Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thank You, Special, Baby, Something Beautiful

You never know what you're going to find on Facebook.  Sometimes I find some real gems like this one.  We rarely thank those around us for all they do for us.  We take so many things for granted, from people to health and those closest to us.  So if you are reading this, I'm thanking God for you.

When I saw this I was so excited to post this.  I want you to know how special you really are.  You mean so much to many people.  The one who loves you the most isn't your spouse, your mom, your friend or your kids.  The one who loves you the most is, God.  He loves you so much he died for you and me.  That's so amazing to me, when I give so little to Him.  I know I'll never out-give God.
This is the inside of a baby card I made today.
This is the front of another baby card.  This will go to a couple who lost their first, two babies.  God granted them a miracle and now have a healthy baby boy!  Praise God!

This is the outside of one of the baby cards. I made this today for the sketch challenge.
To wait patiently is so hard for me to do.  Do you have the same problem?

Something Beautiful  by Steven Curtis Chapman's song was used in the movie, War Room.  Take a listen.  If you haven't seen War Room, you've got to see it.
Blessing of the Day:My pain was less today!
I got a lot done today.

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