Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pulling An All Nighter

It's Wednesday evening and we need to get up at 3 a.m. to get to the airport early enough to check in and get coffee.  I decided it wasn't worth getting a few hours sleep.  I'm more tired doing that than staying up.  I can't tell you the last time I did an all nighter when I wasn't sick.

I have a Photo gallery to share tonight.  This picture is what we had Saturday during our Stamping Time.  Jan and Jane visited and shared their new stamps and stuff.  Love when we get together.  It is so motivating!

Animal Adventures

Here are the ducks who visited Sunday evening.  The female did a lot of talking. 
 The ducks and deer tried to share the seed that had fallen from the bird feeders.
 Annabelle had a ring-side seat to all of this.  She didn't miss a thing.
 This was a quick shot at an Oriole.  I couldn't believe the beautiful colors he had  on his wings and sides.  He was making it possible for the ducks and deer to eat.
 I saw this on FB and liked it so much I had to share it with you.
 This is a beautiful photo from FB of Cleveland.  It's not mine but had to show off the beauty of our city!
 Loved this and wanted to remind myself that it's all about Him, not about ME.  This is so hard since even though we are adults, we still have egos and want to be recognized for what we do. I've said, I want to live in such a way that others will see a difference and ask me about it.
 This card is going to Operation Write Home.  It was for Tuesday's color challenge.  You were to use pumpkin, red and pacific point.  I love to sponge scenes and this is what I came up with.

 This card is for today's sketch challenge.  I turned the sketch on its side.  Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and remind me of my childhood.  My mom had lots that grew in our backyard.  They were beautiful and have stayed in my memory.  I have many fond memories of the flowers in my mom's and grandma's gardens.

The neighbors next to my mom when we were little were an older German couple named Marie and Mike.  They told us to call them Aunt Marie and Uncle Mike, though they were my grandparent's ages.
Marie had the most gorgeous of old fashioned flower beds that ran down the side of her yard in all of its splendor.

As a small child I'd stand with my mom at Marie's garden and listen to her tell mom all about her flowers, where they came from, which came from her mother's gardens etc.  They were all the colors of the rainbow.

One day I went out to find some treasures to give to my mother.  I picked a nice handful for a 4 year old and brought them to my mom.  Oh my, my mother didn't give me the reaction I had hoped for.  She told me I wasn't allowed to take Aunt Marie's flowers.  I cried and told her that I just wanted to give her some pretty flowers to make her happy.

We stood at Aunt Marie's back door and knocked.  I was so scared what Aunt Marie would say.  Just like a grandmother, she cupped my little face and smiled a big smile and said I had picked a beautiful bunch of flowers.  She said I could have them.  She also said if I wanted more all I had to do was knock on her door and we'd pick some together!

Imagine my surprise after hearing this.  What else would you expect from a grandma type?
I have other flowers like bleeding hearts that are memories I have of my mother's garden.  Such precious memories; from flower stamps.
We're on our way to Arizona for a week with Ben, Rachel, Sarah and Brianna.  Should be a great time.  It should be illegal to have to be on a plane at 5:30 in the morning though.  I don't know what Tim was thinking when he booked our flights.........I'm so thankful for him though.  He's detail oriented and has taken care of everything.  All we have to do is pack and get on the plane.

I hope to post pictures of our adventures out west.

Blessing of the Day:Time spent with Val talking about what is retiring from the Stampin' Up catalog.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

I Did It Again.........and Easter

I can't believe that once again I missed my blogversary!!!  It was April 7th and I completely missed it!
This blog is 7 years old.  It's come a long way and has been fun building over the years.   I remember the first post which was basic and I was still learning how to add text and photos.  
Today was a wonderful day for us here in Ohio.  The weather was in the 70's and sunny.  We were able to be on the screened in porch after dinner with Tim's dad.  It was such a beautiful day.
One of the many scenes we have from the porch is the robin's nest in the pine tree.  We've finally seen mama robin sitting in the nest.  Pretty cool to see this with binoculars.

 This is the card I made for today's featured stamper named Barbie.  Here is her card:  Mine is next to it with some changes.  The idea is to take a card from the chosen gallery and copy it and change several items in it.
 This is the Easter card I made for Tim.  It was originally made for Friday's challenge where you had to use a bunny or rabbit. I tried to raise the oval cut out so it looked a bit layered like those eggs you look into that are made of sugar.
 These are four cards I made last night.  I got a new stamp set that I was playing around with.  The last card is an apron with a pocket to put a packet of seeds into.  Pretty clever idea I think.
This is my niece and her new husband.  It seems he graduated from boot camp Friday then was married to Bekah. Most of the family didn't know about it.  It should be interesting to talk to my sister this week to see what transpired here.  They had been dating a short while.  Welcome to the family Bret.

I got to talk to my sister in Columbus today.  It was such a good talk.  She got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is very happy with what she's done with her life.  It's taken a lot for her to get her nursing degree then her BS in Science.  Congratulations Patty, I'm so proud of you.

Here's the song that's been in my head all day.  I remember singing this song as a kid but faster than Bing Crosby sings it.  I remember dressing up with hats, white gloves and a new dress for Easter.  Here's a walk down memory lane for some of you.

Blessing of the Day:Today is Easter and Jesus gave me the most precious gift of all;His Life.  He died for my sins and all of our sins.  What a tremendous amount of love he has for all of us.  
Tim's Dad came for lunch.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Things Close To My Heart

I just got some beautiful paper and a gorgeous new stamp from my new friend, April.  April is a demo for Close To My Heart.  We exchanged demo discounts to order from each other's company.  The first card was made with two borders of paper.  
 This second card is the same as the first but I added only 1 border of paper,
 This card was made for Wednesday's sketch challenge on SCS.  I love, love, love this lilac set.  It's a retired SU 2-step stamping set that will never leave my house while I'm alive! LOL
 Yesterday's How To Use It Challenge was to use an oval.  I had to use this paper and stamp again.  I added small brown pearls which are hard to see here.  Love this script and paper!
I am looking ahead and will begin to volunteer two full days instead of two half days.  I spoke to Emily and her principal and after my vacation, I'll be working Thursday and Friday afternoons to tutor kids in small groups from different grades.  This is something that I really love more than teaching large group.  I love designing a plan and helping kids grow, learn and feel good about themselves.  Thank you God for giving me the opportunity.  I will do this until the end of the year then most likely do this next year as well.
 What a wonderful reminder of who we serve and what our role is.  He died on the cross for us Good Friday, which is today.  From 12-3 he went through that terrible anguish because he loved us all so very much.  It's hard for me to wrap my head around him dying for me.  Is that hard for you to believe he died for you too?

 This is  a picture of a new product SU will come out with May 1st, called Project Life.  This is the new scrapbooking products that will be offered by Stampin' Up through Becky Higgins the creator of this system.
Here's a picture of my niece Bekah and her boyfriend Brett at his graduation from boot camp in San Antonio, Texas.  My twin, Anne is with them down there.  They are an hour and a half away from Ben and Rachel in Austin.  I hope they get together with them.
This is a video called, It's All For You by Cloverton.  Take a listen and read the words as he sings them.  I want to be doing all I do for Jesus.  I fail so miserably some times and need to continually refocus my mind and efforts.

Have you thought about those things which are close to your heart?  For me it's God, family, friends, making cards to encourage others, helping kids learn, encouraging single ladies, and filling needs I see if I can.  God has given me so much and I just want to share it with others.  Being retired gives me more time to help others.  I'm thankful for that.

Blessing of the Day-God led me to speak to the principal at PHCA to tutor kids two afternoons a week.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Is The Day

Tim and I had a date today to see Draft Day starring Kevin Costner.  The funny thing was, I asked him if he would want to go see it.  I love football and baseball and had been looking forward to seeing this movie.  We both really liked the movie.  I felt the pressure of decisions that needed to be made during the movie.
I liked the twists and turns this movie took and the humor it brought to the screen.

I also liked seeing Cleveland in a movie!  Who doesn't like seeing the lighthouse in Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline in a major motion picture?  If you like football, you'll like this movie.  Ladies, there weren't many women in the crowd today, which seemed strange but a lot of women don't like football enough to watch 2 hours worth of it in a movie.

After our movie we went to get coffee at Panera, which turned out to be warm and lousy.  They had coffee there which was two hours old and containers that didn't even have coffee in them.  Very disappointing.

What wasn't disappointing was our trip to The Igloos in Berea.  We had frozen yogurt sundaes out in the square where we sit for lunch sometimes.  It was 70's again today and just lovely.  Made more wonderful with Tim beside me.

Today is Palm Sunday.  I remember as a kid getting palm branches on this day.  We'd pull it apart a bit at a time and weave it into different things.  Funny the things you remember isn't it?  When I was young, I was brought up Catholic.  We walked through the field behind our house to get to church if we went at a different time than our parents.  What teenager wouldn't want to do that?  We'd usually get up early and go to the first service then come home and have a big breakfast of toast.  We love toast as kids......Peanut butter and jelly toast, cinnamon toast, it didn't matter.  It was always a contest to see who could eat the most pieces of toast.  I'm sure my mom hated it cuz it meant we'd have to get more bread so she could pack lunches the next day.  
She'd send one of us to Lawsons or Fazio's grocery store to get milk or bread needed.  Lawsons used to have glass bottles and a plastic carrier to carry them in.  I remember one hot summer day walking home with this container filled with 4 half-gallon bottles.  I set it down to rest and several exploded due to the cold bottle against the very hot cement.  Not a good day to go home. What are you gonna do?  It's just one of those things that happens.

Here is a new picture taken in Brecksville Reservation of the eagle and her eaglet.  Not sure how many are there in the nest but the park ranger said the nest itself weighed on ton!  It's amazing that the tree can hold it, isn't it?
 Here are two cards I made for today's Featured Stamper on Splitcoast Stampers.  The first card is the card I made looking at Sandy's card.
 This second card is what I came up with to use large and small hearts using this card of Sandy's as my inspiration.  I liked that it was quick, and easy to make.
When I heard this song I felt so humbled by it.  It was a reminder of how important my actions are to those around me.  It's also a reminder of how much I receive from God and how much I don't deserve all that HE gives to me.  I hope you enjoy listening to this song.

Blessing of the Day: Date with Tim, Time with Sarah
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sun, Seventies, and Sweetness

Today was a beautiful day here in Cleveland.  We had 70's and sun! woot, woot!  Let's hear it for fun in the sun!  Tim put up the bird feeders and birds have come back to eat at them.  We saw a beautiful cardinal who stayed and sang from us then went to a pine tree in our yard to continue his song.

We also saw robins busy building a nest in a pine tree.  I've taken the binoculars out and have been having a great time watching the activity in our yard today.

It is so pleasant to sit on the back porch and take in all that God has created for us.  All of the beauty that surrounds us that most of the time we take for granted.  I know I do, how about you?

In the last few days I've been busy making Easter cards.  This first card is a 'Z' fold card.  The card is folded in half then the front half is folded back in half again.  Then the left side of the oval is attached to the folded back piece.  I used Stazon ink then colored with ink from lids of SU colors.
 This is a card I made Thursday with my dear friend, Val.  I took out an old SU stamp set and stamped a variety of colors then cut them out with the oval dies.  I love the old fashioned lacy look to this card.
 This is a breath-taking card to me.  It is a brayered embossing folder with turquoise ink and paper.  After ink dries on the paper you layer it with white and turquoise.
 The pink tulips were made for today's Inspiration Challenge on SCS.  My inspiration is this poster.
I stamped in stazon black ink and colored with an aqua painter and ink from lids of ink pads.  I embossed the teal paper and used a dauber to sponge color around the edge of the image.  I added stretch ribbon around the text.
Everything Matters!
 Look what God has given me to make me smile.  I have two kitchen windows in the kitchen which face south and east.  The light is so good for my plants.  This is the second blooming of my Christmas Cactus.  Thank you God for this sunshine in my day.  Most days it's the little things in life that make me happy.
 Last week when we went to Austin, as we arrived, we saw first the window open and second, Phoebe in the window sill.  Hi Phoebe!

During our stay Phoebe ran, jumped and played like crazy.  Then she'd need a nap.  It's funny to see her fast asleep with her head held high like this.  We however look silly nodding our head as we sleep with our head up.  She's a sweet, sweet, kitten.
Take a listen to this song.  Read the words as it plays.  This is my prayer that people would see you in me.  Lord please help me to be a reflection of you in my life.  Help me to live more closely to you and be in your word, the Bible daily.  I need you in my life Lord and need to be a better servant.

Blessing of the Day:Tim got down safely from the garage roof.  Thank you God for protecting him.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

With Every Act of Love

I guess today is National Sibling Day so I posted a picture that my sibling posted on FB.  This is a photo of 5 of the 7 of us.  My sister and I are not in the photo.  Back row, Joe, Laura and Annie. Front row, John, Mom and Patty.
 This is a card I made for Friday's Free 4 All card challenge.  You had to cut off part of the front of your card.
The next two cards were made today for the How to Use It challenge.  You had to show wind in your card.  The little mouse has tissues for when he sneezes. (which is a bit of wind)
 This set of pinwheels and clouds also show wind.  I had fun with this card, and making the clouds and pinwheels.  I sponged the clouds and added the text to them.
I am always so happy to find Godly phrases on FB when I visit.  I don't know how people go through life without Jesus by their side.  Thank you God that you are always with me and you have overcome the world so I don't have to.  

Here's a song by Jason Gray that really touched my heart today.
I hope you enjoy it too.
Blessing of the Day: Time with Sarah in the car to and from her driving class.  3 down and 5 to go.
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