Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And The Doctor Said............

....I can go back to work half-days for a few weeks. I have had my restrictions lifted, woohoo! Now I can cross my legs, bend past my waist, tie my shoes, shave my legs, etc! Little things in life ya know? Remember when I first had the surgery and I was taking baby steps? Well, this is the same thing, being thankful for the little things.  Do you know what it's like to have your teenager shave your legs or tie your shoes?

I will got back to work the 23rd but work afternoons. Then I can pull together things after school for the following day. It worked really well last year.
Today I stamped a card for the sketch challenge. I love this set, Just Believe. I used the designer paper pack called Lap of Luxury. I colored the image with pear and concord markers. I used a duaber with concord around the edges of the image. I layered the designer paper and added a ms punch border.l I added a ribbon, some flowers and pearls on the flowers.
What do you think?

I've just come home from working with the 5th and 6th grade girls to make 3 different cards for the nursing home visit they will take next week.  I must say I have a headache from listening to one group of girls get silly and fool around while making their card.  They had another adult overseeing their card so I'm not sure if they got it done okay or not.  It was hard to listen to it.  Some of the girls also started to stamp the table and other things when they finished.  One girl had taken a flower we'd punched out and attached it to her forehead.  I asked all of them to start cleaning up and one girl ignored me and continued to fool around with the stamps and adhesive so I spoke directly to her and held her card that she'd been adding things to, until she finished cleaning up the area in front of her.  Another girl took extra paper that I'd cut and glued it into a few tubes and added things to the inside.  I decided I won't do that again. I will do a small group of girls with one card but not a large group.  They just aren't mature enough to follow the directions without being silly.  I couldn't wait to get out of there.
I did have a very nice group of girls to work with.  I really enjoyed the 6 I worked with.  They were truly interested in what we were doing and doing a great job with it. 

Had blood work done today so I have a quarter size bruise from where they took blood.  It's been an interesting day.  I got a call from a mom that we know from church.  She wants to meet my husband and I next week privately to discuss something.  She wouldn't tell me what though.  We have a feeling its something going on between our two daughters.  Teen years are so full of emotion aren't they?

I am going to do some stamping for me instead of unpacking from church tonight.  I want to try the faux bleach technique on the SCS front page.
I hope you're staying cool.  Bless you for stopping by.

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Renée said...

Gorgeous card, Sue! I love the colours and those gorgeous flowers :)

Glad to hear that you are able to do more and more each day!