Sunday, July 11, 2010

Strength Will Rise and Ben's Home!

Today's been a day of laying low. I've not had much energy and I didn't sleep well last night. Seems that the skin is healing nicely and as that happens it tightens and pulls those staples. I got the dressing off the area as well and it's very sensitive.
Today I was able to do my exercises with only a bit of help from Sarah and not crying tears! God is Good!
Anyway, as I've been laying around all day waiting for my first born to come home from LIFE, a senior high trip to Kentucky, I thought of this song and knew I had to share it today. It's called Strength Will Rise. See what you think.

It was so good to hug and talk to my first-born, Ben.  He's been gone since the day of my surgery, July 2nd.  I was so happy to see and talk to him.  I got hugs too.  He even said he needed a haircut!  He said he had to blow dry his hair or it would take an hour and a half to dry.  A mom's dream to hear her son say he needs a haircut! LOL
Thanks for stopping by.
Bless you and may God continue to be ever present in your life.

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