Wednesday, June 17, 2009


These are some of the pages I've made here on vacation. I'm really enjoying this vacation. It's a wonderful combination of rest, relaxation, family activities and stamping! Enjoy!

Today we are in day three of our vacation here in northern Michigan. I am amazed at how easily we fall into a slower pace. There are no other people in cottages around here right now which is nice. It is just us and nature. So far we’ve only seen the typical nature like geese, chipmunks and turtles, but it’s been fun. We’ve watched chipmunks chase each other among pine trees and leaves, and listened to them chatter to one another; a sound I’ve not heard before. The wind chimes here are just wonderful to listen to. They are a soft almost church-like sound, so serene not brassy and clangy……is that a word? I don’t think so but it describes the sound well. J
I have been working on 6x6 scrapbook pages while here and have been enjoying it very much. I am currently printing out some pictures and will soon place them into the album I’ve been making. I’ve never made a scrapbook for a vacation that I was currently taking! I kind of like this though. In this type of vacation, it’s perfect!
I brought lots to do here knowing that there wasn’t a whole lot to do. I brought books and magazines to read. I also brought a scrapbook kit to make my 6x6 album. I also brought cardstock to make some cards with various greetings that will be added with a dimensional. I also brought cards that I’d like to send to people.
I got an update on my mom’s surgery. She had a general anesthesia, not the spinal they hoped to give her. Anyway, she came through very well and the surgeon was very happy with the results. I keep praying that my mom isn’t in too much pain. We spoke a few days before her surgery and she is going to the same orthopedic group that I am! How funny is that?
Tim and the kids have gone in the three-person canoe to the beaver dams nearby. He said it was a hard trip to make and he’s glad I didn’t try it with my bad hip and knee. He said his knees were killing him and he doesn’t have problems with them.
I am printing out the pictures I like for the 6x6 pages. I am excited to see how the pages will look.
It looks like there will be rain here in MI and rain in Cleveland for the rest of the week.
It will be hard to stay inside but I have plenty to do. There is a pool table to Tim and Ben will be happy playing that. Sarah is having fun doing things around the cottage and reading too.
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Ben's enjoying driving the pontoon boat. I knew when we let him drive, he'd be asking again and again when we're going out again! LOL

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