Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Restful Sunday

Today was a laid-back kind of Sunday.  Tim left early to get to Illinois for another round of computer installations in stores they've purchased.  This is his 3rd trip and there will be one more.  I'm trying to convince him to ship the stuff he needs and fly.  7-8 hours of driving alone is grueling.

I saw this photo on FB and wanted to share it here.  So I've included credit for the photo.

I love this photo taken close to Delaware, Ohio. Photo credit belongs to Sandy Low.

Here is the card I made for today's featured stamper.  The pink flower is the card the featured stamper made.  The purple color is mine.  You are supposed to change several things in your card to make it your own.  I changed the colors, the embossing folder, added the butterfly, used rhinestones instead of pearls and sponged the edges.  I loved the idea of adding the flower on a die cut shape, and putting is to one side and not centered.
This card was from the Inspiration Challenge Saturday.  The vases were my inspiration.  My card was made as though you were standing in the water watching it hit the beach.  It is sponged, which is something I enjoy doing on cards now and then.  I like to make scenes.

A note I wrote to my sister.

I'm convinced God makes Moms in a special way.  They provide the emotional segment of love. No matter how old your children are, mom's can always hug them because of that connection.
God gifts us children knowing exactly what he's doing. We are given our individual challenges with our children.  He knows this will grow each of us in the way we need to grow.  He knows best. Many times I've questioned why things have happened but he is God so who am I to question him?
We have each been challenged by our children and come out the other end. We are stronger than we ever thought we could be.  We are changed by these experiences. We'd never ask to go through these experiences again but it has made us and our children who we are today.

I'm trying to apply, praise Him in all things, and it's oh so hard. Prayers help me through each minute of every day.
Thank you for being the dear sister or friend you are.

This was the verse for today.  To be content in all things is something I've not yet managed. I'm trying to work on praising God in the good and not so good times.

Yesterday was Ben and Rachel's event which went very well.  We'll see what seeds were planted from their presentation.  God knows what He's doing.

I went to the dr yesterday and she said that my bursitis is acting up. I got a cortisone shot in the hip.  Still having pain.  Hope this kicks in soon.

Give this a listen.  It's an older song but still has a great message.

Blessing of the Day: I got to relax and rest.
I had all the kids here for meatloaf and baked potatoes; a favorite around here.
Tim got to Illinois safely.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

One More Sleep Until Ben and Rachel's Event

    Tomorrow is the day that Ben and Rachel will have their event.  It is being held behind a mini castle in Medina.  Here is a picture of the front of the house.  We will be in a building just behind the house.  After the event guests will be invited to tour the house.  It is being worked on but beautiful inside.
                As a boy, Walter Russell dreamed of living in a castle. After studying medieval design and brushing up on building trades, Walter and his wife, Ilona, built their own castle on Fenn Road in York Township over a period of five years beginning in the late 1940s. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY JOHN GLADDEN)   
Ben and Rachel's event is to share their experiences in Africa with photos, videos and stories. Picnic food will enjoyed as well.                    
Here's Phoebe, being Phoebe.  Any time there is a box she tries to get inside of it.  This is a postal box that Tim squeezed together so Phoebe could get inside.
 She didn't make it all the way in and quickly pulled out.
 She's a curious one and had to try again and again to get into the box.

I was looking at crochet patterns tonight and came across this cute Granny Square.

Here is the Bible verse for today.  This is truly a tough one.  Repay evil with a blessing.....I'm working on this part.

Blessing of the Day: I had lunch with Tim at my favorite sandwich shop, Cafe Roma in Berea.
I also restocked cards in the gift shop in Berea.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015


I thought this was a gorgeous view of Downtown Cleveland. I saw it on FB the other day.
 The challenge on Splitcoast today was to use metal on your card.  I used Flashing tape and embossed it after attaching it to designer paper.  I like how this turned out.  I'm going to go borrow some more from Tim's tool room~ LOL
Check out these crazy birds!  These cards were donated to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home by Splitcoaststampers around the country. We've collected 352 so far.  Praise God!  These crazy birds are on my watch list.  They have dies that go with them also.
Check out this card.  The paper is handmade and the rest is made with wire.  There was an African artist at the market Ben and Rachel went to, who made all sorts of cards with wire.  What a God given talent he has.  Sarah got one with 3 different African animals on it.  There were so many different ones to choose from, Ben said.

Isn't this cute but pathetic? Rachel set this blanket on the bench and Phoebe jumped up on the blanket and went to sleep.  Rachel proceeded to cover Phoebe up while she was sleeping.  I got this picture just as Phoebe woke up.
 This morning it was breakfast at the Craig's for all of the birds.  After I took this there were more birds.  I filled the cylinder with more thistle seed and there were more finches than ever!  Love watching the birds.  My kids make fun of me but do the same thing at dinner!

Check out this movie.  It comes out Sept 18th.  This is one I want to see.  How about you?

Blessing of the Day: My sweet hubby brought me my favorite popcorn when he went to Walgreens after work.  "That translates to, I love you."
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Won, I Won! had a fun week-long Fan Club Appreciation Challenges.  There were 40 in all.  If you did all of the 40 challenges, you were entered into the bigger prizes categories.  I got notification today that I won this.
Have your see these new Chameleon pens?  This set of 22 is worth about $89.  I have held out on buying these markers since I have lots of Copics.  I couldn't justify buying them.  But now I've won them and will receive them in 3-4 weeks.  Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks Splitcoast!
This is a card I made with a digital image for the Clean and Simple Challenge Monday.  I sponged the sky, added clouds with dry embossing and added a tag.  Pretty easy.
 This is the card I made for Monday's Technique challenge.  You had to use a digital image.  With this image I also got papers.  I printed out the background paper, colored the images, sponged them and added plastic dots.
I saw this the other day and had to post it for my friends who are teachers.

On our vacation to Peebles, Ohio we went to the Serpent Mound.  This place fascinated me because I taught about it for years in 4th grade Social Studies.
 So I finally got to see the Serpent burial grounds.  It was an amazing sight.  They had an observation deck at the middle of the serpent.  They should have had one at the front end where his mouth was.  What an awesome part of history we have here.
 I had to share this picture from our vacation.  This boar's head hung on the wall between the dining room and the kitchen.  When you looked at it this way, it looked kind of like it was laughing.
 This is the Cincinnati skyline.  When I saw this all I could think of was, WKRP in Cincinnati!
In Cincinnati we went to the zoo.  It is one of the 10 best zoos in the nation.  Not sure what Cleveland is listed, but I like it better.  Cincy had an African Plains exhibit outside where you could feed the giraffes lettuce leaves.  The kids liked that a lot.  Some of the caged animals paced all day except for eating.  I felt sorry for the animals and wondered how necessary it is to see animals contained in rooms behind glass, which is so unnatural.
We saw two manatees, which is something Cleveland Zoo doesn't have.  All in all it was a fun day.
Image result for Cincinnati zoo
Here are the girls fishing on our last day of vacation at a state park.

This is the verse of the day.  I'd like to think that I'd work harder to do good to unbelievers.

Here's a new song called, You Will Never Run Away, by Rend Collective.  See what you think.
Blessing of the Day:I got to spend time talking to my sister who is in Wisconsin.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day Of School Around Here

To all my teacher and support staff friends,
Today may be the first day of school for students, but for you, it is not. You have been preparing for this day for a long time. Not everyone can do this job. Not everyone WANTS this job. You have been gifted by God to teach. He has you right where He needs you. These kids you teach NEED YOU. You have something no one else can give them. In the tough days cling to the knowledge that you ARE making a difference. You will figure out those difficult students; you always do. You will overcome disgruntled parents and/or administrators. You WILL make the difference in your students that will be with them forever. I am thankful you do what you do. I am thankful for all of the time, energy and love you put into your day. I am thankful that you come to work day in and day out, in spite of the difficulties. You are God's gift to children, continue to do what you do for them. May God bless you for all you do for kids.

Ben is hitting the books again through Liberty University.  It is online.  He told me he has finished his math for the week and is almost finished with his Psychology stuff.  He said he couldn't do the online discussions yet since no one has posted anything! LOL

Sarah went back to CCC and doesn't like the class she went to so she's going to drop it.  She knows she can't take this class with this professor so she'll look for something else.
What to do, what to do?  We went to the Lake Erie Crushers Game yesterday and sat a bit off the side of home plate.  When I looked at the girls they were giggling and putting their hand to the mouth and saying, "Oh my!"  When I asked what the issue was they pointed and said, "The umpire has split his pants and doesn't know it!"
As the game went on, it split a bit more.  Now it wasn't right up the back, but in the part between his legs........I asked the girls if I should call the guy over and tell him.  They said, "No, they would be too embarassed!"  So.....we had lots to see at the Game. LOL

Unfortunately the Crushers didn't win.  They were crushed, 6-1.  It was an afternoon game and it was a bit hot.  We usually go to evening games but this was the only home game we could go to as a family.
This has become a summertime tradition with our family.

This is a picture of Tim and I on the steps of the house we rented for vacation on the morning we left.
Congrats to Rachel, she caught the biggest fish!  This was her first-ever time fishing!
Here's the next biggest fish and I caught it.  I'm a princess fisherman.  The worm is added and fish removed by someone else! LOL
This is the 4 kids the last afternoon of vacation on the front steps.

So much to be thankful.  The kids are thankful to be home where there is internet!  They were in withdrawl without consistent wifi  on vacation.  True addiction with withdrawl was seen in all of the kids.  They had to play games like racko and cards to bide their time.  They all eventually downloaded some games to play when they went to McDonald's.

Here are some cards I made with things from Jane's where I stamped Saturday night when we got home from vacation.

This is the bee balm and hummingbird from Our Daily Bread Designs. When I saw this set of stamps I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  This will go to Cleveland Clinic or the Book Shop in Berea.

This was a pink base that was sponged with pink, daffodil and tangerine inks.  The flowers are dies that I cut out in three colors.  I cut the pink and purple flowers off their set and added them to the green stems.  Not sure I'd do this again.  Might cut them in white and color them! LOL
 This was a die that embossed.  I kept the die on and sponged with yellows and oranges.
 The hearts and flowers and doves are dies that I cut out and glued to the embossed pink card stock.  *Note to self, and Jane-Put the paper to be cut with the die on double-sided adhesive sheet first then cut.  Then you won't have to use glue to attach it.
 The base of this was white paper that I put the cut out die paper on top of.  Then I spritzed the paper and added a sun to the front.  I used washi on the picture of the sun and the words sunshine.
Blessing of the Day: Went to bed early last night. I was able to get up early this morning, get my quiet time and get lots of things done around here!
Thanks for your patience when I was gone on vacation.  Nothing I could do without internet.......


Friday, August 14, 2015

A Mess....Lots of Cards and Procraftinating

I just had to show you my desk after last week's Splitcoaststampers Challenges.  The first photo here is my side desk where there is no available except to pile things on top of one another.

This second picture shows the small space I ended up stamping in for the last two cards.  I ususally don't stamp like this but with all of the challenges I wanted to keep going to get all 40 finished.
These types of challenges help me grow so much in making cards.  They ask  us to use different items, copy a sketch, or anything that they think of.

One of my favorite challenges a few years ago was to use things found in a man's workroom.  I loved going through Tim's washers, screws and stuff to find items to put ink on.  I think I ended up with painter's tape, wall mesh, washers, sand paper, and twine.

This photo shows all of the packages I received this week for the Splitcoaststamper's Cards For A Cause.  Each month a different organization is featured.  We email suggestions for places that need cards.  I donate to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.  They have asked for Thank You and Sympathy cards for their clients.  They asked me if I'd be willing to donate cards to them.  They wanted to start a program where they sent cards to families who have lost loved ones.

They wanted a personal touch to complete the care they give to families.  They have had such favorable reactions to the handmade cards.
If anyone wants to donate Thank You or Sympathy cards, email me.  Thank you cards should be blank inside.  They sympathy cards should have words inside.  Thank you for your consideration.
I saw this on FB and just had to share it there and here.  Ya know the other day when I saw it I had to laugh.  I lauged because  I should have found and used the vacuum today, but the stamp room called louder than the vacuum!
This is the verse of the day.  I feel that I lack wisdom all the time.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record in my prayers. I know God's not finished with me yet, so I have to be patient with myself.
I hope you can be patient with me as well.
Image result for James 1:5
This song is from a group called Royal Tailor.  See what you think.
Blessing of the Day:I got a lot of things done today to get ready to go on vacation tomorrow. The 4 kids are going with us to Southern Ohio.  Should be lots of fun!  Last year we were in Arizona and had a blast.  I feel blessed because I know that in time the kids won't be going with us, they will be in Africa and off doing their thing with significant others.

Thanks for checking in today.