Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Doctor To Doctor To Get Staples Out It's a Happy Day!

Well this afternoon I went to the doctor's office and got all 29 of my staples out.  about 5 of them didn't want to come out and really made me yelp when she tried to remove them!  Not FUN!  I am making progress which was good to hear.  I can put all my weight on my right leg.  I am transitioning from my walker to my cane!  I can go up and down steps limited though.  I can shower!  Can't wait to do that.    My shots will be done Friday which is wonderful.  So much progress is a good thing mentally also.  Every step means I'm closer to driving and sleeping upstairs in my own bed!

Check out the beautiful get well cards I got today.
Barbara, this is the cutest card! I laughed out loud when I got it. It truly brightened my day. THank you for putting a ray of sunshine into my day to help my recovery.
Carla, oh my word, what a darling card! I said, "Oh my, how cute is this", when I opened it. I love the dimension in your card. It certainly made my day. Love the paper which looks like it could be chair material too. Bless you for taking the time to make this for me.
I love all the cheery dots to help me over my rough spot. You did a beautiful job with this. I love how you did the sun too. Thanks for helping to cheer me up. You are one in a million.

Thank you ladies for all your love, encouragement and prayers.  May God Bless you each and every day for serving him with your gift of cardmaking.


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