Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Encouraged and Grateful-God you are Amazing!

Who could ever imagine what wonderful people are out there? God reminds me daily that there are so many people who are his and who love to encourage others. Here are some of the cards I've received while recouperating at home from my total hip replacement surgery. I am so grateful for people like this in my life.

This is from Lisa and her husband from church.

This is from Karen and her husband from church.

This is a card from Hope, (Hi Hope!) She's like a sister to me including the fun hard time we give each other from the day we met!

Check out the goody bag Hope sent me. Thanks Hope I'm going to get started using some of these great images! Bless you for your enouraging ways.

This is one of manycards from my twin sister in Milwaukee. Bless you Annie.

If you've ever wondered if the card you made and sent to someone mattered, let me assure you it does. Even if you don't hear from the person you sent the card it, know it matters that you took the time to make, or just send a card. You took time from you day to let someone know you care. Bless you all for your caring ways.
Thanks for encouraging me and stopping by.

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