Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Color Challenge on SCS and Calls to the Man Upstairs........

Check this out-I was one of the sample makers for todays color challenge on SCS!  The color challenge was to use cocoa, banana and garden green to make a card.  The first two to post a card were chosen to be the samples with Betty today.  Cool huh?  I couldn't believe that I responded just two minutes after Betty posted it, then was able to make a card last night before I went to sleep.

My surprise sample makers are the first two to post a card! Thanks a bunch for working fast! Wanda and Sue you both won the sample spots!

CC273 Gallery

Here's my description:
This is for color challenge 273 using cocoa, garden green and banana. I stamped in green on banana cardstock then sponged the banana with cocoa ink. I also rounded only two corners of the banana paper. I colored the flower with markers then stamped. I ran the flower image and the background cocoa cardstock through the Big Shot for texture and a more victorian look. I added white ribbon and small pearls to the sympathy panel.

Today was a very nerve-wracking day.  At 9:30 my boss came in to talk to my assistant and told her she might be laid off next year.  Well Patti and I prayed about it and 30 minutes later another assistant came in and told Patti that she was SAFE for next year working with me.  Because she works in a self-contained classroom, she has security that the other two assistants don't.  She stays with the class.  The only way someone can get her job is if she leaves it.  That's how they explained that to us.  There has to be an opening for someone else to move into.  We were praising God all morning!
Then this afternoon on my way to a meeting, my boss stopped me in the hallway and asked if I'd ever taught upstairs.  I told her no, I'd been downstairs the whole time I'd been there.  She said she was toying with the idea of moving my class upstairs to be closer to my grademate.  It would also allow Kindergarten to move into my classroom and be across the hall from the other Kindergarten.  Now I don't mind moving, but this is 5 days before the end of the school year.  I haven't had a chance to pack anything, we don't have boxes and it's seeming like an overwhelming task to do in 5 days.  My boss isn't sure what she'd like to do, but said she'd think about it tonight and let me know tomorrow.  Well, guess who we called on again to help us through.....Yup, God was called on again.  We're praying that he will help us handle whatever comes our way.  Stampin' Up has their preview of some of the new things in the new catalog which will come out July 1st.  I can't wait to see their new catalog.  I placed an order tonight.  It will be a week or so before I get the things, however I will be on vacation when I do get them!   I noticed that they are getting rid of all their old style punches.  The new punches will be in their new close and lock style punch.  I'm going to see what they have to offer.  I'm not going to replace all of my punches so they're all the new style.
  Well, it's time to do some biking in the basement.  The perk there is that I get to watch tv while I bike.
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