Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

What a busy and fun day we had here. So busy in fact I didn't get to write about it until Sunday! LOL....Anyway, we got up and got kids out to basketball games at their former school from 9-12. It's been a great thing for both to reconnect with friends from this school. Families we went through school still have kids there so it's been fun to see old friends.
I worked on the baskets for the raffle we're having at school so I was stamping but not for fun, if that makes sense.
DH and I got to go out to dinner and shop, then out to have coffee. Is it just me or do some of the rest of you find that many coffee places brew their coffee so strong, it's AWFUL! I love a good, strong cup of coffee, but here at Borders and Starbucks, I can't swallow their coffee made at the store. If I brew my own at home I can drink it.
I got in the mail a fun package from Hope, (Hi Hope) It contained a beautifully wrapped candy bar and an elegant card. Take a peek and see what you think. She even made sure I had a sugarfree candy bar since I'm not supposed to have sugar!
This looks like designer paper around the candy bar with a belly band around the bar with the scalloped circles attached to that.

Isn't this card just so elegant? I'm wondering if that's a Cuttlebug background or something new? I'll have to ask Hope.

Check out what was waiting for me at my desk in the office this morning! Awwww isn't it cute?
It's soft and fuzzy. DH got me a mushy card too; he makes me cry when I read those things. He knows I love that kind of card too. Wonder what's in the box? Let's take a peek okay?

Here's what was in the box, a digital picture frame. I got DH one for Christmas and really had a hard time giving it to him. When I saw how easy it was to add pictures to, I wanted one. I guess I told him enough times cuz he made a comment that I hinted enough times! LOL Funny thing is, I don't remember hinting that much!
Anyway the cool thing about this picture is that I got it changing pictures, so it looks like DS is running in flowers!
You can add music to this as well..........I thank God for my DH. I hope you do too. So many times we take those closest to us for granted. May you forgive often and easily so that you may live closer to those you love.
Happy Valentine's Day. Reach out to someone this week and spread your smile, your encouragement, a touch, a compliment can make someone's day, week or month.

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