Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take So Much For Granted

Ya know as my surgery date approaches, I continue to become more calm about what will happen. Many people are praying for me, my family and the staff that will operate and care for me. I know that God is in control no matter what happens, this is all part of his plan.
I also am looking at 6 weeks without driving...........ugh, how will I get through this? I might have to just have my laptop at my side 24-7 so I can order and have things come right to my door! woohoo, that's not bad eh?
Anyway, I know that I will be dependent more on my two kids 12 and 14 as well as my DH. My kids know how to cook so making meals will be a snap! I am ordering dvd's and books at the library to watch and read. I'm also getting a few 12x12 envelopes filled with projects to work on while in the hospital. I also have my cards that I'll take and write out cards to those who need some encouragement. Maybe I can pay off the Physical Therapist with cards so I won't have to do P.T. on a day it really hurts! LOL
Anyway, We take our health for grated to be sure. I have become someone who has limited walking and standing abilities. That's cut down on my shopping for sure. You don't realize how much you do where walking or standing comes into play. Most of my day involves it. I also have pain sitting most of the time so even that isn't a relief. Sleeping is the only relief I have from the pain.
I know it's God's way of bringing me forward to the surgery with a confidence. I will be painfree for the first time in years. I will be able to walk places to do ordinary things like go to work, shop etc. I will also be able to enjoy vacations that don't have to be limited due to my health concerns.
Look at the GORGEOUS RAK I received from Allee aka Lynn. It was a get well and encouragement card for the surgery I'll be having July 20th, this Monday. Seeing the Medallion in person with several pretty colors has moved this stamp to the wish list for sure! Thank you so much for your beautiful card, your prayers and thoughts Lynn. Bless you for your encouraging ways.

I thank all of you who are praying for me. I am amazed at home many Christians there are on Splitcoast Stampers. Thank you for stopping by. I need to get a few more things ready before Monday's surgery. Making lots of lists and running errands so DH won't have as much to do.
He's out in the garage making steps and a railing. He's making the step height shorter so it's easier to come into and go out of the house. This will help me, my mom and mil.
Bless you,

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Debbi said...

Can you even fathom how hard it would be to go through times like this without knowing that God is carrying us? I am so glad to hear you are going through this time with such a dependent on Him attitude! My DH just added a railing to our stairs too for me. I am so thankful and I am sure you are too that our men have that gift God has given them to make our lives just a bit easier. You know, dear friend, I will be praying for you as I have been doing already. I hope to get a chance to make you a card and get it off in the mail. I am still adjusting to the new meds I was just put on and things are a bit out of it. God is in CONTROL!!!