Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picnic with Friends

Today after church we had friends over to celebrate Memorial Day. What a wonderful surprise I found waiting for me when I returned home and found much of the food prepared and ready to go! DH did it all while we were at the second service. He goes to the third service and brings home one kid who stays for the third hour for his Sunday School class.
I had some things to do but not nearly as much as I would have had to do! Isn't it wonderful that when you need something like that God supplies it?
My friend will be going into the hospital Tuesday to have knee surgery. Please pray that it goes well for her. She fell at work and has to work with something similar to worker's compensation and it's awful all the red tape she's had to go through.

This is a project designed and posted to the SU Demo area by Betty Traciak. I made this for my upline who will have surgery tomorrow for her knee. I changed this just a bit though, instead of stamping on one side I stamped sayings on both sides. That way my friend can decide what she needs and put the dimensionals on herself. This also called for 6 note cards but I made 8. This was a quick and easy project. Thanks Betty.

I plan to give this to my upline since she's going to have surgery on her knee. She'll have 8 cards at her fingertips to use. I love the idea of using sentiments and attaching them with dimensionals so the user can use what is needed not what you've guessed they will need or use.
This was a fun project and a very well written tutorial.
I hope your Memorial Day is just wonderful. Please remember those who have fought, served, died, serve now to keep us free.
May God Bless those brave people and their families for giving so much for us all.
God Bless America!
Thanks for visiting today.

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