Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fun Birthday For Tim

What a fun night we had celebrating Tim's birthday.  First, we went to a restaurant called The Brew Kettle in Strongsville.  It is a restaurant where you can brew your own beer.  Kids can also make their own root beer and bottle it with a special label.  We don't go for the beer, but for the food.  It is amazing what they make and how good it is.  Portions are large and we ended up getting boxes to go.
The tradition in our house is the birthday person names the restaurant.  Then we go home to open presents and have ice cream or whatever dessert the birthday person wants.
Here are a few pictures of Tim opening presents.  I love the picture here because it shows Tim truly enjoying himself.
 This is the pottery mug I got him.  He said, "You know just what I like, I love this mug!"  We're sort of collectors of pottery mugs. We have been since our honeymoon when we picked up our first pottery mugs.
 Tim loves the M&M's with almonds, so I got him a huge bag of them that he's opening here.
 This is one of the things he got.  I'd noticed that he had headphones and remotes on his desk so I got him an armrest organizer.  This has a tray for food and beverage on it so Tim couldn't put his arm on the arm of the chair.  So, Tim attached it to his desk and loves it.
 Tim sometimes performs for the kids, mainly Sarah.  When he does I take pictures to capture the moment.
 This is Sarah holding the lampshade they got for Tim.  Phoebe knocked over our lamp months ago and the shade was damaged beyond repair so the kids got him a new one.  Sarah didn't want to be photographed, obviously.  I told her the picture looks like she's going to put the lamp on her head. Then she'd get up on the table and dance.  I got 'the look' after saying that.

About an hour after presents we piled into the car and drove to Lakewood to celebrate Sarah and Tim's birthdays with ice cream at Sweet Moses.  We made a note to go later on a Saturday night if we go on Saturday again.
This is a fun place to go for the atmosphere.  It has an old soda fountain with stool you sit at and watch them make the orders.  We weren't lucky enough to sit at the counter.  We sat at a table that was against one of the walls directly across from the soda fountain.  At least we could all talk to each other.

This was a place we had wanted to try since we've heard how cool it is.  It was a fun trip, but when crowded the atmosphere isn't as inviting.  The ice cream is expensive and tastes like any other ice cream;nothing special.  Because it took 30 minutes to get there, it was crowded and expensive, we won't be going back anytime soon.

Blessing of the day:Fun Family Time Together.  I felt like the description of Mary when the visitors came after Jesus' birth.  "Any Mary stored all of this up in her heart."

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