Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rebellious Tendencies, Bobcat, Cards

Psalm 139:23 was part of my quiet time this morning.  I also read, Jesus Calling.  For today I came to grips that we all have Rebellious Tendencies.  Before you say, "Not me", quiet your heart and really give some thought to those words.  The best way to overcome this is to submit to God.

We all have choices.  We know when God is nudging us to do something.  We can either accept or become rebellious.  We see kids often throw a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.  We do the same thing but in an adult way.  We may yell, lash out at people, say things we don't mean, leave the house;anything to hurt the person who told you something you didn't like.

Here's the gem I got today: God wants to give us His very best, BUT He has to 'ready' us to receive it.
hmmmmmmmmm-think about it.

We were just in Sanibel Island, FL and were told they have a lot of bobcats.  This photographer caught this male babcat jumping onto someone's deck.  I told Tim, this could have been us seeing him.  I thought they were bigger than this.  


I've been working hard on the Hope You Can Cling To Challenges on Splitcoast.  This card was for a challenge to make a collage card.  This type of stamping is so hard for me, but I took on the challenge.

The challenge was to show strength or inspiration.  Whenever I color these girls, I see my twin and I going through life helping each other through the ups and downs in life.  It's so wonderful to have a twin.
This challenge you were to take pretty designer paper and add minimal accessories to it.
This card challenge was to use postal images in a clean and simple style so there would be no extra postage needed for it.  This is an old stamp I got at a resale shop.
This was a technique lovers challenge.  You had to make a card looking at the inspiration piece they showed you.  I'm going to change this to an anniversary card. This challenge you had to use punches to make your card.
I pray this and that God will search me and help me rid myself of things that hurt Him.

Blessing of the Day:I finished my physical therapy today and took my paperwork to the Ortho doctor. They will submit a form to the insurance company to see if we can get pre-approval for and mri.

I'm sad the therapy didn't work, cuz that's the cheapest way as far as insurance goes.  I'm frustrated being in pain since Aug. 24th, and being limited in what I do.  I'm frustrated that I have to take 800mg of Ibuprofen each day.  It doesn't take all the pain away. Pain really does a number on your body, emotions and mind.

Thanks for stopping in today.

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