Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Busy Husband

Tim is working hard on things that need to be done around here.  He painted Sarah's old room and we've set it up to be the guest room.

 Now that the room is blue, I'm going to find a new comforter and some pillow shams.
 This is my new room where I can watch tv, work on knitting or crochet projects, read or just chill. At first I told him I didn't need the room. After seeing how it looked with the pictures hung I thought it would be a great place to hang out.  It's also a great place to store my yarn on the closet shelves and my finished yarn projects in the bottom of the tv cabinet.
    What we did was to move things from the basement to the second floor.  Genius!
 This is the latest hat and scarf set that will be given away to the needy.

 I thought this kitty was just adorable! I love the beautiful blue eyes!
 Here's Phoebe checking our her new box.

Here's the card I made today. My inspiration is this bulletin board.

Blessing of the Day: Got to see Sarah tonight. She came to watch Sherlock with us. The other kids couldn't make it because of other commitments.
Sarah starts back to Tri-C this week. Praying for her.

Time for sleep.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Last of the Lights

During our Winter Warm Up this week where temperatures reached 50 degrees, Tim and I took down all of the Christmas lights outside.  I so hate to remove the pretty lights that bring such joy to me.  It makes me a bit sad to see the darkness outside once again instead of the sparkling, twinkling, multicolored lights.
Image result for christmas lights gif
What I'm clinging to now is that each day it stays light a little longer, and we're closer to Spring.
I love to see the world awaken with new life.  How about you?

I have some pictures that Tim took of Chloe while she was in his office which is now called, Chloe's Play Room.  This little munchkin has really taken to Tim.  They spend lots of time in the Play Room.  Tim throws paper balls, little mouse animals, a feathered stick which she likes the stick end and the feather end.  So many things on his desk are toys. It's funny to watch Chloe play with the chain hanging from his desk lamp.  I think the pictures he took are so sweet.
 Here she is sleeping on his lap.
 Chloe is waiting to help with whatever Tim needs.  This is the desk lamp that has a chain hanging down. Chloe likes to chew on it and pull on it.

 Isn't this a beautiful owl? I found it on FB and loved it.
 I found these two adorable images FREE at this site.  All of the digital images are free!  Thought I'd pass this along.
I can't wait to color this one!

I wanted to share a prayer that touched my heart.  This is for all who read this blog.
Dear God, I pray for all of my friends, that You will touch their lives in great and mighty ways. Please draw them closer to You and provide: Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss their lips, Sunsets to warm their hearts, Gentle hugs when spirits sag, Friendships to brighten their being, Beauty for their eyes to see, Confidence for when they doubt, Faith so that they can believe, Courage to know themselves, Patience to accept the truth, And love to complete their lives. Thank You God for Your blessings. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Feels Like Windsday

We have winds ranging from 30-60 miles per hour today.  Seems like it's gotten worse the later it's gotten.  I can see little Piglet flying high in the sky.
disney flying winnie the pooh piglet pooh
This is so very difficult to do. When we face challenges we tend to rely on our self.  However, God wants us to rely on Him in the little things, so it will be natural to rely on him in the BIG things. Please help me Lord to rely on you fully.  Keep us trusting and relying on you while Tim's out of work.
 This is the card I made today for the color challenge.  I used a new stamp set for the background. The colors this week are pink pirouette, blushing bride and old olive.  I am making Valentine's Day cards for children with serious illnesses.  I'm praying that all of the cards will make kids realize someone is praying for them and cares for them.
 I laughed out loud when I saw this card online!  I am going to keep the image to use someday on a birthday card I send.  Who knows maybe a reader will receive it.
 This is another card I did for yesterdays inlaid twine challenge and hot beverage challenge.  This is also going to kids for Valentine's Day.

Verse of the Day:This verse was demonstrated by my dad each time he went to work.  When he took us kids he'd go to his office via the kitchen.  He'd talk to the cleaners and maintenance workers as well as the women in the kitchen. He asked how they were, how their families were. He was a Physical Therapist with a masters degree in Speech/Language Therapy. He was a very intelligent man who associated with you no matter who you were or what your job.
We heard so many sweet stories about him at his funeral years ago. The tender way he treated people at work has stuck with me.
No matter who you are, not matter what you do, I'll always take time to stop and talk to you.
Image result for Romans 12:16

TobyMac will get you moving with his song, Keep Walking.  It's a song of encouragement for those who feel down or far from God.  Take the words to heart..... Lift your ain't over yet!

Blessing of the Day: I got my new laptop today.  My old laptop was quite old.  How old was it? It was so old the fan kept over heating and shutting the laptop off.  While needing to transfer information from the old laptop to the new, Tim came up with an ingenious idea. He turned on a small fan and kept the computer and fan area cool.  He teased me and said if he'd have thought about this fix yesterday, I'd be using the fan with the old laptop instead of the new laptop. LOL

I'm so blessed that Tim worked half of the day setting up my new laptop and transfering over files from my old laptop.  Thank you Lord for my husband, Tim.

Thank you for stopping by. I am so blessed that you do.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mish Mash Monday

I think about this every time I send my kids on their way to their home. Now that they are in their own homes, I more clearly understand my mother's joy when I visit.  I am filled with joy when my kids come to visit. The house is alive again with their words and laughter. It is filled with our laughter as well. Our kids were raised with a quick wit and it's amazing how funny they can really be.
 Saw this on FB and liked it. I love seasonal mugs. I keep them on the counter and use them through the different holidays or seasons.  I have Christmas mugs, Fall Mugs, Snowman mugs, and Valentine's Day mugs.
 I thought of my twin sister when I saw this. LOL  Annie, are we old enough to know better?
 This is quite the challenge. Go out, make a change, smile more, be excited, do new things, only follow positive people on social media, go to bed early, show more gratitude, do things that challenge you, be brave, be kind even when no one is watching.
 I'm thankful for the compass I have. I disappoint God daily yet he continues to love and guide me. What a miracle that is in itself.
 I am this girl! I love my flip flops. I wear them as long as I can.
 This is the card that I made today for a double challenge. One challenge was to make a twine inlay. The other was to make a hot beverage card.  I traced the heart then covered it with twine. Then I put the cut out heart on top.

Image result for john 14:21

Blessing of the day: I got lots of things done around here. We got a small hand-held vacuum to make doing the steps easier. There's always something to do. I had an 8 o'clock meeting for PHCA.

Praising God for a 2 year old whose been in the hospital since Friday because she was so dehydrated from this bad flu going around. She was listless to the point of not responding except to pain. She is coming home today! Thank you God. Your are the ultimate healer!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

He Calls Me Beautiful One

I saw this on FB and thought it would be a great reminder to us all.  No matter what YOU call yourself, God calls you Beautiful One.

I can attest to this. Walking on the beach takes care of many ills.  Sometimes just sitting where you can hear the waves is all it takes.
This is Chloe's picture from our vet visit.  It went on the vet's Facebook page. Chloe is their FB friend of the week.
Here are some little calendars for purse or desk. I saw them on someone's blog and I revised it so I could use the dies I had.
This is a new stamp for me. I won a gift certificate from Jillian Vance's website for donating cards to Caring Cards card drive in November.  I thought this was cute.  It was colored with Copic Markers then I added white liquid applique for the foam.
This was Monday's technique challenge.  I had to stamp with anything but a stamp for part of my card. I used the containers in my drawer. I inked up different ones and got rings and solids for my background.
I am making crocheted hats for homeless people and we let Phoebe try one of them on.  It kind of looks like a French beret' no?
Here Phoebe is again modeling the latest in Winter Weather Hats. LOL

Verse of the Day:Hebrews 11:11
Image result for Hebrews 11:11

Blessing of the Day:Sarah came over and helped me take Christmas things down. She then helped me put up my snowmen for January.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2 of 2017

Dear God, thank You. Thank You for the smiles and laughs and songs and prayers all shared in 2016. And thank You for the promise of Your presence as I travel through 2017. Through deep waters and difficult rivers and oppressive heat, You promise You will be with me. May my actions prove Your promises this year. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
 This is the card I made for yesterday's Featured Stamper Challenge. The Inspiration for my card is the two elephant cards that are first. I used different stamps, layout and colors, but I like what I came up with.
I saw this and thought it was great to share.  2017 I Will Create More.
Verse of the Day: James 1:2-4
Image result for James 1:2-4
I liked this version:
James 1:2-4   “Don’t run from tests and hardships, brothers and sisters. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them; if you embrace them, your faith will blossom under pressure and teach you true patience as you endure. And true patience brought on by endurance will equip you to complete the long journey and cross the finish line — mature, complete, and wanting nothing.”

Here's an older Danny Gokey song called, Love Will Take You Places. Give it a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Got Chloe to the vet. They don't often see minuet kittens.  Minuet kittens are a mix of Persian and Munchkin cats. Both types of cats are very loveable, people-oriented cats. They have laid back personalities.

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