Monday, February 8, 2016

Superbowl, Beauty, Success

Super Bowl 50 was a tough game to watch.  It seems that both teams had their share of mess-ups.  Fumbles, dropped passes, sacks, and overthrown passes contributed to the frustration of the teams and viewers as well.  I expected that the two best teams would play better than they did.  Did you know both teams were led by a quarterback who was a Christian?  Yep, that's right.  
Cam is 26 and didn't handle the loss to the Broncos very well.  When the press interviewed him he has short, angry answers.  He even walked out of the interview.  As a role model to so many kids, I hope he learns to handle defeat better.  I know it's hard to lose when you've put so much into the game.  I know it's hard not to get all the benefits like a huge ring when you lose.  Cam will be around for another Super Bowl for sure.  I hope he matures between now and then.

Peyton Manning thanked God for his win.  He calls God, 'the man upstairs'.  At 39, people wanted to know if this was it for him.  He didn't give an answer.  He said he needs to talk, think and pray about it.  His team  was all in yesterday and did what they needed to do to win.  I know they weren't the favorite going into the game, but they sure came to play and win.

We so often complain about things all day long don't we?  We forget that it is a privilege just to be alive.  God controls it all.  I pray that all of us can be more positive during the day. I pray we realize that being here is a blessing.  Let's see who we can bless and complain less.

I loved the last line of the:Beautiful people don't just happen.  Isn't it interesting that when people see us now they may judge us by what they see.  They don't know what we've gone through to get here.  We need to keep in mind that we are all people who have gone through so much in our life.  We've moved forward in spite of all of the struggles.  Everyone has a story.  We need to remember that when a judgement comes to mind.  We've no right to judge others.  That is for God to do.  We need to continue to do what God needs us to do.
This is a beautiful photo of an area near me called, Berea.  This is an area that is surrounded by the park system.  It is one of the best park systems in the country.  This is a beautiful spot with the bridges and water.  There are small falls around too.  It is especially beautiful in the fall as you can see.
This is a beautiful picture of Cleveland taken from a helicopter.  Love the horizon.
This is a card I made for two challenges.  The first challenge was to make a Valentine's Day card.  The second challenge was to make a card with this skirt fold.
Here is the verse of the day.  This is as true today as it was when Jesus said it.  There are many people who proclaim Jesus' name yet don't live like Jesus would want them to.  Many people go to church on Sunday and say all the right words, but don't have a special relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
I supposed too, it could be those of us who fall away a bit from Jesus and we say the words, but haven't been in the word in a while.
This really gave me something to think about.  We often are quick to judge others but don't see our short-comings.
Lord, I pray that you will show me where I disappoint you and what I can do to reestablish a close relationship with you.  Amen.
This is an encouraging song from Lincoln Brewster.  It's called Let it Be Known.
I pray that you are encouraged by the words and music.

Blessing of the Day: My procedure went well today.  It will take 48 hours or so to see how it is affecting the pain I've had.
Thank you for your prayers.
I appreciate you stopping by.

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