Friday, November 4, 2016

Wow, Where's The Week Gone?

My last post was Sunday.  What's up with that?  It's been a crazy week keeping late hours watching baseball.  I was glued to the tv for each game.  I have to bring something to work on like an afghan or knitted blocks.  I have to say thought I found a major mistake 6 rows back and I had to pull those rows out and re-do them! LOL  That's what happens when you're distracted by the TV. LOL

World Series we lost 8 to 7 in the bottom of the 10th inning.  Whew, I had a stress headache at the end of the game.  It's truly amazing how well Cleveland did without their two best pitchers and best hitter.  This was the best kind of game where the winner keeps switching and you are biting you nails hoping your team wins.  The Indians fought back and gave the Cubs a run for their money.  Great game Indians, you gave it your all.  See you again next year. You'll all be healthy and we'll be back!

I needed a bit of a laugh today and saw this on FB.  I laughed out loud.  You know how when you're tired you laugh at the darnedest things?

This is a picture of the plastic cases that I had to put my cards to be mailed, in so Phoebe doesn't chew on or run away with the sticky notes.  If you look closely at the two notes you can see tooth marks!  It's like having a two-year old again at home.  I have to take things away from her and she has to  voice her displeasure with me.  It's like she's trying to get the last word in!

So glad Friday is here.  I get some days off.  I have to tell you I love to volunteer, but working 8 hours Thursday and Friday is hard some days.  I'm truly blessed but tired!

Ya know, it's probably the same for our kids, that they love/like us a whole lot more now that they're not living with us!  I'm loving this adult stage in their lives.  No arguments or decisions to be made and justified.  God is good!

Verse of the Day:This is a great reminder to all of us.  Tim found out he'll be working until the end of December. He's also told them he can't go out of town being in this temporary situation. So Tim's stress is reduced greatly.  Praising you God for your goodness and mercy!
Image result for Jeremiah 32:17
I just listened to a new Steven Curtis Chapman song. It's a great reminder especially at this time of the election.
Kari has a beautiful song here.  Give it a listen won't you?

Blessing of the Day: Time with Tim and hearing Tim will be working through the end of December. This has  brought him such peace.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers  Thanks for stopping by.

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