Monday, February 16, 2009

Ben Turns 14 today, Celebrates Tomorrow!

How about that title huh? Today is Ben's 14th birthday and he's spent the time since 3:30 a.m. in the bathroom. Poor guy, all he wants to do is eat then sleep and he can't do either. I put him in front of a comedy dvd with his sister. Reminds me when they'd be sick and home from school when they were younger, something to distract them. I'm praying he feels better soon, it's still going on and it's almost noon.
Well Ben continued to be sick until about 2:30 p.m. when he finally got some well-needed rest. Poor guy, this will be a memorable birthday but not in a good way!
Hopefully we turned it around a bit tonight for him.

Here's Ben at 22 months old with Sarah looking up to him. Ben loved his baby sister and was very interested in how she worked! He was always gentle with her. How fast things go...he comforted me saying he'll be driving in a year and a half. That'll keep me up nights! LOL

Here we are after a 2-hour nap. Ben looks a bit better. He has a fever and no energy but he wanted to celebrate his day especially the presents part! One of Ben's hobbies is HO trains. He got two cars for his birthday.

Ben is so into hoodies with a Christian message. So here he has John 3:16 to wear in a color that is so him.

What birthday would be complete without your little sister Sarah? She's 12 and looking so cute here.

Here is the love of my life. Sometimes you wouldn't know that though. I imagine I'm not in the minority there. We're working together on a study that is helping us focus on couple things more and kid's needs and work needs less. I like it!

I am so blessed with the family God has given to me. At 10:50 p.m. Ben was born 14 years ago. It was a long labor with a C-section in the end. We're so glad he's here and continues to bless us each day with how he lives for God. He's not perfect, nor are we, and we all work together to be the best we can for God.
Bless you today for stopping by. Thank you to those who prayed for Ben today.

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