.  He said he could hear something buzzing so he took the container and dumped it into the woods.  So I guess I'll never know what the mystery bug was.

Verse of the Day:Every day is a gift from God. I'm seeing that more and more these days. I'm looking around more and more and amazed at what God does in our lives.

Here's a new song from Casting Crowns called, One Step Away.  Take a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Sarah and Brianna came for dinner and with Rachel, we all laughed through dinner.  The girls swam a bit then got ready for the Bots show on tv.  I guess it wasn't on tonight.  They did decide a visit to Dairy Queen was in order.  Sarah asked if I wanted something. I said a peanut buster parfait.  I told them I was kidding.  I'm trying to stay away from that stuff.  It's going to be easier when Ben and Rachel aren't here.  Then there won't be junk food in the house.

Got to get some sleep cuz I've been busy today.  I have to drop off Rachel at work.  Then I'll be off to run errands.

Thank you for stopping by.
Let me know how you are doing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Almost Empty Nesters

Today was packing all day.  I got kitchen items and pantry items and a full set of dishes packed for Ben and Rachel. Ben helped me with pantry and cupboard items. Rachel helped me with dishes, bowls etc.

Sarah came by to help and she helped them pack things in the basement then things in their room and the linen closet outside of their room.

Ben will take the kitchen stuff down to their house tomorrow.  Then while Tim and Ben are in Williamsport, Rachel and I will unpack all the kitchen stuff.

We have to wait until their landlord gets finished with the wood floors before we can move anything else in.

Yesterday I didn't feel well and ended up going to sleep at 4:30 p.m. and waking at 8:10 a.m.  I guess I needed the sleep huh?  I felt much better today.

This is a card I need to send to a stamper friend who recently lost her husband.  I can't image the pain and heartache she is feeling.  I wish I lived near so I could comfort her, but prayers and a card will have to do.  Praying for you Anne R.

This is going to my brother and sister-in-law.  they just got news that they will be grandparents.
This is for another friend who lost a sister.  Such sadness.
This card is going to an 83 year old woman in assisted living.  She goes to the mailbox every day and never gets mail.  Tuesdays Splitcoaststampers has a forum where a person needs cards, so we make and send cards to them.  This woman will be surprised when her mailbox is full won't she?  We were asked if we can to periodically send her a card.  That's my kind of thing.  So even if she's a stranger, she's someone's mom, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, etc.  That's enough for me to send cheerful notes to her.

Can you imagine that's all she wants?  I feel a bit a ashamed myself for the things I want.  I have far more than this woman.  Time to pray, I know.

This is the card I'm sending to my nephew and his wife.  These were the colors for the color challenge this week. Seeing it now, it looks like a Christmas card! LOL  The colors were artichoke, cherry and pool party.  Oh well, I'm so excited for them.  They were married last October and we had the greatest time at their wedding.  Congrats  Tony and Nicole!

Verse of the Day:This verse ties in to what we read in Bible Study.  We were talking about the tongue and the damage it can do.  Before we know it, something comes out that offends people.  That's also linked to my quiet time this morning which said, be careful what comes in to your ears and eyes.  What you put in, comes out.

Do you remember a Sunday School song that went, Oh be careful little eyes what you see?
Oh be careful little ears what you hear?
What you read in books, magazines and internet greatly affect you.  The same goes for hearing swearing on TV, movies and internet.  What goes in comes out.

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  It's called You never let go by Matt Redman

Blessing of the Day: Today during my quiet time I told God that when we down-size, if he wants us to move from here, I'm reading to follow him.  That was so hard to say because I love the pool and screened-in porch we have.  We're continuing to see what God wants for us now that all kids are out of the house living on their own.

I really enjoyed watching the birds and other animals at the feeders today.  It's so quiet, you only hear the birds.  Such a beautiful time to sit and see God's creations all around.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spoiled Cat Named Phoebe!

Not much of a poet but this cat is spoiled rotten!  She sleeps on the table between our chairs on the porch.  Tim pets her as a stress reliever.  He even puts a small water bowl on this table so Phoebe doesn't have to go far to drink water!

Sleeping kitty, sleeping kitty, boy you have the life.
Eating, drinking, sleeping all day and of course you have no strife.
Spoiled rotten by my husband Tim.
I'm the one who is upset
Tim don't you see?
I'm jealous of this cat,
I want your attention just for me.

Here's Phoebe in all her cuteness sleeping on the table.  Guess who is petting her?  Her best friend of course.
When Phoebe gets tired of the hard table to sleep on, she jumps from the table to Tim's lap in the recliner.  Spoiled or what? Ha-ha.
Crafting comes before most things in my opinion!
Verse of the Day: Faith and trust are what we are leaning on right now.  Hopefully Tim will keep his job with his current employer. The company is being sold. There's always stress not knowing if you'll have a job. Prayers appreciated.

This is a beautiful song sung by Kristian Stanfill. Give it a listen.

Blessings of the Day: Jan and Jane came over to stamp.  We each made a card and did a shoe box exchange. 
Tim and I got a lot done today.  It was storming a lot today so inside jobs were getting done.
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cat, Cards, Christ

This is Tim's office and his helper, Phoebe.  She often helps Tim on his desk. She likes to be under the desk lamp so she lays on his desk under the warm light.  Tim loves it when she comes to help him at his desk.

Sometime Phoebe goes into supervisor mode, and sits above Tim making sure he's working.  She's such a sweet kitty.  She follows Tim around as though she were a puppy.
This is a card I did for the color challenge Tuesday. You had to use mossy meadow, olive, and daffodil.  I had seen a similar sketch on a blog so I changed a few things and made it mine.

This is one of my favorite two-step stamping sets. I loved how well the sentiment die went with this.  The sentiment fits beautifully in the die.
This is one of my favorite little girls to stamp and color.  I stamped, colored and cut her out with a die.  I pulled her arms a bit out to make her look like she was ready to hug someone. That's why there's a shadow under her arms. The border dies are almost the same as the background paper.
This is another Pure Innocence little girl.  I made the background look like faux shaving cream technique.
This was a really cool background that you make with spray starch.  You use water based ink and put it on glossy card stock. Then you spray starch on it then add color again.  The last thing you do is crumple up saran wrap and cover the whole paper with it.  30 minutes later remove the plastic and you get this cool effect.
I forgot the glossy paper prevents the black ink I used, from drying so it smeared.....

Verse of the Day:We are so fortunate for God's grace and mercy aren't we?

As I was brought back to the recovery room after my eye surgery, I heard an older woman trying to tell her nurse about Jesus.  She said all of the right things and the nurse wouldn't listen to her. The woman was so upset that the nurse just wouldn't believe her. I prayed for both women.  I totally agreed with the older woman of course.  The nurse didn't believe she'd go to hell, she didn't believe Jesus loved her, she didn't believe Jesus died for her sins.  I am praying that a seed was planted, even if it's doubt. Thank you Lord that this woman was a speaker of light for you.  Every one has their gifts given by God.

Here's a song by Matt Maher called Deliverer. Listen to it and see what you think.

Tim and I are going to pick Ben and Rachel up from the airport. At first it was 11:40 now it's 12:58.  I'm trying to convince Tim to take tomorrow off.  We'll see what happens.  Ben and Rachel are coming from the WIM conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Blessing of the Day: God is keeping us in faith mode not worry mode about his job.  He is faithful and will take care of us. No room for worry, just trust that He will be with us the whole way.

The eye doctor says the eye looks good and I will see him in two weeks.
Thanks for making time to read this.