Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

This is what the SCS Cards for a Cause posted.  6,323 were donated last year to 12 different organizations. That's an average of  527 cards per organization!  That's a huge number of caring people out there.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is posted for my sweet husband, Tim.  He's been by my side for 22 years.  Thank you God for choosing the best mate for me.  You are an amazing God!

This really touched me when I read it.  Love like Jesus did is so difficult.  Love those that don't love you is almost impossible.  Only through God can I do any of those things.  I want to show God's love wherever I go.  Help me Lord to be more like you.

I was thrilled to see that Joey is still here on earth.  Her wish was to be able to see if she and her husband win a grammy.  Of course her husband wants her to be here as long as possible.  What a difficult road for both of them.  Continue to pray for them.

 Continuing our tour of Cleveland I have a picture of the the Hope Memorial Bridge which is a 5,865 foot long art deco truss bridge crossing the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio. Work began on in in 1927.  It was opened in 1932.  The bridge was originally called The Lorain-Carneige Bridge.  Perhaps the most memorable features of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge are the 43-foot tall "Guardians of Transportation" which line its sides. These four huge double-sided pylons, carved out of sandstone from nearby Berea, Ohio, represent technological advances made in transit, with each Guardian holding a different kind of vehicle in its massive hands.

The bridge reopened in 1983 after nearly three years of repairs, the Guardians of Transportation were still in place. The bridge was renamed at this time, becoming the Hope Memorial Bridge, in honor of actor Bob Hope and his family - English immigrants who came to Cleveland in 1908. William Henry Hope, Bob's father, was a stonemason who worked on the construction of the Guardians in the 1930s.

Pretty cool, huh?

We've seen lots of deer in the past two days.  They are searching through the snow for food.  It's amazing how thick their fur is.
Yesterday we had a flock of robins and smaller birds in our tree.  They were after the berries in the tree.  The robins look so fat.  I know some of it is fluffed up feathers to keep warm, and some is they've found plenty to eat between our tree and our feeders. LOL

 Here is a card that I made for the inspiration challenge on SCS. You were to choose a color spectrum and make a card. I love sunflowers so that was my choice when I saw this.

This was today's challenge which was to look through Michele's gallery and find something you like and make a card.  I saw that Michele liked Penny Black stamps and she used embossing folders to help make a scene for her image.
I liked this image which reminds me that I am going to try to treat everyone with Love.

This song always renews my spirit knowing that it proclaims what Christians believe.  I hope this touches your soul.

Blessing of the Day: Tim made dinner with our favorite pasta and garlic bread with cream cheese. Annie, remember mom's garlic bread?

Medical Update: I have some pain, but it's so much better since my shot a week ago.  I will probably need one more.  Praise God.

Thank you for stopping by.

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