Sunday, January 20, 2019

Major Winter Storm January 20, 2019

Two years ago to the day, we were sitting outside on the screened in porch in a sweater and jeans. Go figure!
Here in the Cleveland area, we got dumped on.  Probably 10 inches with drifts to 12 inches. Tim had a heck of a time using the snowblower. He had to do small strips at a time. The snow was so high that it took 1 1/2 hours to do the driveway and walk.  
It's still snowing, very windy and cold. It's another day inside. I just got new books from the library, so I'll spend time reading, making cards and watching Netflix DVDs.

The Story from Truth For Life on Vimeo. This is an amazing video which shares the Gospel.

Here is the afghan I made using yarn scraps. I like how it turned out.
 As I was crocheting, Chloe jumped inside my bag. She and Phoebe take turns jumping into bags and go to sleep. While Chloe was in here, Phoebe sat nearby waiting for her turn.

Here is the inspiration for my card:
I loved the idea of penguins, so I checked out what I had. Turns out I have many. LOL 
I stamped the images then the sentiment. I colored the images and stamped the hearts and snowflakes near the sentiment. I put the card together then added the liquid applique and heated it with my heat tool.

Here are the two images that were the inspiration for my Winnie the Pooh card below.
image 0 image 0
 I stamped the bear and colored him with colored pencils. I added a red shirt with a Copic marker. I stamped hearts as though they were falling and the bear was trying to get one. I stamped the sentiment in grape then added hearts with dimensionals. This will go to my daughter for Valentine's Day. The inside says, You're so Awesome!

Verse of the Day: Hebrews 11:1
Image result for Hebrews 11:11

Here's one of my favorite Praise songs. It's one you can get up and move to. I hope you enjoy it.
Blessing of the Day: We're staying home today and out of the bad weather. 

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Blessings to you and yours.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Flurries on Friday

We're supposed to get a big snow storm here in Ohio beginning Saturday. Praying family and friends are careful this weekend as they drive.
Image result for snow flurries gif

I shared this a few years ago on Facebook and saw it again lately. This is such a great reminder to all of us.To know that God chose to make me and stand by me during my time here on earth, is amazing. Knowing I'll spend eternity with Him is the BEST promise He's made to me!

When I picked out this mug today, I just had to smile at this little guy. He is one of the many January mugs on the counter this month.

 This is another reminder to us when we start to believe what others may say or what Satan throws our way. God planned me, gifted me and positioned me EXACTLY where He needed me to be to accomplish His plan for me.  So glad He did too.

I had lunch with my friend, Tuesday and God directed my words. I thanked Him the whole way home. On the way to lunch I prayed for the wisdom and words to say. God provided it all so that it was a natural conversation.
I asked my friend if I could pray for her, so we held hands while I prayed. We cried a bit, then continued with lunch! God is Good! ALL THE TIME!
What a fun evening I had Thursday. I had a 'date' with my son! It was wonderful!  As part of my Christmas present, he took me to a Coffee Shop for a sandwich and coffee. He is so much fun to be with. It reminded me of times when the kids were growing up that Tim and I took Ben or Sarah and had dinner with them once a month. The kids would choose the place. The idea was to give them Mom or Dad time. It was so much fun. Some times we'd play putt-putt then head to Dairy Queen.

Anyway, Ben and I talked from 6:30-9:00 at Coffee Club. This is what you see when you enter. You walk past cases filled with luscious baked items from cheesecake to cake to all sorts of baked goods. 
They make breakfast foods and lunch or dinner sandwiches.

They had lots of comfortable seating. The music was very soft and pleasant.
Image result for coffee club broadview heights oh
This was the raspberry coffee Ben and I ordered. It is served with a spoon and plate, in case the whipped cream or chocolate run.
Image result for coffee club broadview heights oh
You can purchase coffee beans or ground coffee in many different flavors. Milky Way, chocolate raspberry, chocolate marshmallow, and caramel nut were a few of the flavors.
Ben and I both said next time we'll get some coffee and make it.
Photo of Coffee Club - Broadview Heights, OH, United States. Great atmosphere!

I smiled when I saw this. Hoping all have a great weekend. Be safe with your travel with all of the snow that's coming our way.

Verse of the Day: Ephesians 2:10
Related image

A friend shared this video and I just had to do the same. Tissues needed.

This is a new song by Kind & Country called, God Only Knows. It's a video that shows a woman who has self-doubt, and has hurts which she doesn't share. She internalizes everything and comes to the point where she wants to take her life. A bit of kindness changes that. See what you think.

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I hope to make some cards soon and post them.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook January 14, 2018

For Today January 14th, 2019

This is where it all began

Looking out my window it's now dark. The exciting things is that it is staying light longer and longer!

I am thinking that I had so much fun with the ladies in class this morning. I missed them so much. It was only a month ago we met. I couldn't wait to see them today.
Here are the things we made today.

This is a clear treat box that we lined with designer series paper, added a sentiment and ribbon.

This is a desk calendar for the year. I wanted a positive sentiment to encourage at the top. The calendar rips off for the next month.

Isn't this just the cutest little otter? He would be so sweet holding a red envelope with red gingham paper around him.

This card I showed the ladies what Stampin' Write markers looked like on the left. On the right I used alcohol markers.

I am thankful for these ladies and their friendship. This class has been together for over a year and the fun part is, I have to wait to talk to begin to show the next card or step to do. LOL  I love it!

One of my favorite things is reading. A friend gave it to me to read since she read it so fast and knew I loved to read. It takes place in Germany in 1939. We'll see how it goes. My friend said there were parts that she couldn't put it down and other places where she had to put it down because it was hard to read.

I am creating another ripple afghan. It is a crazy afghan made with left over yarn from other projects. It's fun to see how it is developing. It great to get those small balls and left over yarn used in something that will be donated.

Here's the afghan I just finished.

I am wearing a turtle-neck, jeans, shoes and my sparkly bracelet. I love wearing bling now and then. We're all little girls at heart. When I see jewelry that sparkles, I'm that little kid. This bracelet is one from A.C. Moore that I saw. Sarah saw another bracelet I liked and bought it for me for Christmas.

I am listening to Contemporary Christian Music on Amazon Music. I love music and love to listen to and sing which helps me feel so good and closer to God.

I am hoping my niece continues to improve from the injury she sustained.

I am learning that I need to put God first in each and every day. I am praying to be used by God in whatever way He needs. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a woman who I haven't seen in 25 years. Her son was in my class for several years. I teach students with special needs so some of my students I had for Kindergarten through second grade.
I spoke to this woman and found out she's Catholic and is very angry at God for her husband dying and her new boyfriend suffering with the after effects of brain surgery to remove most of his cancer. Some days he recognizes her and some days he doesn't.
I need prayers to reach her about the salvation message.

In my kitchen we made turkey quesadillas on the grill we have. They are so easy to make.

In the school room I continue to learn new techniques and 'how tos'. Today I learned how to make a card background using two stencils! I stenciled the lacy stencil first with highland heather. I used gorgeous grape to stencil the dark purple dots. Today's challenges were to use circles and two stencils.

In my garden, it is snow covered and sleeping until the Springtime warm air reawakens all that is in it.

A moment from my day. This is Chloe our two-year-old Munchkin cat. She loves to jump into this basket on my desk and go to sleep. She also loves to watch me with those big eyes. LOL

Closing Notes
 This is a stone that I received from a dear friend. She gave it to me the day another dear Christian friend would be buried. Through the service I kept this in mind: she was now in God's hands. What better place to be.  I so miss you Patti.

Verse of the Day: Romans 5:1-2
Image result for Romans 5:1-2

I just heard this the other day and wanted to share it with you. It's called, Moved by Mercy by Matthew West.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Artwork, Cards, RainForest

This is the artwork we now have above the mantel in our family room. It has faded colors on the leaves that are weathered.

This is the artwork we have in the family room as well. This has brighter colors on it. These pieces add color to the light brown walls.

This is the inspiration for my card today.

This is the card I made as a result of seeing the one above.  I stamped the mug, cup and snowflakes then cut them out with dies. I colored them with Copic markers. I added clear Wink of Stella to the snowflakes and the heart. I added dimensionals to all images.
I sponged the background with Tim Holtz distress oxide inks then spritzed it with water. I ran the background through the Big Shot with the Coffee Cups embossing folder by Tim Holtz.
I added the images to the background then added puple rhinestones to the center of each snowflake. I used white liquid applique to the marshmallows and heated.
I kept the orientation the same and used similar colors. I added pink on the cups instead of blue and purple. I added dry embossing instead of a plain background. I used a different stamp set.

This is the inspiration for my card below.
I stamped in petal pink using my Stamparatus then colored the plants with SU markers then stamped. I added colors once stamped. I used copic markers to color the pots then added white lines. I sponged granny apple green around the edge then added black discs to the corners.
Tim and I went to the Rainforest with Ben, Rachel, Kaelynn and Zoey Saturday
Image result for cleveland rainforest

So a not-so-funny, but funny thing happened at the Rainforest Saturday. We were looking at animals in the rainforest and a bird pooped. Poor Zoey had it hit her on the head, sleeve and pants. Rachel felt a bit as well. Kaelynn started to laugh and was reprimanded. I started to laugh as well but hid it behind my hand. Zoey was at first upset, then laughed because Kaelynn laughed.
Rachel wiped Zoey off with wipes and we continued on our way.
Thankfully the next area was the Orangutans enclosure.

RainForest Building - Larger Malaysian Chevrotain Exhibit
These porcupines were very active when we saw them. They were climbing all around on the tree limbs. They even hung upside-down like a sloth and worked their way across the tree limbs. They were fascinating to watch.  They also had yellowish skin which showed when they walked.

 This is Rachel and the girls watching the 4 year old orangutan swinging with a branch in her hand. She was fun to watch. She grabbed her grandmother's hand and pulled her so she did a somersault towards her.
 This is the grandmother of the troop. She was in a very playful mood today. She liked playing with the burlap that was nearby.
 Grandma then put the burlap and a pail on her head.
 Then grandma took off the pail and burlap to see our reaction. She was quite entertaining.
Verse of the Day: Isaiah 40: 28-31
Image result for Isaiah 40:28
This is a song chosen for my twin sister. She had a miracle happen today. Celebrating that Annie!
Give a listen to Hawk Nelson singing Miracles.

Blessing of the Day-My headache is better. I read a lot in my new book called, When We Were Young, by Karen Kingsbury.

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Birthday, Bob, Joy

Yesterday Tim and I celebrated his birthday. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. Nothing like steak and mashed potatoes.  We don't eat much beef at all, so this is a treat.

We also stopped at a second-hand store in the area and had fun looking at lots of old furniture and stuff.

We had the kids over for ice cream last night. It was nice to see Ben, the girls, Sarah and Brianna.
It's hard to celebrate during the week because kids come from work and are tired. So glad they did this for Tim.

Tomorrow we will go with Ben and Rachel to the Rainforest with the girls.  That should be fun. They are 3 and 7 with long, blonde hair. I can't show photos since they are foster children, but they are adjusting nicely to their new home.

Ben and Rachel are adjusting as well.  We're seeing great follow-through with discipline. These girls are learning that what Mr. Ben and Mrs. Rachel say, they mean.  It wasn't like that a home. This is something the girls aren't used to at all.

I'm so glad God has put these girls into Ben and Rachel's home. They will learn of God's love. Seeds will be planted for their salvation in this home.

Tim got a Bob Ross Chia Pet from Brianna for Christmas. This is a picture from online of what it looks like.

 Image result for chia pets
 Check out Tim's. If  you look closely you can see the roots coming down into his face. To me they look like worms! I can't stand to look at this. EWWWWW!

We've gotten pictures up on the walls again. We even added some new pieces to the walls. We shopped at a place around here called, Old Time Pottery. We found a picture for the family room and two metal pieces as well. I'll get pictures soon.
It feels more like home now.

Our Cleveland Cavaliers are in the basement as far as NBA standings. With the loss of many players who are injured, especially Kevin Love, the Cavs have a reduced roster.  Tim and I watch games together, but sometimes it's so hard to watch the Cavs get pounded. We knew it would be a rebuilding year with Lebron James no longer on the team. We never thought it would be this bad though.

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Matthew Dellavedova a few weeks ago from the Milwaukee, Bucks. I was thrilled to hear the news. We call him 'Delly'. When he shoots a 3 point shot we say,
Deli Trey! Get if Delly 3 points?
Image result for cavs dellavedova

Yesterday was the first day of our biggest sale of the year. Sale-a-Bration is the time of year when if you order $50 before shipping and tax, you can receive FREE stuff!  Who doesn't like FREE stuff?
Every $50 you order with no limit, you can earn more and more FREE stuff.

As a demonstrator I get to pre-order a month ahead so I've been working on cards to show.
Click on the link to see what's new. Occasions Catalog

Such sadness goes on each and every day. My sister's family is continuing with a struggle. If you use prayer in your life, please pray for them.
A ten year old I worked with at PHCA 2 years ago was found to have a brain tumor a week ago. This little guy went through surgery where they got 80% of the tumor. They don't think it's cancerous but won't know for a week or two.  The rest of the tumor they couldn't remove without damaging the brain. He has some memory loss and they aren't sure if it will be permanent or not.
They continue to drain fluid from his brain. They are hoping his body will start to do this on its own. If not, a shunt will be put in next week.

Verse of the Day: James 1:2-8
Image result for James 2:8

This is a song that I heard tonight which reminded me we all go through hard times and like the Bible verse for today, we're to consider it pure joy to face trials.  I don't have this down by any means. My knee-jerk reaction is to get upset and emotional. It takes a while before I turn to God for help.
I hope this song encourages you.

Blessing of the Day: I got some things done that needed to get done.

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