Friday, June 24, 2016

Organizing and Guard Your Heart

Back to basics here.  Yesterday I was busy organizing my Stampin' Up markers.
  I purchased a metal cube from the office supply section at Walmart.
I also added abbreviations to the end of the markers so I know what red is 'real' red not poppy red.
I typed in 8pt. font in a word doc. abbreviations for each color. I spaced 4 between each three-letter grouping. I also allowed 3 spaces between the rows of abbreviations
I used a 1/4" circle punch to punch out the abbreviations, then put those onto a glue dot. Then I added the glue dot to the brush end of the markers.
That way I'll easily know which end is which.
 On Splitcoaststampers site, there is a section for organization. I posted these three pictures to show how I organized my ink refills from Stampin' Up. 12 will fit in our stamp cases. I listed the colors on the front and the colors on the spine of the case.  I store these in a box originally sold for scrapbook photos.  These could easily be stored on a shelf with stamps.  I don't store my stamps that way so I have this box of reinkers in a cupboard near my desk.

 This is the inspiration for my card.
This is the card I made for the inspiration challenge.  The stamps and embossing folder are new from the 2016-2017 Stampin' Up Catalog.  This will be my make and take for tomorrow with Jan and Jane.
This was the card I made for today's challenge to make a matching envelope with your card.
I love how easy it was to frame my image with washi tape.  It's new in the catalog as well.
I finally found the information I needed to back up an earlier post.  He's just a kid from Akron, but he's done amazing things to invest in people.

Verse of the Day: You know when we read this it's easy to think, "Oh, I love my family and friends." This verse also includes those we don't like as well.  It's nothing to love those who are easy to love.  God wants us to step up and begin to love the unlovable.  Have you ever done this?  I can't say that I have 'loved' them, maybe tolerated them.......I guess I need to work on this huh?  How about you?
Here's a new song that I just heard today.  We were talking about love for our verse of the day.  It's no coincidence that this is about the heart as well is it?  One Girl Nation is the name of the group who sings Guard Your Heart.  
It has an important message for all of us. We need to know our worth and that God will guide you through your life and help you achieve what He wants you to accomplish.
Blessing of the Day:I got my plant stands and plants out on the screened in porch. For sure now that means the carpet guy will call next week to say he's ready to do our porch! LOL  Isn't that the way things happen sometimes?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 Million Attend Parade for Cavs in Cleveland!

It's Cav's Day today in Cleveland. However, places of employment were open for business.  I'm sure this is the biggest sickout Cleveland has ever had!
Check out this video.

This is what 2 million people in Cleveland looks like!  It was an unbelievable day in Cleveland today.  People flooded into Cleveland to see the parade and recognition program.  Never in a million years would I do this.  Too many people, too many things could go wrong.  I'm so glad there were minor incidents until after it was all over.  A 12 year old girl was shot twice in the leg. They have the suspect, who had a gun in his hand, in custody.
I was worried that some person would try to do something with guns or bombs with the large number of people expected. Praise God nothing like that happened.

Cleveland's never done anything this scale before, but now know you need barricades to keep people out of the street so the parade can advance down the street.

Of course Lebron James was easy to spot. He rode with his wife, two sons, and his adorable little girl. It was a hot, sunny day and there will be lots of people tomorrow with sunburns.
I listened to Lebron speak about his teammates but was disappointed with the swearing.  Think of how many kids were listening to their hero today.  What kind of example did he set by swearing? I know many people probably didn't mind, but I mind. I mind especially when it's a public figure giving a public, televised speech.

The parade was a distance of 1.2 miles.  It took 3 hours for the parade to get to the end. This was mostly because people filled the streets and it took a long time for them to move so the parade could move past.  I hope Cleveland learned some things they can do for next time.

I wish they would have done it like the Macy's Day parade, where the hosts told you who was on each float and facts about them. I hated listening to the old pros talk about the glory days, and about the players on the Cavs' team.

I saw this on FB and just had to share.  I wonder what Steph Curry and his wife did today.....Probably having a new mouth guard made.
Checkin' out Golden State's parade.

I saw this on FB and thought it was funny too. People out there are so creative and funny.
 This was on FB too. I thought it was hilarious. For the record I don't like fish.

 Look at this package of sweetness!  Adam just found his feet!  Isn't he adorable?
 Love his blue eyes. His hair is red. I wonder what he's looking at with those big baby blues.
So, in a post from Dawn found here, she suggested using an acrylic photo frame to hold stamps you're using on projects so they don't get lost.  I took it one step further and added a photo in the frame so when you're not using it for stamping, it can be a cute frame on your desk.  What do you think?

 Okay, now I feel badly for posted about Steph Curry earlier in my post. Did I speak encouragement to build Steph Curry up?  Maybe it's different when you write it. It's not your tongue, but your fingers. LOL

No kidding now, we all have great difficulty with what we say to others and how.  It seems that the ones closest to us get the worst of it.  I pray that God can help me tame my tongue. I pray that He will help me speak encouragement and not negativity.

Blessing of the Day: Spending time with Sarah. Ben and Tim had time watching the Cleveland, Indians win again tonight.  They are in first place by 3 games.

I have to admit that with all the celebrating today here in Cleveland/Believeland, I was tempted to put Queen's rendition of Champions of the World....however, upon listening to it and watching the video they had, I just couldn't put you through it. LOL
This is Steven Curtis Chapman singing, More than conquerors.  I've posted the lyrics below the video.
"More Than Conquerors"

Now there is no condemnation, now there is no guilt or shame
For those who have been covered by the blood of Jesus
And now the words of our accuser have been robbed of all their pow’r
And the enemy has been defeated by the blood of Jesus
So we stand with our hearts washed clean
And we lift up our hands and sing

We are more than conquerors, we are more than conquerors
God if You are for us, who can be against us
We are more than conquerors, we are more than conquerors
God if You are for us, who can be against us

What can separate us from Your love

Once we were the slaves and pris’ners, now we’re children of the King
The favored sons and daughters, saved by the blood of Jesus
So tell me death, where is your vict’ry and tell me grave where is your sting
You’ve been swallowed up in life, forever by the blood of Jesus
And we stand as the ones redeemed
As we lift up our hearts and sing

By the blood of the Lamb, by the Word of our testimony
The enemy has been, the enemy will be defeated

We are more than conquerors, we are more than conquerors
God, if You are for us, who can be against us
What can separate us from Your love
God, if You are for us, who can be against us

I know this is a long post, but I had so much to share. I'm sure I forgot something, but that's enough for today.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cleveland Cavs Win NBA Championship!

What an amazing Feat! Cleveland has thirsted for a winner for over 50 years! Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers! If you watched game 7 you know it was a great championship game. The teams kept it close most of the game.  It seemed like the Cavs were playing catch up most of the game, but went ahead at a perfect time and stayed ahead.

Craziness ensued and will continue for a long time.  Cleveland is an amazing city! The parade to celebrate will be Wednesday at 11 a.m.  I know I'll be happier to stay at home and watch the event on TV. LOL

Lebron James fell to the floor after winning and cried and thank God for giving him the ability to bring this dream home to 'his' home town.  Lebron was born and raised here in Cleveland.  He lives in Akron, OH and has done so much for the community.

He has given college scholarships to thousands of kids who couldn't afford it on their own.  He really gives back to the community. He had a shoe designed just for individuals who couldn't tie shoes.  When he arrived at home from the championship his family had a huge party and fed every one who came.

I'm not making Lebron an idol, but just listing a few things he does with his money.  He's a  genuine man who wants to make the world a better place.  Can't blame a guy for wanting to do that.  Many times we hear how the wealthy are spending their money on themselves, but here's a guy who is real in spite of his fame.

Media all over has been reporting on this and showing photos and video of this amazing accomplishment!

The Cavs landed yesterday at the IX Center near the airport and found a huge gathering of people to welcome them home.  What an incredible homecoming it must have been.  It was reported that people got tired of waiting for traffic to get into the IX Center that they left cars on the road to the IX Center and it became a virtual parking lot.  Not sure, but that's what Ben told me. 
With all the craziness, I have to get grounded again with God.
Here's a beautiful picture of Annie and her husband, Stas' at the Bavarian Bierhaus where we went to dinner.
 This is a new stamp set from Stampin' Up called Best Birds.  I used these colors because of a color challenge where you had to use pink pirouette, smoky slate and plum.
 So much fun being silly sisters at the Botanical Gardens.  Annie wore a cute hat and I stole it when this picture was taken!  I had so much fun in Milwaukee with you Annie and Stas'. It was so hard to leave. Thank you for the wonderful week full of love, silliness and memories.  I love you both.

Verse of the Day:This has been a favorite verse for me. It's plain and simple for all to see and understand. This is the only way to heaven!
Take a listen to this song by Steven Curtis Chapman. I get goosebumps listening to this.  Truly a song to praise God.  The words are beneath.

"One True God"
(feat. Chris Tomlin)

One voice in the dark,
A song that lights up the stars
One breath that gives life
One sovereign in power
Who speaks with thunder and fire.
One Lord One King
There is no other that can compare to You!

You are The one alone in greatness
The one who never changes
Jesus You are!
The One who rose in power
The One who reigns forever
Jesus the one true God!

One man on a cross
And One light of the world
One Name One word
One way to be saved
And one lamb that was slain
One love above all
There is no other that can compare to You!

And we have seen His Glory of
The One and only Son of God [x4]
And You are!!

Blessing of the Day: I toured the yard and saw what an amazing job Tim and the kids did weeding and mulching the whole yard.  Thank you Lord for enabling them to do this.  

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool God Story on Father's Day 2016 With Julia Child

I love how God works in our lives, don't you? This is another "Cool God Story." The following is an email I received from my friend at the South Carolina Dept. of Juvenile Justice System.

Oh He works in wonderful ways

Good morning Sue,

I had a meeting with our Director of Social Work.  She shared that we have challenges keeping families engaged; knowing what’s happening with their child while they are in the Juvenile Justice System.  She wondered if we could develop a some sort of correspondence or card program that would allow all kids to have access to nice greeting cards that they could send to their families.  This would be a free service allowing kids to touch base and use their own words to tell their families how things are going.  Knowing some youth aren’t comfortable with writing letters home, maybe sending a greeting card would be easier?  I told her about you and your card ministry.  She was really excited!  We agreed to meet at a future date to see what that this program might look like; how many cards we’d need, etc.

I get back to the office and there’s a box of cards from you.  GOOSEBUMPS!

Don’t you just love when He works in mysterious ways like that!?

So I’m  here to tell you that God was using you sister—ohhh he was using you for good!  J  Thank you for the incredible blessing!



Isn't that a wonderful use of talents and gifts?  Many of the cards I sent were those that were donated by a beautiful lady who wanted to donate cards to anyone who needed them.  I told her of the different places I donate cards to and she sent a huge box full of cards.

This is the sweet girl who has been keeping me company. Chili girl loves to be petted. This afternoon she jumped up on the couch where I was reading, and settled right in to being petted.  If I stopped she would nudge me with her nose.
 Look at these lovely flowers my brother-in-law and sister put in my room.  They are from their garden.  I am so jealous because the deer eat anything beautiful that I plant in my yard.
 We met with Julia Child the other day at the Botanical Gardens.  I'm not sure why it's named what it is, but I thought it would help make a catchy title today.
 Annie and I wanted a picture with the beautiful flowers in the background.
 Annie took this picture and to me it looks like a framed piece of art or a jigsaw puzzle.  This would be a very difficult puzzle to put together.
Annie and I were having our picture taken in front of the fountain when I grabbed Anne's hat to put it on. Always fun to act like a kid when we're together.
Yellow roses are one of my favorite colors of roses. I had to get this picture of them, they are the only roses I'll be able to have.
Game 7 tonight. Both of these guys will probably go 'all-out' when they play.  It's gonna get rough out there tonight.
LeBron James Stephen Curry
It's going to be a tough game tonight. I get so invested that I get a headache while watching the game. Taking Excedrin before this one begins! LOL  I'll be watching here in Milwaukee.
Quiz: Should you root for the Warriors or the Cavaliers in Game 7?
Verse of the Day:Love one another.  If there was ever a time to apply this it's now.  There's so much division and hatred in our country and world. Lord, please come into our world and lives again.  We're so much like Israel, turning to idols and away from God.  When will we ever learn?  Our country isn't what it was even 8 years ago.  Mr. and Mrs. O, in the White House have taken care of that. Getting down from my soap box now.
I heard this song by Jason Gray as I was writing today and just had to have in here.  It talks about worry.  We should leave it all in God's hands. He is always with us, He'll never leave us.

Blessing of the Day: Time with Anne and Stas'. We watched one of my favorite movies: Serendipity on Netflix.
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Bierhaus, Fairy Garden, All In

I'm catching up on writing and posting some pictures. The first two pictures are from The Bavarian Bierhaus, here in Milwaukee.  It's an amazing place.  The first picture is Annie and Stas'.
This is Annie and me. We had an amazing dinner. They got the fish fry and I got a huge sandwich.  We all got boxes to-go as well. LOL
This is one of the gorgeous roses we saw yesterday at the Botanical Gardens of Milwaukee.
It's truly an amazing place.  I got some wonderful pictures of all kinds of flowers and scenic areas.

The next three pictures are of the fairy garden they'd made in these gardens.

Cleveland is in a frenzy now that we've forced a game 7 in California.  We're so close to clinching a title we haven't seen in over 50 years.  In all of our sports, we've come so close but lost. Sunday is the game we HAVE to win.  Can't wait to see the game Sunday. Go Cavs!

I remember someone telling me this a long time ago. I thought it would be a good reminder to post it for you and for me.

We were just talking about using our gifts and talents Wednesday at Bible Study.  This is your best witness to unbelievers.

I saw this and wanted to keep it handy so I'm posting it here.

Here's another new song from Steven Curtis Chapman's new album. This is called Hallelujah, You Are Good.

Blessing of the Day: Fun time with Annie and Stas'. Time for quiet time and time with the dogs outside. I feel blessed God, thank you.