Friday, August 7, 2009

Mug Cakes Thanks to Susie

Thanks to Susie Berker at this link, ( check out Wednesday, April 15, 2009 entry)
we were able to have a blast last night! Sarah and I have wanted to make these since I saw it on Susie's blog and printed it out. We didn't have choc chips but will make them next time with chips, yum! Sarah wants to do this with girlfriends she invites to stay over next week. Yum!
Here Sarah's mixing the ingredients in a bowl like Susie suggested, then pour it into a large mug.

Isn't she just gorgeous? She's such a sweet and loving girl!

The cake batter is in the mug and Sarah's ready to microwave.

I could stand long enough at the counter to whip the dream whip with the mixer. This brought back lots of memories since this was from my childhood.

I was hard at work and Sarah distracted me with rabbit ears when I couldn't defend myself!

My cake is ready to go......check out the beautiful mug from Hope, my sunflowers!

Here are our two cakes from our mugs, ready to frost with dream whip.

Here's the first one topped with whipped topping. I split my cake in half and shared it with Ben. He didn't want to do this but wanted some once all the work was done! Sounds like the little red hen to me...........but being the loving mom I am, I gave him half of mine. :-)

This made for some fun for all of us. It's been hard to fool around like this with the surgery and aftermath of that, so it felt good to goof around with the kids like this.
We got some fun pictures of me and my walker that I'll share later. I wanted some pictures so I could do a scrapbook page of this event and recovery.
Take care of yourself and thank you for visiting today. Don't that those little things for granted. Just walking and getting your own coffee is a little thing that I no longer take for granted.
Bless you for stopping by.

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