Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 1 Charleston

This is the view from the plane as we were on our way to Charleston.  I love flying above the clouds.
 We went to a plantation and parked near a cotton field.  Check out the sign in front of the field.
 The first thing I wanted to do was pick some....LOL
 This is the main house of the plantation.  This is a working plantation.
This is a small part of the gorgeous gardens.
 Here's my sweetie in the gardens.  The flowers and vegetables are grown together.
 This is a view from our room. We're right on the ocean.
 This is Bubba who talks.  He said 'Hello' to me.  I was like a little kid trying to make him talk.
More pics coming tomorrow.
Blessing of the Day:Beautiful destination and time with Tim.

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