Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Best Is Yet To Come

This was the sketch for today.
This is the card I made for today's sketch challenge.  I turned the sketch sideways.
These are the cute, little bags I made for friends at school.  They hold 4 Dove chocolates.
This goes along with what I've been saying to myself.  We're not home yet.  The worst thing that can happen here on earth, is that we die.  When we die, we are in Heaven!  It's a win-win!
This is the verse today.  It's taken a very, very, long time for me to learn this.  Early in my marriage I saw every arguement as a win/lose for myself.    As I matured as a Christian I began to see that we are a team.  No one wins if we are not working together to fight the enemy.  I'm sure Satan delighted in our arguments early in our marriage.  
We've both developed better skills of compromise and know better what's worth the disagreement. Sometimes we both have to walk away from the situation and talk about it later.
If we can't come to a compromise we sit and hold hands and pray.  How can you be mad at your spouse if you are praying?
Once again we return to the tour.  This is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Cleveland.  You can see the Terminal Tower behind the monument.
The Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is a monument to Civil War soldiers and sailors from Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Located in the southeast quadrant of Public Square in downtown Cleveland, it opened July 4, 1894

The Lorain West Breakwater Light, also called the Lorain Harbor Light, is a lighthouse in Lorain, Ohio. The light was built in 1917 on Lake Erie by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
This was taken at the Lorain Lighthouse.  The eagles are sitting on the frozen breakwall.
We all need a healer.  This is Kari Jobe singing Healer.   Nothing is impossible for you.  You hold my world in your hands....
Blessing of the Day: I slept in late.  The shot I had can make you not sleep well.  I was up until 3 a.m. then finally fell asleep and got up about 11.  At least I got lots done while I was awake.
I finished my little bags of goodies for Friday.

Medical Update: My neck is sore from the shot and the pressure of it.  My are is still sore.  I know the doctor said it may take 48 hours before I feel any relief.

It's been snowing a lot today.  We'll see how the streets are tomorrow.  We're having Lake Effect snow. There's no telling how much we'll get.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sorry So Long

 I was looking through FB and saw this lovely photo taken in my state.  It gave me an idea to being to find images from around where I live.

Amazing photo of the Lorain, Ohio lighthouse as the moon set a few mornings ago! Credit for this awesome image goes to Jackson Koch
This really made me laugh.  I just had to share.  Some of these are so funny!
This is a picture of Joey Feek. She and her husband are country musicians who have been nominated for a Grammy.  They are Christians who are facing the end of Joey's life due to cancer.  Please pray for all involved.  They have a young daughter named Indiana.  This is so sad. Joey is only 40 years old.
This is a card I made today using colors, olive, lagoon, and watermelon.  Added to this color challenge you were to use an oval.  I put my two ovals together to make a heart.
This is a card that will go to a woman who is suffering with illness that doctors haven't been able to identify.  The paper looks a little weird I'm sure but it's called a pleated skirt fold.  I made most of my cards with this fold going vertically not horizontally.  I think the pleated skirt looks better vertically, but I wanted to try something different.
As I said earlier in the post, I wanted to give you and idea of places that are nearby.  This is called the West Side Market.  It has been here since 1912.  My grandfather used to work here with family and friends over the years.
This is a picture of the inside of the market.  This market is just amazing to shop in.  You can get some of the best foods here.  It's all fresh and the venders are very friendly.  As a kid we would sometimes got to 'the market' as family would call it.
Verse of the day:Proverbs 3:6
Seek God's will in all you do.
That's something that's not always easy to do.  A lot of times I seek my will.  Then when I completely mess up, I seek God's will.  I need to direct my eyes on Him, and He will direct me and give me his direction for me.
Lyrics are below the video.

Lyrics for It's Not Over Yet by King and Country
They are inside your head
you gotta voice that says
"You won't get pass this one,
you won't win your freedom"

It's like a constant war
and you want to settle that score
but you're bruised and beaten
and you feel defeated

This goes out to the heaviest hearts

Oh, to everyone who's hit their limit,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et,
and even when you think you're finished,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et

Keep on fighting,
out of the dark and into the light (it's not over),
hope is rising,
never give in, never give up, it's not over

Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a
Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a

Oh, game, set, match
time to put it in your past, oh
feel the winter leaving, it's redemption season,
long live the young at heart (here we are),
cheers to a brand-new start (here we are),
we're revived and breathing
to live a live of freedom

Oh, to everyone who's hit their limit,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et,
and even when you think you're finished,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et

Keep on fighting,
out of the dark and into the light (it's not over),
hope is rising,
never give in, never give up, it's not over

Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a

Life is a race we run,
so run 'til the race is won,
don't you ever give up, oh no, never give up

Life is a race we run,
so run 'til the race is won,
don't you ever give up, oh no, never give up

Oh, to everyone who's hit their limit,
and even when you think you're finished,
it's not over yet

Oh, to everyone who's hit their limit,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et,
and even when you think you're finished,
it's not over yet, it's not over yet-et

Keep on fighting,
out of the dark and into the light (it's not over),
hope is rising,
never give in, never give up, it's not over

Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a
Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a
Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a
Yet-et-et Oh-whoa-a

Blessing of the Day: I got a lot of cards made today for friends and family.
My neck was a bit sore today.  My arm movement is a bit better with less pain!  Praise God!
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Superbowl, Beauty, Success

Super Bowl 50 was a tough game to watch.  It seems that both teams had their share of mess-ups.  Fumbles, dropped passes, sacks, and overthrown passes contributed to the frustration of the teams and viewers as well.  I expected that the two best teams would play better than they did.  Did you know both teams were led by a quarterback who was a Christian?  Yep, that's right.  
Cam is 26 and didn't handle the loss to the Broncos very well.  When the press interviewed him he has short, angry answers.  He even walked out of the interview.  As a role model to so many kids, I hope he learns to handle defeat better.  I know it's hard to lose when you've put so much into the game.  I know it's hard not to get all the benefits like a huge ring when you lose.  Cam will be around for another Super Bowl for sure.  I hope he matures between now and then.

Peyton Manning thanked God for his win.  He calls God, 'the man upstairs'.  At 39, people wanted to know if this was it for him.  He didn't give an answer.  He said he needs to talk, think and pray about it.  His team  was all in yesterday and did what they needed to do to win.  I know they weren't the favorite going into the game, but they sure came to play and win.

We so often complain about things all day long don't we?  We forget that it is a privilege just to be alive.  God controls it all.  I pray that all of us can be more positive during the day. I pray we realize that being here is a blessing.  Let's see who we can bless and complain less.

I loved the last line of the:Beautiful people don't just happen.  Isn't it interesting that when people see us now they may judge us by what they see.  They don't know what we've gone through to get here.  We need to keep in mind that we are all people who have gone through so much in our life.  We've moved forward in spite of all of the struggles.  Everyone has a story.  We need to remember that when a judgement comes to mind.  We've no right to judge others.  That is for God to do.  We need to continue to do what God needs us to do.
This is a beautiful photo of an area near me called, Berea.  This is an area that is surrounded by the park system.  It is one of the best park systems in the country.  This is a beautiful spot with the bridges and water.  There are small falls around too.  It is especially beautiful in the fall as you can see.
This is a beautiful picture of Cleveland taken from a helicopter.  Love the horizon.
This is a card I made for two challenges.  The first challenge was to make a Valentine's Day card.  The second challenge was to make a card with this skirt fold.
Here is the verse of the day.  This is as true today as it was when Jesus said it.  There are many people who proclaim Jesus' name yet don't live like Jesus would want them to.  Many people go to church on Sunday and say all the right words, but don't have a special relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
I supposed too, it could be those of us who fall away a bit from Jesus and we say the words, but haven't been in the word in a while.
This really gave me something to think about.  We often are quick to judge others but don't see our short-comings.
Lord, I pray that you will show me where I disappoint you and what I can do to reestablish a close relationship with you.  Amen.
This is an encouraging song from Lincoln Brewster.  It's called Let it Be Known.
I pray that you are encouraged by the words and music.

Blessing of the Day: My procedure went well today.  It will take 48 hours or so to see how it is affecting the pain I've had.
Thank you for your prayers.
I appreciate you stopping by.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Come As You Are

This morning Tim and I woke early so we could head  to Columbus to get a kitchen set that included chairs on wheels.  We got a floor months ago and we didn't want chairs constantly scraping the floor.
So we went to Kitchen Tables and More in Columbus.  We ended up with an oval table with 6 chairs. It's similar to this one but the chairs are a bit different.  One nice thing about this table is that it has an 18" leaf.  So when kids leave the nest, we can condense the table for just the two of us.

Can you see how God's getting me ready to have kids go off on their own? LOL

I wish I'd have seen this in high school.  Not sure I'd have believed it, but everything done was done so I would look good to others.  I was so focused on what people said and thought.
So glad told me that stuff isn't important.

I remember telling my kids that the kids they were close to in high school probably won't be in their lives 2-3 years past high school.  They will be busy doing college and being with their friends from college.  They are seeing that except for some of Sarah's friends who she's had for friends since 5th grade.

People that were in Ben and Rachel's wedding 2 1/2 years ago aren't friends any longer.  They just drifted away.  Different goals mean they all go their own way to fulfill their hopes and dreams.
 When I saw this I began to think of how many times Satan has whispered to me that I couldn't do something.  I'd fail at it and make a fool of myself.  He'd tell me what people would say and how they'd make me feel, and before I knew it, I'd have talked myself out of doing something.  That was another tally for Satan.  This happens less and less now that I have God battling for me.  The battle belongs to the Lord.
 Early in my teaching career I felt like it wasn't fair that some people would sit around and talk and do minimum work and leave on time while I worked late into the night making things, doing lesson plans, filling in paperwork, going to meetings etc.

Tim got tired of hearing this story over and over and said, "You are who you are, you are a child of God." "You are working for God not your principal."  "Those people are only working for the principal."  "They don't have the joy you do when they do their job."  "How sad and lonely they must be."

Me:hand to forehead like the V8 commercial:I get it now, I get it.  I love my husband and his wisdom in the Lord.
 Have you ever needed a quiet place to rest by yourself?  I can think of many times when I needed a quiet place.  There's nothing like quiet time with God.  One of my friends really encouraged me in a Bible study.
She said, "After work I can hardly wait to get home and snuggle on the couch with Jesus!"  What a wonderful picture that painted for me.  She was sooooo happy.  She's single and it was wonderful to see her excitement at meeting Jesus every night after work.

I'm lagging in my quiet time.  If you are one who prays, please pray that I can stay faithful in my quiet time each morning.
 This is a picture of my brother-in-law Stas, holding his grandson, Adam.
 This is a picture of my twin sister Anne holding Adam, their first grandchild.  Annie and Stas are married and live in Wisconsin.  Her daughter and husband live in Indiana.

This is the inspiration for my card.  Today our website was full of painted nails.
Flower nail art #colors #cute:
 This is the card I made for today's challenge.
I really enjoy watching Downtown Abbey.  One of the attractions is that they have British accents and live in a huge castle.  Here's a clip where the actors use American accents to say their lines, and it really sounds funny.  It also loses it's appeal, somewhat.  Fun to watch.


This was my verse for today.  If you give this lots of thought you know we all need to pray for our country.  In the last 8 years we've been taken down the road to destruction.  Who would have thought 20 years ago God would be challenged in so many ways?
~not being able to pray in school
~not having nativity scenes on public land
~marriage of anyone to anyone
~churches coming under fire for their preaching
~the federal gov't and politics plotting against Christians
~people being told who they MUST sell to even if it is against their beliefs.
~killing babies and saying they are not babies but fetuses and they aren't babies until they are born
~selling baby body parts

We all need to get down on our knees and really pray for America.  We're in big trouble here.
It reminds me about reading about Isreal in the Bible.  You know, all the times the people of Isreal would have false gods, they would turn from God and do things they were told not to.
When I'd read that as a young person I'd think, how silly that they keep doing the same things.  When will they learn?

We are doing the same thing here in America, and in our own lives.  We sin all the time.  If we look at our sins, some are those that we commit time and time again.  We are the Isreal I read about.   We are Christians and think how much sinning we do.
Think about those who don't know Jesus as we do.  See the damage those in power can do.  So many have been led astray.  Pray for America that God will forgive our sins and restore our land.

If you know Christian music then you will recognize a man who has been in the business for a long time.  In fact, he retired from it but then couldn't live without it.  So he came back to sing to spread the good news of Jesus.  I love this song because it explains that you come as you are.  You don't need to wait to be a better person, you are so loved by God he wants you and will forgive you and hold you as his own.  If you need encouragement listen to this song and be bathed in the truth.  Listen and read the lyrics and be brought to a peaceful place.


Blessing of the Day:We got our table and chairs and got to spend 5 hours together.
My bronchitis is almost gone!  Praise God!
My appt. for nerve block is Monday at 9:45.
Thank you for coming to visit.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Paper, Cleveland, Mercy and Grace

So I found this when I walked into the main level bathroom.  At least it wasn't left empty right?  LOL
Here's where I live, Cleveland, Ohio.  Take a look at what great things are here.

I long for sunny days like this.  It shows all of God's beautiful creations.
I'm so thankful for God's mercies.  They are new every morning.
Saw this and had to share.  How many times do I forget to count my blessings?   God's blessings are all around us.  I know I take them for granted.  I love the last one here, -just breathe.  To be able to do that means to fully put your trust in the Lord.  Give the problems to Him and let Him help you with it.  Don't take it back as we so often do.
Again with the trust huh?  Yup, when you ask yourself. What can mortal man do to me?
You can rest asssured the answer is NOTHING!  We're so easily sidetracked by Satan's lies.  I think  for me it's more when I'm tired.  Praising you God for holding me in the palm of your hand and loving me in spite of me!
I love the line....I'm living proof grace wins every time!  "I'm rising up in victory."  There's a war between guilt and grace.

Blessing of the Day:I got to sleep in late today.  I didn't realize how draining bronchitis is.
We had dinner with all the kids at Panera.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

All For You

This is an incredible article about saying goodbye to your son.  Give it a read, and keep a tissue handy.  Here's Benjamin at 3 months.
                       Senior in high school
I was truly amazed at what this father did to help children deal with bullying.  It is an amazing song that he wrote with God's leading. This will help so many children believe in themself and not listen to others.

Today I found this on FB and really want it as a part of my prayer tonight.  I'm feeling unworthy to be loved by God.

  I am saddened tonight due to a story I read about a local tradgedy.  A 21 year old man just fooling around with his 18 year old girlfried, put a gun(which he thought was unloaded) to his friend's back and pulled the trigger just to hear the 'click'.  The gun was loaded and his friend ended up dying at the hospital not long after she arrived there.

I stopped and talked to God and prayed for everyone involved.  The young man is on suicide watch at the cell where he's currently being held.  They purposely set the bail too high for the parents to pay so the son can be observed and kept safe.

What the heck is our world doing?  You know I thought of the words from the Bible that say, "In the blink of an eye..." Her life ended that quickly.  Who has the time then to ask God to be their Lord and Saviour?  No one......sadly this is a life ended much too soon, and for a stupid reason.

We're all human and we do stupid things.  Fortunately we had God in our world and need to spread His good news with all we can.  For we don't know how long we'll be here. I want to be all used up when it's my time to bow to my Jesus in Heaven.

Here's my prayer tonight: 
 Here's where I am tonight.  I know I'm not worthy yet he calls me daughter, princess, priceless gift.
I needed to hear this tonight.  No matter what, God's love will remain!  Listen to this and be encouraged.

Blessing of the Day: I'm feeling better with my bronchitis.
Thank you for blessing me with your visit.