Friday, May 29, 2015

Thirst, Phoebe, Songbird

Today this was the verse on my blog.  I realized again that I need to be closer to God and thirst for Him like water.  I too often try to do things my way and all to often come running back to God asking for forgiveness and turning things over to Him to fix.
Please Father, help me to lean on you before I do things my way.  I am me and You are You, there's no contest who knows best.
I saw this and thought it was so perfect for this time of year with all of the kids graduating from High School. I am standing on this verse, as both of my kids are 18 or older and no longer under my care.
Sarah lives here but is making her own decisions for lots of things.
Here's Phoebe sitting on Sarah's bookshelf.  She was nodding off just like a little kid or baby.  Just as I took the picture, she heard the camera, she opened her eyes.  You know how the camera is slower than you think?  Well, she looks cute any way I guess.
This is my card for today's Friday Free 4 All on SCS.  The twist this us what your dad likes or his personality in his card!  This card represents what Tim likes which is growing plants.  He likes to find plants that attract butterflies.
I've been chilling out making cards tonight by listening to Kenny G.  Here's one song of many that I've listened to.  I type in the artist I want to hear, then type in you tube and I find lots of videos for that artist that can be several hours long.

Blessing of the Day:We got to Skype with Ben and Rachel today.  Even with 7 hours difference, we are finding time to stay in touch.  Thank you God for these times to connect.  How wonderful technology is to allow us to see our loved ones who are across the world from us.
Praising God for all I have.
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beasts Light Flowers

With Cleveland winning the Eastern Championship for basketball, this is the new poster that's going around.  We're now called the 'Beasts of the East'.  It's truly amazing that the Cavs have gotten this far.  It's been a long time in coming with lots of drama along the way.

This is HUGE for our city.  Businesses downtown are gearing up for the influx of fans for these games.

This was posted on Facebook and it's an incredible list of reasons to visit Cleveland.

10Best Reasons to Jump on the Cleveland Bandwagon Right Now

I really liked this next picture.  We all seeme to feel we're insignificant, but that's not so.  God sees to that.

What a beautiful psalm.  Once I read it I immediately thought how beautiful this would be to copy for a card.  Always thinking ya know?

The same goes for this card, love the verse and thought what a beautiful card this would make.
Speaking of cards, this is the card I made for the Ways To Use It Challenge.  We were to use favorite tools.  I chose, dies, embossing folders, punches and bling.
This is my card for the sketch challenge.  I'm trying to use retired designer paper and this is what I came up with.

Blessing of the Day: Mother/Daughter bonding time with Sarah running errands.  We were gone so long Tim texted to see if we were okay. What a sweet guy.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One of Those Days

Have you ever had, "One of Those Days?"
Well I did.
  I was on my way to Joann's (the store) near Great Northern for yarn for Sarah Afghan.  I hadn't been to this store in a long time if ever.  So I looked it up on my maps app.
I knew I needed to go 480W so I was on 71N heading to the 480 split.  A car next to me wanted to move over, so I moved over to let them in and when I looked up I was heading East on 480 now instead of West.  So I got off at Brookpark and started down the road.
On my left was Holy Cross Cemetery.  That is where my family members are buried and I hadn't been there in a while and it was the Memorial Day Weekend so I pulled in from Brookpark Road.

I normally go in from the other end but thought I'd be able to get where I needed to.  I drove right to where my dad's grave is which freaked me out since I hadn't been there in years.  I got out of the car and walked right up to where I thought it was, and lo and behold, there it was.  It had a flag because all of the veterans go a flag.  I took a picture of it since way back in 1983 people didn't have cell phones with cameras and you just didn't take a camera to the cemetery.

Then I went to my grandparents graves, in a crypt.  I found them just as easily.  My grandfather had to live 21 years without my grandmother.  They were some of the saddest years for him. There were happy times, but to have your wife die in 1977, then one son die in 1983 and another die in 1989 was almost too much for my grandfather.  His whole immediate family was gone.  I can't imagine that at all.

Well I figured God wanted me here so I took pics and sent them to siblings who are not in the area.  Not sure what to do with the photos myself, but I have them.

So I continue on my way down Brook Park road on my way to Great Northern.

 Well, my phone holder kept falling when I got close.  This map app. took me behind the strip stores down from Great Northern mall.  Then it took me to Lorain, and had me turn into the front of the strip stores.  It had me continue into the strip store parking lot but down almost to the end.  I pulled into a spot and tried again to program to Joann's.  The map app asked me if I wanted to walk or drive.  What?  I said drive.  I backed up and turned the car around and guess what I saw?  JOANN in BIG letters down a ways from where I was.  All I could do is laugh.........Okay God, that was funny.

This is the card I made for the color challenge.  We were to use olive, bermuda bay and black.
The black on my card is ribbon.
 This is the inside of a card called a book card.  This is my second attempt.
 This is the outside of my sympathy card.  This will go to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.
Blessing of the Day: I'm learning new things every day.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cleveland Cavs are the NBA's Eastern Champions!

This is what it looked like two nights ago when the Cavs/Hawks game went into overtime.  LaBron James was exhausted and happy that his team came out on top.
Here is Cleveland tonight.  Quicken Loans Arena was exploding with noise and confetti.
Here's a picture of the Cavs with their trophy.
This has been the slogan since the championship games began.  It's great to see Cleveland come together for something like this.

 This is what the Terminal Tower looked like tonight.  Pretty cool isn't it?

 Here's the cool logo of the Cavs for this year.  Love it!
Blessing of the Day:Tim, Sarah and I watched the Cavs game together tonight.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

What a Week! Memorial Day 2015

It's Memorial Day 2015 which is a day off for many people.  With all the picnics and family gatherings I pray that we all remember the reason we have this day off and are FREE.  It's because of all the soldiers who died protecting and are still protecting the United States from its enemies.  Fly those flags high in pride everyone!
This is one of my favorite psalms.  This was close to my heart this week.  I was missing Ben and Rachel and praying about other things that have me sad.

 This is one of my favorite verses especially when Pastor Alistair Beggs says this at the end of each service.  That wonderful Scottish accent is amazing.
I watched the third Eastern Championship game last night and it was a nail bighter.  It went into Over Tim.  The Cavs won it, 114 to 111.
 These are cards I made with these loving flowers from Stampin' Up called, Best Thoughts.  I colored a few while watching shows on tv then put them onto cards.  this card will go to a woman who lost her 19 year old son, who was the baby of the family. It is from Splitcoasts Teapot Tuesday Challenge.
 This card will go into the box for Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home which will be delivered tonight.
 This is called a book card.  Check out the directions here:  This is the inside of the card.  Isn't this designer paper pretty?
 This is the outside of the card.  I wanted to keep this simple since the paper is so busy.
I will leave you with a tribute to our Heros!

Blessing of the Day:A tribute to all the soldiers from the beginning of time who have served our country in the armed forces.  We are so grateful to you!
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ohhhh myyyyy, Tim and I are so sore.  We spent yesterday afternoon pulling weeds and scratching up the mulch in the front yard.  Muscles in places you didn't remember you had muscles are sore! LOL  It looks very nice and we had to do it together.

I'm seeing that because I helped him with the weeding of the front yard, he's going to get the pool ready to swim in Monday!  Woot, woot!  We have a heater too so I'll be in way before the neighbors!

Isn't this pretty?  This card was heat embossed with clear embossing powder.  It was then colored with watercolor using an aqua painter and ink from the lid of an ink pad.
I saw this on FB and I wished I'd have had something like this when my kids were yonger.
I hold onto this thought and promise from God.
I had to post this on FB when I saw it.  Hope you like it as well.
Isn't this an amazing picture?  I saw it on the web and had to share it.

We'll Leave The Light On- Listen to this amazing and touching song.
Blessing of the Day: Had time with Sarah and Tim at dinner.  It's been a while with her schedule that she's eaten with us.
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Monday, May 18, 2015

These Bring Tears

Ben and Rachel posted on their blog today.  With that post were lots of pictures.  Seeing them brought tears to my eyes as Ben's living the life he's dreamed of for so long!  It's an emotional mom thing I'm sure, but to see your child grow and begin to do what he's been lead to do is truly amazing!  When we talk to him we mentally think, he's in Africa.  Put a picture here and it reminds me he's there and not here.  He's doing God's work across the world from us.

Ben's walking with a little guy at the orphange who has lost a few fingers, but that doesn't stop him from holding Ben's hand.
 This is the church service from yesterday.  Their church is a tin and wood building.
 During a training session at a man's home, Ben got to play the home made guitar the man made.  Ben and Rachel left their guitars at home.
 The children got new clothes from a friend of Tim and Jenni, Ben and Rachel's mentors.
 Here's sweet Rachel with her new friends.  So thankful for technology.  We got to talk to Ben tonight. That in itself is amazing to me.  We can talk to him half-way round the world.
After getting emotional from seeing Ben's pictures, I needed some humor.  I  thought this was a great question to ask.....LOL
 I needed a reminder today so this was perfect. I get so distracted with other things.
Here is a sampling of cards I made using my MISTI for Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.

 So we started the blog today with tears and end with tears.  These flowers are from Sarah.  I LOVE the fact that she works at a greenhouse!
Her plastic cup broke at work and she's been lost without it.  It's far easier to drink from that than a bottle of water.

Today after grocery shopping, I got her a new glass and took it to her at work.  I had to drop it off since she was busy at the cash register.  She really appreciated the kind gesture I guess.  This gift of flowers was so unexpected.  Of course this makes me cry to see her sweet actions of love.

Blessing of the Day:Sarah sweet spirit with her gift, being able to sit and chat for a while and she helped me weed the garden.  Tim was able to cut, trim and sweep up the grass.

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