Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July! God Bless Us All-Everyone!

Today is a day to thank God and continue to pray for strength for those serving our country here and overseas. They are protecting us and giving in so many ways. By being where they are they preserve our freedom. They also miss out on part of their life at home..........they miss out on important family firsts and events they will never get back.
Family here must endure the hardship of being without a spouse, partner, son, daughter, mother, friend...............lack of income, stress of the single parent life. We can't even begin to imagine what life is like for these very special people who serve us.
I am thankful for all they have given and I'm so thankful that in spite of all the personal loses, people still serve this country.
Thank you God for all of the men and women who have given so much for this country.
Here's Lee Greenwood's version of God Bless the USA.
Thank You Lord for all who serve.

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