Monday, August 3, 2015

Fan Club Card Challenges

This week Splitcoast Stampers is having Card Challenges for all of the ladies who are Fan Club memebers.  There are 4-5 a day.  It's been fun to play and expand my creativity and expand outside my comfort zone.

This card shows masking done with washy tape in the center. I stamped, then added the sentiment. Love this leaves embossing folder.

 I've been sponging a lot lately.  This scene has masking for the sun.  I sponged the background and colored the moose, water and plants. The ground was sponged.  This was a sketch challenge. I'm sure you knew that as it's more layers and detail than I usually do on my cards.
 I love little Rhubarb Bear.  He is from Sweet N Sassy stamps.  I think sunflowers are my favorite flower then yellow roses, then carnations.  I stamped the sunflowers behind  and added dirt with sponging and torn paper.  I colored Rhubarb with Copics and added him with dimensionals.
 This is a very different style for me.  I used multiple stamps for my background.  What do you think?
I even made a tiny heart with fun foam and stamped in pretty in pink with it.
 More Copic coloring and sponging.  The sky was sponged and the rest was colored.  Love the look of twine on sea scape cards.
 Here's another sponged card.  I taped off the lower section while I sponged the sky.  Then I sponged the water and boat.  It looks so peaceful here.
 Another coloring and sponging card. I roughed up the edges that are cherry and used a stencil to ink up the stars. I used gold embossing powder for the stars and added more twine.

Tim and I went to dinner tonight at Mom's Deli.  Because Tim gets to work by 6, he's ready to eat when he gets home at 3:20 p.m.  So we were eating at 4:00 and were right there along with all the much older people!  We were the youngest there.

Ben and Rachel posted to their blog today.  Take a look.

Blessing of the Day:Tim and I went out to Eat at Mom's Deli.  It's nice to date again.....
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Challenges, Cards, Minions

This weekend I've been busy making cards for Cleveland Clinic Hospice At Home.  Here are some of the ones that will be going this week.  Many of them are from the Splitcoast Stampers Members challenges.  The first three were made to showcase watercoloring techniques without a brush.

These were made with an acrylic block.

 This card was for a challenge where you had to make a card with sewing, knitting, quilting, etc.  So I made a quilt card.  I cut out designer paper using my lattice die and added it to white.  Then I embossed the white paper and added it to blackberry.  Then I added it to curry and stamped my sentiment.

This was for two challenges.  Today's technique challenge is to fussy cut.  It's also for the Dirty Dozen challenge where you had to make a scene. 

Tonight Tim took Sarah and I to Chipotle for dinner then to see the Minions Movie.

Blessing of the Day:Tim took us out to dinner and a movie.  I got lots of cards made today.
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Sorry Commenters, Strange Feeling

I was just going through my blog behind the scenes things and saw that there were 13 unpublished comments.  How'd that happen?  I must not have gotten the info. when you sweet ladies posted comments.  For that I'm sorry.  I love to read comments, and yours are so encouraging and heart-warming.  I'm not used to getting comments and I blog because I love sharing my craft, my life and God.  Thank you to all of you who posted comments.  It truly made my day today to read them all.  Hugs and blessings coming your way.

 Last night it took me a long time to fall asleep.  For some reason late last night I thought about my former father-in-law.  I knew he was in his 90's but not much more.  I googled him and found an obituary for him.  He just died in June, 5 weeks ago.  I was sad because he was a great father-in-law and artist.  I was amazed at his art talent.  He drew with pen and ink and did black and white works of art.
I wish I would have known this info so I could attend the celebration of life and find out what his later years were spent doing.  His wife of 63 years died last year I think of cancer.  She held on until her granddaughter got home from college.  Amazing story.

What kept me up was the idea of contacting their dauther-in-law to get updates on both of my former in-laws.  Not sure I'll do it, cuz I was thinking it would be weird.  It's amazing that people I haven't had contact with for over 25 years brought sorrow to my life upon learning of their death.

 Phoebe was watching the pink beverage go up and down in the straw.  She also licked the condensation on the outside of the glass.
 This is a card that I made for a challenge on SCS.  We were asked to use a stamp we had and give it a story.  I made up a poem.

Say hello to little Miss Melissa Mouse. 
She was sent to the field from her house.
To pick yellow flowers that were in season.
To make into tea, that was the reason.
But alas, little Miss Melissa Mouse,
Couldn’t hear Mama call from the House.
Melissa Ann Mouse where are you?
You need to be here so I can brew.
That wonderful tea for all my friends.
I’m sure you know how this thing ends.
Little Miss Melissa Mouse had so much fun.
Throwing the petals one by one.
That she skipped home without a thing.
And oh poor Mama did she ever sing!
Mama Mouse learned a lesson that day.
Get it yourself or you’re the one who will pay.
The End

 This card is for the color challenge this week.  I used rose red, mint macaron, and taupe.  This will be going to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.
 This is a card I made for the sketch challenge this week.  Love the diagonal behind the image.  It's very sparkly.  I used gold wink of stella.
Here are two cards I made using Carrie's directions found here:
I made changes to her design a bit to make it mine.  

Blessing of the Day: Tim got home safely!  Thank you God.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff and They Are Gone Again

Phoebe does so many funny things throughout her day.  Playing with an ice cube was one of them.
I was scooping ice cubes into my glass and one fell on the floor and skidded across the floor.  Phoebe joined in the fun by pushing the ice again and again and watching where it slid.  Everything's a toy with Phoebe.
 Sarah had a flavored drink from DQ that she played with.  She'd drink from the straw so Phoebe watched the drink go up the straw. Then she'd watch it go down the straw. In this photo she's licking the condensation from the glass whilc Sarah watches. LOL  She's a silly cat.
 This chicken quesadilla was made by Sarah for dinner two night ago.  It was yummy!
Last night for a few hours we had a kid reunion.  All my kids were under one roof, laughing, talking, fooling around and hugging.  This was music to this mom's ears!  I love the noise and one day I'll think to record it. Then I can hear it during times I miss it so.

 This was the scene bright and early this morning.  Ben and Rachel were trying to get away with one suitcase.  But someone packed too much stuff so they tried standing on it to zip it shut.  They ended up getting a small roller suitcase to put the extra stuff into.  You know the kind that they tag and you leave at the end of the walk to the plane. You pick it up after the flight and they don't charge you anything for the second bag.

When they got to the airport this bag was exactly 50 lbs.  Ben was so relieved.  They probably should have traded places here though, since Rachel might be 100 pounds. LOL

They have just taken off from Atlanta to Texas.  Soon they will be at their final destination for three weeks where they will reunite with their church family and debrief with their missionary family.  Praise God for all He's seen us through.

Verse of the Day:Continue to thirst for God.  I've gotta get my Bible out for quiet time.

This is brand new song from Casting Crowns.  It is called, Just Be Held.  It's a beautiful song.  Give it a listen.
Blessing of the day: I got to hug my kids today.  Then they went off to do God's work.  Praying for whatever comes next for them.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One More Sleep Until They Are Home

Ben and Rachel left Kisumu, Africa and flew to Nairobi, Africa.  There they had to wait 8 hours for their flight. They flew from Nairobi to London.  They should be in London now and will wait a bit until they leave from London to Chicago.  They will be in Chicago at about 2:30 and have to wait until 5:30 for their flight into Cleveland.  They are only staying overnight here, then have to get on a plane and go to Texas.  I hope there aren't any delays or they won't have much time to sleep or do laundry!
 Sarah and I are on our own this week while Tim works in Illinois.  For dinner one evening we had corn on the cob.  Phoebe wanted to see what it was, so she came right up on Sarah's lap and sniffed her corn.  I have to tell you that 3 months ago this would not have been tolerated.  However, now it's okay cuz Phoebe has Tim wrapped around her little finger, claw, whatever.  He spoils her rotten!
 Here are two of 6 sympathy cards I made for Cleveland Clinic.  These are the types of cards that I can make while watching tv or a movie on my laptop.
 This card is actually pink not white.  Wow, the image is really bleached out.  I used Wink of Stella on the flower center andthe butterfly wings.
 This is the card I made for the color challenge.  The colors were rose red, mint macron, and taupe.
I stamped in memento rich cocoa then colored with a blender pen and the ink from the lids of ink pads.  I used a sponge to color in the background paper in mint macaron.
Love the knowledge the God is my Father and I am His princess!
This is one of my old time favorites.  It pulls me closer to God just singing it.  I can't hear this song and NOT sing.  I hope you enjoy it.

Blessing of the Day:Making dinner with Sarah.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Cards, Cards, Cards, Cards

Today I completed many cards that were started at Jane's Saturday.  The first card was for today's Clean and Simple challenge from SCS. Beaches was the theme for today.  I stamped in memento, then colored with Copic markers.  I paper pieced the umbrella. I added 3-D gel to the waves in the water.
 You'll see the new brick wall embossing folder used here.  You'll notice the balloons are the same colors as some of the other cards; blue and green.  The paper that I made with blue and green ink had some pieces left big enough to make these balloons.
 This card was made with The Sheltering Tree stamp set.  The leaves for the tree were what I used for the images on this background.  I masked the center with paper then stamped the blue and green ink.  I removed the mask and stamped hello into the center.  I made a butterfly using my butterfly die and pearls.
 This is using The Sheltering too as well.  I think it's a pretty cool affect as though you are looking up through the trees.  This wasn't my idea buy I used it and added my own images to make it mine.
 Here's that brick wall embossing folder again.  I used a dauber to add ink to the bricks.  If you notice the butterflies were made from the same blue and green inked paper.
 This card was stamped full strength then I added the SU silver doilies and hello.
 This was a watercolor block technique.  I put blue and green onto a block and spritzed it with water and stamped on the white paper.  I stamped the tree on top of it.
 This card is similar to the silver one above but I used the gold doilies.  I embossed the doilies to make them look fancier.
 This is from today's challenge.  We punched out circles with our 1 1/2" circle punch.  Then I punched out one 1" square.  I centered the square on each circle and folded the circles around it.  Then I glued the edges down.
This was how most of my day was.  I had to run errands at around 2:30, so I had to get dressed.
 This is such a pretty verse.  I just had to share it.
 I saw this a few days ago and had to share it.

Blessing of the Day:Skyped with Ben for the last time from Kenya.  Tomorrow morning he and Rachel will leave Kisumu, Africa and fly to Nairobi, the capital.  There they will wait for their plane which will take them to London, then Chicago, then Cleveland.
I'ts going to be a long two days.  We will see them Wednesday around 8 or so.

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