Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ohio City, card, role model and breathe

As our tour of Cleveland continues, here's a section of the town called, Ohio City.

Ohio City
Neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio City is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland, Ohio. It is located immediately west of the Cuyahoga River. Wikipedia
Founded: March 3, 1836
Population: 9,210 (2010)

This is down from the West Side Market. The market is where the tall tower is.

4309-4315 Clinton Avenue, Cleveland.  Aren't these cool row houses?

The Great Lakes Brewing Company is a brewery and restaurant. Years ago my sister and brother-in-law worked here.  This has been a bar and restaurant. In the time of Elliot Ness, he sat at the bar and was shot at. The bullet is still in the wall behind the bar.
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This is a card I made for Wednesday's sketch challenge.  I turned the challenge upside down.  This is a card going to a friend who is sharing the grief with me about Kristina. I got my sparkly ribbon today and love the look of the white ribbon on this card.
What a role model for our kids.

This picture on FB made me smile.

Check out this encouraging video.  Breathe, from Johnny Diaz.  I think we all need this sometimes.......

Today was a very long day.  The mobile unit was damaged Tuesday night but no one was in the unit until this morning. The police were there and that was the excitement this morning.

At the end of the day Patti, the assistant from second grade came over to show me.  She said, "I've never in all of my years in education seen something like this."
A student needed to show 39 cents, two different ways.
He showed 40 cents in one space then added -1!  I laughed so hard I almost cried!!
     I've never seen this in the 37 years I've been in education.
Maybe it's the NEW math! LOL

Blessing of the Day: No one was hurt in the Crocker Park explosion today.
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marymaci said...

I do enjoy my time reading your blog, thank you so much for sharing.

Love the Pinestraw sign..made me chuckle.

I don't really follow any sports teams and was shocked reading about Curry and Nike.
I had to google it to see what was involved and I came across 'snopes' which does not support your side!
But I have found snopes to be on the current 'popular' side of at least one other item.
Can't remember what it was but it was several, maybe ten, years ago some item I was researching where Snopes went with the side that didn't stir trouble for the media-popular side so I don't really trust their opinions.

Wow, that student was really thinking. He'll go far!
And I hadn't heard about the explosion at Crocker park
Thanks for keeping me up to date!
And Thank you for another enjoyable start to my day.
You and your lovely family are in my prayers!