Monday, May 10, 2010

Did You Ever Feel Like You Were The Only One With a Brain?

This morning was a really trying morning.  Each group of students had a few students who acted like they'd left their brain at home today!  I'm not kidding............If these kids were smarter I'd think they were messing with me, however, that wasn't the case today. In one group, I almost fell asleep it was so s-l-o-w! I'm so glad my assistant and I got through today.  Sheesh, some days are harder than others.  In spite of all the stuff going on, I was able to get so much done today.  I'm thrilled with that.
       DD, Sarah had a concert tonight which they set up like a competition with judges and all.  The BEST part was they played three songs and we were out of there!  Yippee!  They compete Friday and needed judges to critique their performance.
Check out Tamara Lowe in this video clip. Ya gotta listen carefully so you can 'get' all she's saying. It's pretty cool.

I have a few more cards to share from the weekend.  See what you think.
I was at a friend's house and she had these 3-D pen that were just perfect for this stained glass rose. I couldn't belive how pretty this image came out with those pens. I ended up ordering them online! LOL
These were items I had laying around and put them together. I rolled choc chip ink for the background with the cupcakes wheel. I layered the choc chip top note with a petal card on top with the wide oval punhed wish on top. I sponged the petal card and the wide oval.
This is for TLC272 making a flip flop card. I've never made one of these and it was fun, once I got the cutting done! LOL I used Tropical Party to stamp the front and back image panels. I used Bella Toile for the background frame around the images. I love the little pearls that I added.
The inside images are stamped off once to create a softer look to allow for writing.

You know when you have days like this, it's God who gets you(me) through.  I know that.  I also know that it's better to laugh than to get upset by it.  Sometimes I forget that and get stressed out.  Sometimes I just laugh and people think I'm crazy.  They never teach you these things in college ya know............What To Do When Students Forget Their Brain At Home 101~~
  Okay, It's time to put this to rest and trust God to get me back to work to face another day.  Thank you Jesus for being there each and every day, forever!
I love you!

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