Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can I Get Springtime Soon?

I'm so desperate for Springtime that I went searching through my EARLY gallery to find some things I made that remind me of spring. Here's the first one I found which is a mug with tea and flowers in it. I cut a heart shape from the center out and added decorative ribbon there. My roses begin to grown in the spring. I drink tea for that little nip in the air in the early morning.

I found some pretty flowers that went into a flower arrangement to help me bring Spring into my home.

This is a spring silk flower arrangement I made to sell at spring craft shows. It didn't sell, that's why I still had it. What a beauty though, I love the pinks and purples and how they blend to gether.

This little blue bird is on a one inch sqaure tile........isn't it cute? I stamped in stazon, colored with pastels, sprayed with hairspray then edged in gold.

Thanks for stopping by. You've been a blessing to me. I hope I've been the same for you.

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