Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Coyote, Coloring, Completing Our Tasks

I can't believe I forgot to tell you that Sunday on our way to Parkside Church we were stopped by a coyote walking across the road!  At first we thought, dog, but nope, it was a coyoted just taking his good, old time crossing the road.

What a cool thing to see. I can't remember the last time I saw a coyote.  It's amazing how much God shows us.  I was excited like a little kid and wanted to tell everyone I saw that I saw a coyote on the way to church!  Now you Know.

This is the card I made today for the color challenge on SCS.  The colors were,  Tip Top Taupe,
Watermelon Wonder and Chocolate Chip.  This bird was watercolored using the ink in the lids of my inks.

Here are the  verses from today.  It's interesting that this was the verse of the day.  Sunday our pastor said, our work isn't finished it we're still here.  As we age we begin to believe that there's nothing we can still contribute to winning souls.  God has given each of us gifts. The gifts are to be used for God's purpose for you here on earth.  When you've done all He needs you to do, you are called Home.

The danger is that people often think they are done, and stop using their gifts too early. They begin to listen to the lies of Satan.  All the way to our last breath, we can continue to worship God and bring souls to Him, just by doing what He's put us here to do.

I like Danny Gokey songs and this is a song called, This is What it Means.  Danny lost his first wife to a disease.  It was a horrible thing to go through, and now Danny sees what came from it.  He can help others get through tough days with his songs.

I got so much done today!  I was in pain but tried to sit as often as I could.  I got tons of folders and papers from last year sorted and filed. It's all organized.  I love to organize things!  Just ask my friend, Jane and Jan.
They both have had me come to their house to help sort and organized stamping supplies.

I got two lamps today. I put them together including the lamp shades.  Have you taken a flat lampshade and put it together?  What an interesting process.  Now we have two lamps by the love seat in the living room.  Now I can read, water plants and just about anything there.

Our living room doesn't have overhead lights so we needed the lamps.  We didn't use this room much before so no lamps were needed.  Now that there is more need to find a quiet place, hence the new lamps.

Blessing of the Day:Tim came home and was here for dinner!  We made the best taco salads!
Thank you for stopping by to see how we're doing here.

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