Thursday, January 21, 2016

People In Our LIfe

I saw this last night on FB.  I many times have problems falling asleep.  My brain just won't shut off.  How about you?  Do you have trouble falling asleep?  This made me laugh....
I liked this with the cat too.  Ya know when we get home from a long day at school, sometimes we just need to chill and be silly.  Yup, that's me, I like to find silly, then laugh at it.  It helps so much after a long day.  It's one of the ways I relieve stress.  How about you, how do you relieve stress?
I saw this and began to think about a  dear, dear friend I had early in my teaching career.  We were the best of friends.  We worked together for several years, then she got pregnant with twins.  She was ordered on bed rest, had the babies and never came back to work.  So I went to her house each day after work.  I wasn't married then.  I helped her with the twins.  I'd entertain the babies and she'd go out to get the mail.  She said that was the BEST time of the day.  It was peaceful and she had no care in the world.

The time I came was also their most fussy time of the day.  We'd walk the babies around, I'd even take them outside.  It was a startling new place and often just a change of atmosphere calmed them.  They would look around and stop crying.

Years later a friend of ours died and my friend didn't like that I didn't attend the funeral.  I just couldn't.  She and I would go to dinner but it got longer and longer in between.  I called one night and she finally said to me, "I hoped your would see that it's been longer and longer between dinners.  You're just not gettting it."  "I don't want to be friends anymore."  "I can't believe you didn't go to  Lynn's funeral."  It went on after that for a bit, then we left the restaurant.

I was so depressed it was like she had died. She would not answer emails, calls, letters.  I grieved for a long time.  I couldn't believe it happened.  I knew I wanted her in my life as long as we were both here.

God knew what was best for me.  It was a terrible loss, and years later, it still hurts but I realize that God always does what's best for me even if I don't agree at the time.  Just because he does what's best for us, doesn't mean it won't hurt us.  That's another reason to keep Christians around you.
I'm not at all rich in the eyes of the world.  However, in God's world, I am a princess of the King.  I am worth so much in His eyes.  So glad God reminds me whose I am, aren't you?
We all have what we need to care for those around us.  No special classes we've taken, no expensive gifts.  The best gift we can give to someone, is the gift of our time.  Time where we 'be' with people.
I tell my husband this all the time.  I don't want gifts.  I want time with him.
check out this song. It is by the Newsboys and the song is called Guilty.  It's a song about God being taken out of many places.  See if you too would be guilty.

This is the verse of the day.  Again, I am amazed at the content.  Who hasn't been persevering under a trial?  We all have something we are battlling.  What we are battling is  Satan and the only way we can continue to battle is to persevere with Jesus Christ at our side.  We need to have Christians around us to continue to help us through these circumstances.  God has placed these people in your life for a reason.  He's also placed you in people's lives to help them.  I love the idea that we are a blessing to others and we are their answer to prayer!  God sure is amazing isn't He?
Blessing of the Day: I got to talk to my twin tonight.  You know THAT is the BEST therapy I can get.

Medical Update: Waiting for update on MRI scan.  I have a question.  Why is it that at night is when the pain is at its worst?  By evening my movement is so restricted.  If I move often it's accompanied by shooting pain.

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marymaci said...

Your musings often touch me. Today when you wrote about your past friend, it brought back memories of similar events in my life. You are right. God places people in our lives for different reasons. We are blessed to have them for however long they are with us. Some just really aren't the best to have in our life, and God is always working on us.
I am one of those who, thankfully, doesn't often have trouble falling asleep. Of course it's a problem when I'm in a meeting or class or even when I sit down 'for a minute' and fall asleep. Can be embarrassing!
Kind of dark out today, even at noon with the snow covering. I find I need to turn on lights inside.
Thank you for sharing the funny items you find, the cards you create, and some challenges you are going through. You are in my daily prayers. May god bless you and your lovely family.