Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Days 3 and 4 In Michigan

This may be hard to see but there is a blue herrin almost in the center of this picture. The area we were in had lots of them flying around. But they are harad to capture on film since they fly so fast.

If you look closely you'll see that new trees are growing up out of the old stumps.............

Some of the trees really intrigued me. They were partially fallen and looked cool with their reflction.

This is the beaver dam they found after the long canoe ride. No signs of beaver except their house.

Here is a picture Ben took during the three-person canoe trip Tim and the kids took to the beaver dams. It was a long and tough trip. I'm so glad I didn't go. Tim said it hurt him just to sit in the canoe. He's glad I didn't go since my hip and knees are hurting lots now.

This was a cool picture to take since the geese were swimming with their goslings which were brown and almost as big as the geese.

We have rain today on and off. We knew it would come today so we did lots of outside things yesterday.
We took the pontoon boat out again, we fished and did a camp fire with smores again. While fishing my DH was casting and got the line caught around the pontoon boat. I teased him that he caught a boat. We teased his dad years ago when we went fishing with him and the kids and grandpa caught a tree.
I am enjoying working on coloring images, making scrapbook pages and I just finished my scrapbook card for DH for Father's Day. I will photograph it and upload it soon.
Bless you for stopping by.
Please continue to pray for my mom and her recovery after surgery and for my knee and hip pain. It's really crimping my style here on vacation.

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What lovely pics Sue!!!