Monday, July 27, 2009

A Week Ago Today.....

...I was having total hip replacement surgery. What a difference a week can make huh? This is a beautiful vase of flowers I received. No, not from a florist, but from my 14 year old DS. He picked flowers from the garden and put them into the vase without me knowing it. He brought it into my craft/bedroom and I cried............what a sweet young man he is. I told him he's going to make a great husband some day! He's my sensitive one.

I am still having trouble sleeping at night. I sleep about 2 hours at a time then wake up to hobble to the bathroom............ever tried sleeping on your back? I'm NOT a back sleeper so it may take longer to rest up. I can rest in our recliner so I may do better with that one night.

I will be getting the staples out in another week hopefully. The incision must be dry, as of now it's still weeping a clear or yellowish wonderful the after effects of surgery!
I continue to pray that God will direct this healing process and that I'll be soon be walking without the use of a metal contraption. Right now it's the "Metal Monster" as I call the walker. My sweet Annabelle, the cat, won't come near me when she sees the metal monster. I miss petting her and snuggling with her.
Next I will go to the cane, which is kind of like a silver peg-leg...........I've learned how to go up and down steps with it and it seems to rattle less than the metal monster! I think it will be another two weeks before I can become peg-leg the stamper!
Take care of yourself and praise God for even the smallest of my things was that I could get out of bed today! LOL No kidding, I did it by myself! It's the little things that you look for when you can't do much for yourself, ya know?
Thanks for stopping by today. May your be blessed.

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