Monday, December 5, 2016

A New Week-Who Are You Dependent On?

Feeling a bit better today. The cold is progressing to coughing and nasal stuff. I'm taking Halls cough drops. So tired of cherry flavor! LOL

I saw this and had to post it. I love that it sounds the way you'd talk to a friend.  I talk to God like he's my Father. I love the term, Abba.  I love that I can talk to God any time, any where.
I remember when talking to Ben and Sarah when they were little, telling them that I talked to God in the shower.  They couldn't believe that I could do that.

They saw and heard that I prayed in the car. Every time an ambulance or fire truck went by, I'd pray for the ambulance crew, the patient and their family.
I'm guilty more often than not for not praying enough.
This is a picture from last week when it was still warm enough to be outside on the porch.  Phoebe and I kept each other warm! LOL
This is the pine tree I've had for several years.  It goes outside each summer and really grows out there.  Sweet Sarah Annie got me ornaments and stars to decorate it.  Phoebe was VERY interested in the whole things.  She tried tasting the greenery but was quickly told, "No!" I moved her and she gave me a noooooo, meow which always makes me laugh.
Here's my card for today's Clean and Simple challenge which was to make a winter birthday card.
This is a new stamp and die set from Newton's Nook. My favorite part is the dog and cat. Having a die for them makes it extra special.  The next one I make is going to say....thinking of you.
Verse of the Day: I am greeting today with a grateful heart. I have my needs taken care of. God has always taken care of all of us; Tim, me, Ben, Sarah, Brianna and Rachel.  Times like this with Tim being out of work at the end of the year only brings us closer and more dependent on God.
Image result for psalm 28:7 nlt
This is one of my favorite songs called, The Stand from Hillsong.  What could I say? What could I do? But offer this heart oh God to you.

Blessing of the Day: Spent time with Ben.
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

And So It Begins

      Well, it's begun alright, cold season.  I came home yesterday from school with a sore throat, stuffy head, feel lousy feeling.  Early to bed for sure.  This is the scene Saturday evening in my craft room.  In spite of feeling lousy, I learned to crochet hats, so I've done three already.  They are the multi-colored things in front of the Halls cough drops.  I also have Cepacol throat lozenges in front of the hats. I have decorating things for my live, small pine tree that Sarah got for me.
I have to find the energy to put them on the little tree.  Thanks Sarah.
My sweetie, Tim is taking really good care of me.  He made dinner, soup and sandwiches for me.  He also made a Walgreens run. He got me the Cepacol, Halls and popcorn.  I like the Skinny Pop popcorn.  It's better for me than chocolate.  I've been napping today and will be ready soon to go to sleep for the night.

Sore throats are the worst. I don't like the earaches and congestion either.  Sleeping helps that all go away for a while and gives me the rest I need.

Here are two pictures of the cutie in our house.  She is sleeping on Tim's lap.  She is so funny, as soon as Tim gets up from the chair they are in, Phoebe races back to snuggle into the warm part of the chair.  If Tim tries to sit back down and lifts Phoebe, she meows a nooooooo that really sounds like no.  She doesn't like to be moved and lets him know about it.  She's so funny.
 Phoebe is Tim's 'dog'. She comes up in the morning and lays down at his side and meows when she hears his alarm.  She goes into the bathroom and sits in there while he showers and gets ready.  Then she goes downstairs to sit on his lap while he gets his quiet time and has coffee.  She's been sleeping at the bottom of our bed lately too.  She's so spoiled by him.

Verse of the Day: Romans 12:16
This picture says it all doesn't it?  Right now I have a good friend whose father is awaiting heart bypass surgery tomorrow morning.  Imagine the fear that family is feeling.  I just had dinner with her Wednesday then hear Friday that he needs surgery.  Please pray for Brenda's family and her father.  Pray for her medical team; those doing the surgery and those caring for him afterward.
Image result for romans 12:15
This song is for all of us who need an anchor.  This is for Brenda and her family.  God is our anchor. He gives us what we need, he is our hope, he is our strength when we are weak. I'm praying that all who read this will find what they need from God and learn to lean on Him no matter what.
This song is by Colton Dixon called Anchor.

Blessing of the Day: Tim's taken good care of me today getting me what I need.  Thank you God for bringing Tim and I together 23 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hopefully I'll have some stamping tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The State We're In

I continue to wonder how we've gotten to this place in America. A place where disagreeing with someone means you hate them, where we don't have patience with others who are different, where asking for a recount when we're not happy with election results, where shooting police officers is like a sport, where shooting groups of people is rampant and God isn't allowed in schools or out in the open in our society.  When I saw this image I could relate all too well to it.  We've stripped God from "The World" and wonder why we're going to, "hell in a handbasket."
 Tim and I are doing a Bible Study based on Romans 12. Tonight we discussed Romans 12:2. It basically comes down to not living OF this world.  We're lured by what we see, pleasures and riches, and our position in life.
We were all to take a look at our life and see where we are being lured.  We were challenged by the speaker doing the video to be without television for 2 days.  Then to be without electronics for 48 hours. That means computer, phone, ipad.  Anything that plugs in is off limits.  This should be interesting.

I thought about time spent on FB and first thought I'd stop it all together. I decided against that since I keep in touch with family.  So I un-followed lots of people on FB except a professional group, and my family.  I'm hoping that this will enable me to concentrate more on things I should be doing rather than being at the computer.
I'm praying that I can continue to cut down on wasted time to be available to what God wants me to do.
This is a gorgeous picture of Cleveland during the huge moon phase a couple of weeks ago.
 This photo was shared by a teacher at Scribes and Scribblers in Middleburg Hts.  Sarah went to this school for pre-school so we saw the halls decorated like this when the Christmas season arrived.  This brought back lots of memories for me.  Sarah didn't remember it at all.
 Praying for the Ohio State campus after the shootings yesterday.  Thankfully help was only a minute away.
 This is the card I made today using the colors, real red, wasabi, vanilla and sparkle on our card.

Verse of the Day: God wants us to have so much more from Him than we have now.  We have to let go of the 'things of the world' to have the things God wants us to have. These things are far better than the things of the world.
Image result for Psalm 16:11

Here is a new favorite Christmas song by Danny Gokey called, Lift Up Your Eyes.  Give it a listen and follow the words.

Blessing of the Day: I got some things done around here that needed to be done.  Going to Bible Study with Chuck and Maryanne really makes my day as well.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Card Making Weekend

Check out the heart attack ending to the Ohio State Game.
                   Ohio State 30 Michigan 27

Check out the crowds that attended. It's always packed in this stadium.

The winning touchdown in double overtime.

The Cavs came to cheer on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Lebron is all smiles.
 Cards made this weekend.  Emily came over to make cards Friday and the card making continued all weekend.  The first three cards were made for the featured stamper this week who is Jan.  Jan always comments on many cards in the galleries at SCS so I honored her with choosing three of her cards.

This was my inspiration for the snowman card. The snowmen stamp is from Whipper Snapper.
 My final project for 2013 was Six by Six. An excuse to continue to art journal and experiment with a different size and with selling. I have mixed feelings about this project. In the end, I loved a...:
 The last two cards were those that I finished up with tonight as I prepare for bed.  Friday and Saturday I kept insane hours making cards. 3a.m. and 4 a.m. were bedtimes.  I made up for it today. I slept most of the day.

Verse of the Day:
1 John 3:21-22. Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his comma...:  
Blessing of the Day: Sarah helped me finish decorating yesterday and had dinner with us.  Ben and Rachel visited for a bit before youth group. (They had a bit of laundry to do.) :)

Prayers: Tim goes back to work tomorrow. He continues to be stressed about his job.  Please pray that God continues to lead him where He wants Tim to be.  I don't want to see Tim's health affected by all of this.

Lord thank you for all you've done for us. We look to you for comfort and wisdom to know what to do at this time in our lives.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are going to Columbus to have dinner with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews.  My Sister Laura and her family will also drive from Cleveland to Columbus tomorrow.  Praying for good weather.  Last year on the way home we had white outs with snow. The 2 hour drive was very difficult.

Thanksgiving - Pictures, Wishes & Animated GIFs. -

This is for all of us who have an empty chair at our table.  May God hold us tightly as we go through this holiday without loved ones.  It doesn't get easier but I know I'll see my loved ones again some day in Heaven.
 This is the card I made for Tuesday's color challenge. The challenge was to use cherry cobbler, gold and white.  This is a really cute set with mice for Christmas. Love the cable knit embossing folder with this.
 Wednesday Tim and spent lots of time with the kids.  We had lots to do.  Tim and I gathered all that we had put aside for Goodwill and loaded it up and dropped it off this morning.

Sarah and Ben came over and we went through all of the Christmas decorations.  We went through Christmas books we read as kids, music, etc.  We even looked at the few art projects the kids had made for Christmas and sent them home with them.

It was fun to see their reactions when seeing something they made when they were 3 or 4.  Little hand prints on a paper plate to make a wreath.  Photos of them on items we hung up at Christmas.

We also rented a van and took a twin bed, a Christmas tree and all of the decorations Sarah wanted and dropped it off at her house.  It felt good to have the kids go through things and let me know what they wanted from their childhood.

Rachel, Sarah and I decorated the Christmas tree. We got a smaller tree that was pre-lit and the girls put the ornaments on that I handed to them.
Phoebe got very comfortable under the tree.

Sarah helped me decorate the mantle and add the stockings. One year we got small stuffed animals that fit in each stocking.  Each year we call what animal we want in our stocking. It's the little traditions like this that seem to have stuck.

Sarah was born Dec. 30th and got a huge felt stocking with a red and white hat that was sent home with her.  She looked so little in the stocking with the knit hat on.  She took that home today to hang at her own house.

This is the sweetest commercial. Thankful for friends who are helpful just like this little pony.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for Psalm 90:12
This is a beautiful song with a 3 year old and her father. They went to different places and dressed up to film their own video.
So Thankful for all of our parents who are here or in heaven. They showed us love.

Blessing of the Day: Spending time with the kids.

Thank you for stopping by to check up on us.  Yesterday things got to me and I cried just thinking of us with Tim without a job. Tim held me and reassured me he'd find work. God is on our side and he will not let us want for anything.  Tim said that God wants us to rely on HIM not our own strength.

This is why marriage is between a man and woman.  The man is logical and the woman is emotional.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook For November 21, 2016

This link is where this concept of Simple Woman began.

For Today, Monday, November 21, 2016

Looking out my window it is once again dark too soon in the day.  At 5:00 it's now dark, meaning that by 7:00 it seems like midnight! LOL

I am thinking I need to get my Thanksgiving cards stamped and sent out tomorrow.

I am thankful that Tim is holding up as well as can be expected with all this stuff going on at work.

One of my favorite things is looking at baby pictures.  I posted some on Facebook and Sarah posted some of her favorites.
I am creating lots of Christmas card for people in nursing homes so make sure they are not forgotten this year.

I am wearing long sleeves, jeans and shoes and socks.

I am reading The Christmas Secret by Wanda Brunstetter.  I love Christmas books, especially new ones.

I am hoping to get cards sent out tomorrow for donations to different places.

I am learning to be patient and to lean on God when Tim says, Job opportunities are few and far between.

In my kitchen I've just put the chili I made away and made a cup of tea.

In my inside garden the Christmas Cactus are blooming as are the begonias and shamrock plants.

 Bible Verse of the Day is: Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.
Romans 8:1-2

Some pictures I'd like to share: Cardinals are one of my favorite birds.  Have you ever seen so many on a tree?

Image result for birds cardinal gif

 This is Edgewater Park here in Cleveland yesterday. Check out the height of the waves!
 This is the card I made today for the technique challenge.  Ink up a larger acrylic block with a light color (pretty in pink) Then stamp on the block with another stamp in a darker ink.(melon mambo) Then place card stock on top and transfer the image to paper.
Verse of the Day:What exciting news that Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death.  We will live with Him in Heaven one day.
Image result for Romans 8:1-2

This is from the Newsboys new album called Love Riot. They say that with all of the hate crimes going on in this world, it's time to have a LOVE Riot.  Give a listen to the words.

Blessing of the Day: Tim seemed to have a good day at work. He didn't come home stressed.

Thank you for checking out my page today.
God bless you.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The First Snowfall....The Back Porch Is Closed...It's a Sad, Sad Day

The first snowfall of the year came to Cleveland today.  Go figure, yesterday was 72 degrees and I was sitting out on the back porch with coffee! LOL  Today I woke up to the porch furniture moved for winter. It's a sad, sad, day when the pool closes but it's even worse when the back porch closes!
  Now I have to stay inside for 6 months or so.
Today the snow began mid-afternoon but got heavier as the day progressed. It's sticking to the ground but the roads are fine.  We'll see what it's like tomorrow morning.
Image result for snowfall gif
Ruth Trice made a card very similar to this.  I copied her design because she put together colors I wouldn't have. It's fun to see what others do and see if you can step out of your comfort zone to recreate a card.  I tend to you yellows like lemon or daffodil, not mustard.
 These are some of my Christmas cards.  I don't know how many I made today, but it was a lot of cutting using my dies.  I love how the copper paper looks with the pine cones on the left.  The pine cones on the right were made with dark brown paper that was colored with Gold Wink of Stella. There is so much sparkle on those pine cones.
I made more cards today. These look like quilt cards. They are 1" squares lined up on my grid paper.  I have a 1" punch so it goes quickly.  I love the braid embossing folder which looks like a sweater doesn't it?
This is the second Christmas Cactus I have that's blooming! The South-east window they are in is fantastic for blooms. I have an African Violet that's budding again too!

This is a beautiful story where God put this Santa in the right place at the right time.  Look how this realistic Santa looks and sounds when he talks to Landon, who has autism.

Verse of the Day:
Image result for Malachi 3:10

I know I've shared this before, but it feels like now that Thanksgiving is almost here the pace is picking up and we'll all be running around trying to get ready for Christmas.  I'm praying that won't happen.

Please continue to pray for Tim. His work time now is filled with stress. His home time is as well.  He can't turn off work.  He is studying new material to add to his job skills each night.  I'm praying for his physical and mental health.  Please Lord, hold him close to you and reassure you've got this.

Blessing of the Day: I got lots of Christmas cards made today.

Thanks for stopping by.