Friday, April 29, 2016

We're Off To Marblehead Island

Here's another place on the tour of the Cleveland area.  It's Marblehead Island!

Marblehead Lighthouse-Marblehead is a village in Ottawa County, Ohio, United States. The population was 903 at the 2010 census. It sits at the tip of the Marblehead Peninsula, which divides Lake Erie proper from Sandusky Bay.
Incorporated in 1891 and embraced by the rocky limestone coast of the great Lake Erie, Marblehead is a thriving small town characteristic of true Americana. We are rich in history with a strong, diverse Eastern European culture. Our picturesque setting, friendly people, quaint shops and restful nature beckons travelers seeking to escape the chaos of big cities and bright lights.

And what will you find in Marblehead?

A parade down Main Street ...
A lighthouse that still guides sailors ...
Endless blue water caressing the shore ...
Festivals celebrating perch, ice cream and even halupki ...
The rarest daisies in the world ...
Unique shops, service businesses and gracious innkeepers ...
Santa arriving on a fire truck ...
Shaded streets, fresh flowers and carefully kept cottages ...
Home-cooked food in charming restaurants ...
Freshwater fishing like you've never seen ...
and such good neighbors ... just like we all remember!

All of this makes me want to take another trip back to Marblehead.

This photo of Lake Erie leaves me speechless! Craig Hettel took this in Vermillon as the sun set.
Image result for marblehead ohio
Netty's is just one of the restaurants in Marblehead.  You can get great chili dogs here I'm told.

Image result for marblehead ohio

Check out the lighthouse on Marblehead during a storm and sunny days.
 Image result for marblehead ohio


Amazing! This photo of a deer crossing a bridge in Ohio's Sidecut Park was captured by Instagrammer @hobbes2485.

Finding time with God should be my first priority. Often though I get side-tracked by 'things.'
I heard this song on the radio by Citizen Way called When I'm With You.
Sometimes Jesus is the only one we can really be honest with.  We need to put time and effort into any relationship we have. When we don't the relationship suffers.  We ultimately suffer.  Whether it's our spouse, child, friend or Jesus our relationship requires you to put time and effort into it.

Look at some of your relationships.  Have some faded away because they haven't been tended?  Your life will change is your relationship with God isn't tended.  Many people complain that God is far away.

Well guess what?  God HASN'T moved, YOU have.  You and I take things for granted, we take people and relationships for granted.  When God takes a back seat to 'life', he is farther away because you don't talk to him and spend time with him.

Like any relationship, the less you talk and spend time with each other, the farther away you feel. We need to keep our relationships close to feel loved and whole.

Listen to this song and see the love that's shared.

Blessing of the Day: I put in a full day at PHCA and feel like I have accomplished a lot this year.

Thank you for checking in.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

That's How You Change The World

Point out anything in me that offends you-
Did you see that line in this Psalm?  How many of us are brave enough to pray that?
How many of us would be willing to give up that which offends God?  What could that type of thing be?
It could be gossip, leaving work early, it could be living beyond your means, it could be watching tv or movies that you know wouldn't please God if  He were sitting next to you on the couch.  It could be making money your idol or how you speak to people or your family when no one else is around.
We all have sin in our daily lives.  We all have things that we do that aren't pleasing to God.  We need to examine our life and see where we need to change to be more like God.
We need to find quiet time to be with God and time to ask for his help then follow Him when He shows what you need to change or give up.  Can you do that?  Only with God's help could I do that.

Some days it's hard to find quiet time to be with God.  The evil one always tries to crowd my day with 'things that need to be done.'  Those things often lead to other things and other things and before you know it, it's time to end the day.  I'm praying that I can find time first thing in the day before I do anything else.  I need a cup of coffee and my Bible.

Here is a picture of one of our beautiful crab apple trees in the front yard.  I just love this time of year when it is so beautiful!  What usually happens is soon there will be a storm and all of the blossoms will be blown away.......

Here there, What day is it?  Hump Day!   How ya doin? I know this is a giraffe, but that's what came to mind when I saw him on a blog I visit regularly. LOL

This is the card I made today for the sketch challenge.  I love this stamp and coloring it.

Yesterday I spoke about the ripple effect you can have on the world around you.  Listen to this song by Newsboys called, That's How You Change The World. It has these lines in it that I talked about yesterday.

'Cause there's a breaking heart
That's fallin' apart
And tear filled eyes lookin' back at me
God, won't you help me to see

It's the prayer in an empty room
Little things we do when nobody's around
A hand reaching out to a heart in doubt
It's the smallest spark that can light the dark

It's the kind words
A simple smile
More than showin' up
Going the extra mile
It's giving everything
When you've got nothin' left
Sharin' a little hope
With a single breath

Go out there and change the world around you.  No one else can do what God has assigned to you.  See the difference you can make in your life and the lives of others.

Blessing of the Day: Ben and I got the grass cut.  I got grocery shopping done. I got laundry done and made meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ripple Effect and Kindness

Isn't this little duck cute?  I had to share him because he is saying what I'm thinking! LOL
I can't think of a more calming place to be than the beach.  Just the sound of the wind, waves, and gulls is enough to put you to sleep day or night.
I know I've shared this before but it's a good reminder for me.
Do you know what your smile can do?  Really, your smile can make someone's day.  You don't believe that? Well it's true.  There have been stories I've read where someone who was going to end their life didn't because someone smiled or spoke to them.  It might seem silly to you but sometimes people are hanging on by a thread and one act of kindness turns things around.  Your kindness has a ripple effect that goes on and on.  When you make someone happy, they are more apt to make someone happy.

I have to tell you that this might not have had a ripple effect, but it made 4 people happy.  I was in Maria's Greenhouse and overheard a 3 year old and his grandpa as they stood at the fountain.  The 3 year old was asking grandpa if he had a penny for the fountain.  Grandpa didn't so he asked Grandma.  She didn't either, so grandpa took a penny out of the fountain so he could throw it back in.
I took 3 pennies from my wallet and walked over to the grandfather and asked if I could give them to his grandson.  He said, "Yes, and thank you."  The little boy was so thrilled that he MISSED the fountain with a penny!  LOL  His grandpa laughingly asked, "How could you miss the fountain, you are closer to it than I am?  Anyway, it was such a little thing, but to those 3 people it was a wonderful thing.
A small act of kindness when we can, is all we need to make our world around us, a better place.
Do you know how I felt the rest of the day?  I was light-hearted and smiled!  I need to continue to be aware of things around me.
This is so true.  It is very difficult to do as well.  In my quiet time this morning I read that God gives us difficult things in our life.  He is with us every step of the way.  Many times we fall into a deep, dark hole when difficult challenges come our way.  I know this happens to me.  When this happens, it's the enemy celebrating that your effectiveness for God has been hampered for a while.

What God wants us to do is to carry on and look to Him and continue to stay connected through Bible reading, friends and church.  While the situation hasn't changed, your attitude and your mind will continue to be relying on God for each step you  take.
This picture kind of goes along with making a difference in people.  Did you ever think that you might be the person someone needs to help them through a difficult time in their life?  We all need a 'lighthouse' sometimes in our life.  Look for opportunities around you.  It's not difficult, a hug could be all someone needs.
This is the card I made for Ben and Rachel's thank you notes for this month.
 Here is the card I made for today's color challenge.  The colors were daffodil, indigo and green.  I sponged the background then stamped the flowers in the front.  What do you think?
 This is the verse of the day.  I remember having a conversation years ago with my mom at a time my brother and I didn't agree on something.  My mom took his side. I was a little hurt, but not surprised, he was and still is the favorite child.  She said something about judging her for this decision.

 I remember distinctly saying, "Mom, I'm not here to judge anyone."   "That is for God alone to do."  I remember her looking at me and being quiet.  I know she was thinking about what I said.    
I wanted her to know that just because I was a Christian, didn't mean I felt I was better than her or my brother.
 We had Bible Study tonight with our friends and began talking about their 17 year old niece who has lukemia.  Her mom's an emotional mess, understandably.  We prayed about it tonight and I came across this beautiful song by Kari Jobe called, Steady My Heart.  It is good for all of us to be reminded who God is and what He does for us.

Blessing of the Day: Sarah came to visit tonight and look what she brought me.  She is so sweet.  The fact that she came tonight was funny because we had two pies from Baker's Square here.  She knows we do Bible Study on Tuesdays and have goodies.  It's like she smelled that it was here!  She fortunately took some home.  Less for Tim and I to be tempted with.

We were able to pray for the 17 year old and her family.
Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, April 25, 2016

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

His mercies are new every morning.  That's what I was thinking as I opened this new page.
As I look around our yard I see God's handiwork all around.  I love seeing the blossoms in the trees.  We had white and pink blossoms here.  The prettiest are the dark pink ones on our crab apple trees.

What a wonderful morning prayer.  I think I'll print this out and put it on my mirror as a reminder.
The Cavs won 4 games in a row against Detroit and move on another step closer to the championship. We got frustrated with the Cavs last night. LeBron James kept shooting and missing.  Why didn't he hand the ball off to his 3-point shooters?  We almost lost that game due to sloppy playing at the end.  Tim, Ben and I were yelling at the tv last night.  They didn't listen to any of us. LOL  At any rate, in SPITE of things, the Cavs move on.

Isn't this an incredible picture.  It was taken at a camp.  I'm thinking about stamps I might have that would enable me to copy this.
 Tim and I have tried to teach our kids this.  You should have seen them when one of us would apologize to them.  They saw it demonstrated first hand from their parents.  What parent apologizes to their kid? WE DO!

This is the first card I made with this set.  I had lots of fun making this.  I start with the colors in the paper and work other colors from there. I never know what my cards will look like until I'm finished.

 I don't usually post insides of cards but was so excited that I was able to use this gold washi tape and cut out a spoon from it with a die.  I've never done this before.

Verse of the Day: This is why we read our Bible and study it.  We need to be ready to tell others why we believe what we believe.  Our actions and words will be different from many.  Isn't it a blessing that people can tell you are different?  It's Christ in you!

Blessing of the Day: Went to student information meeting this morning and got caught up on progress of all of them.  It's a beautiful, sunny day!

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just a Mish Mash

Check out this phenominal catch by Francisco Lindor of the Cleveland Indians.  This kid is only 22 years old! 

Check out this catch by Francisco Lindor.Francisco Lindor

I don't know how often I say this to God.  I've been saying it a long time.  I remember taking Ben and Sarah to daycare and looking at the beautiful sunrise and telling them:"Look at the beautiful picture God painted for us this morning!"
What brought tears to my eyes was one day Ben said, "Mom, look what God painted for us today!"

This is a card I made for today's featured stamper. She used such beautiful, bright colors.  Mine doesn't come close to her gorgeous card, but I tried. LOL
I love Chonda Pierce! She's one of the best comedians who is family friendly.  You've gotta listen to her.  Pray for her also. She lost her mother and husband in 2014.
The verse of the day.  This touched me today. I thought of the fruits of the spirit. 

 The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is a biblical term that sums up nine attributes of a Christian life according to Paul in his Letter to the Galatians: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."

Blessing of the Day: It's a gorgeous day with the warmth and sun.  I had time this morning just for me. Everyone else was gone.  I love my family but sometimes you just need to be alone.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Milwaukee, Here I Come!

I finally got my trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin booked.  I leave the 13th and come back the 20th.
I'm so excited!  I can't wait to see Stas' and Annie, my twin! I visited last year and had a great time, so I wanted to do it again.  Thank you God for blessing me with this trip, and a husband who booked me a direct flight, and a comfort section!  I love you Tim!
Image result for MilwaukeeMap of Milwaukee

I was really encouraged when I read this.  God is with us all the time. I wonder what he has planned for the rest of my life.

 As I read posts on FB I stop to pray for those who ask for prayers. I pray for those I know and those I don't.  When I saw this I thought it would remind others to do the same.

 I thought this was worth sharing also.  I found some very encouraging things at a site called Encouragement.

This is Ben and Rachel's car.  It is a Subaru, Forester.  It is such a great car. I love it because we don't have to figure out who gets the car.  I don't have to reconfigure the seat, mirrors and music playing. I get to drive my own car all the time!

 This is my African Violet in the kitchen.  Whenever I see Violets, I think of my grandma Francis.  She had Violets and cacti on a small, round, three-tier table at the dining room window.  My grandma has been gone since 1977.  She was 4'11" and a firey little Italian lady.  I can bet she won many arguements in that marriage. LOL
One of the fun things about Grandma Francis is that she had tiny feet and cool shoes.  She would let us walk around the house in her shoes.  We loved to do that.  We felt so grown up.  She was also generous.  If she was showing us things on her tables and we said we liked something.  Chances are we'd be bringing that item home with us.
Fun memories, just from a plant.  I love that pictures sometimes envoke wonderful memories.

Speaking of memories, FB showed me memories from 4 years ago.  My mother-in-law passed away. I also became friends with Kristina Kincaid 5 years ago.  She recently died leaving a fiance' and a 3 year old son.  She was only 39.  Both of these brought back losses I've suffered and makes me very sad.

This is the verse of the day. I know it's not a coincidence with what I just typed.  God shows us the perfect thing we need at just the right time. I will praise your name forever my God.

Blessing of the Day: I got my trip to Milwaukee booked. I had a nice dinner with Tim. We got paperwork done to open new accounts at a bank down the street.

Thank you for hanging out with me a while today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Peace, Be Still and Pray

God brought this in my quiet time.  Remember when the disciples and Jesus were in the boat and a storm came upon them?  Jesus said, "Peace, Be Still!"
That's not just for that event, it's for us as well.  I'm so busy with 'life' that sometimes it's hard to slow down.
God holds me by my right hand, and afterward he will take to into Glory.  Oh what a day that will be!

I know death is a difficult topic.  Tim and I both look at life like, what's the worst that can happen to us in any situation? If death is the worst that can happen we know we will be in Heaven.  It's very difficult for the one left here, but we know one day we'll be in heaven as well.

If I could only remember this. I usually become fearful or angry when I don't understand things.  So glad that I can pray to God any time and any where and he'll help me through.  His plan, his timing.
I saw this and thought it would be good to post.  It certainly applys to all of us.
Can you imagine the ripple effect your prayers have?  We'll never know who has been affected by our prayers.  

While talking about prayer I found this.  Isn't it incredible to know that your prayer life affects others?  The reverse is true as well, We will keep going tomorrow because someone prayed for us!
Something to think about.

God's love never fails.  This is an older Newsboys song but filled with hope.

Blessing of the Day:  Time with Ben going to Hollo's and Hobby Lobby, having lunch and cutting the grass. Thank you Lord for this time.