Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ornaments, Storage, Sunsets and Words

Today I wanted to share my favorite ornaments that aren't handmade.
 This first ornament it the first one we got for Sarah.  She was originally due January 3rd.  So we got an ornament for us as parents to be in 1996.  I was so excited to meet Sarah.  By the last month I couldn't wait to meet Ben and Sarah.  With Ben, I put a little outfit in his crib to see how little he'd be.
 This is one of the first ornaments Tim got me.  I collected old fashioned Santas so he got me this Santa ornament.  It plugged into the lights and the fridge lit up.
 This is an ornament that Val made for me.  She gets an ornament and stamps something in it.
 This is an ornament from this year. Sarah gave it to Tim as a gag gift.  Last year Tim got a pink tutu as a gift.  Last year the kids did gifts for Tim.  That's what he wanted.  They sure had fun with it.
 This is an ornament we got for Ben for his first Christmas.  He was 10 months old for his 1st Christmas.
 This was an ornament for Sarah from her cousin, Emily who was born exactly one month after Sarah.

How does it feel to get a lot done?  Fantastic for sure!  I finished lots of birthday cards to take to the book shop Monday.  I got new storage from my stamps not on wood blocks.  Take a look:
These are the two containers that I used for stamps that weren't on wood blocks.  These were stuffed full with no room to expand. 

  I check the internet and found Jennifer McGuire's blog.  She recommended the fridge containers that I got.  I filled both of these fridge containers and had so much room left over that I added a bunch of Stampin' Up sets in cases in the back of the one of the right.

The only 'down' side is that a small amount of non-SU 12x12 paper has to be stored behind these containers.  The SU paper is in the black crate to the far right in this picture.
This is one of my favorite types of pictures.  I love sunrises or sunsets on the water.  This reminds me that God made it all.  We are here for such a short time compared to heaven.  We all have so much to be thankful.  I like to journal during quiet time. I record struggles, prayer requests, etc.  What I've found by doing this is that when I go back, I can see God so clearly in the middle of it all.  I couldn't see it while I was in the middle of whatever it was.  When I go back it is so clear.
This is sweet Sarah's room.  She loves lights.  They make her happy.  She and I are alike in that regard.  I too love the Christmas lights.  I love the colored lights.  I sit here in my craft room and love looking at the lights we've put out on the lawn.
Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.
Proverbs 17:28

Our words can easily be released but can't be taken back.  Do you know that most people listen in order to make a reply.  They don't listen to understand.
The difference between a friend and a close friend is the listening you do.  When you hear a friend in dispair  and stop to pray with them, that's listening.  That's an amazing thing to bless a friend with.  Many people upon hearing sad news say they will pray for you.  What you really need is a prayer in a hug with tears of understanding.    Even if you don't say anything and stand there crying and hugging you are speaking volumes to your friend.  Sometimes that's all any of us need.  Many people are very uncomfortable without talking.  We need to be comfortable comforting a friend with no words but your presence.

Blessing of the Day: All the kids were here for dinner and we had a rip-roaring time laughing and listening to things the kids did that we didn't know.

Medical update: Today wasn't a good day pain-wise.  I tried to keep busy doing things around here.  I've also found that if I rub my left hand on something like the seat cover or my jeans, that it distracts me from the arm pain.

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