Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Attic's Clean, I Went to Physical Torture and I Stamped

Today we had a long line of things out on the tree lawn.  Have you ever had those days where it takes forever to get everything to the curb for the trash guys to take?  That's what it was like for Tim and Ben last night getting things out there.  We also thought once it was dark, things would begin to be picked over and disappear overnight.  That wasn't the case......I should have gotten a picture of all the stuff out there.  I'm sure the G-Men were mumbling all sorts of choice words as they emptied our tree lawn.

  I didn't get to see how long it took to empty our tree lawn because I was at Physical Torture today!  Yup, eventhough I had ice on my hip at the end I was sore.  They  measured to see what my range of motion was.  The PT held my leg and helped me move, but moved too far and pain shot through my hip.  It still aches now.  I have a dr. appt tomorrow with the surgeon, so we'll see if my restrictions will be lifted.

I made a few things today.  I made two cards for the color challenge on SCS and tried a bow from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts on youtube.  It was an early video of hers from December 2007.  I used the Build A Bear designer paper for the bow.  I had scraps so my bow isn't the same colors as Dawn's sample was.  Here is a link to her video.  I wasn't sure of all her measurements either but I think she started with a 6x12" piece of designer paper.

We had poppy, crumb cake and baja blue to use in the color challenge today on SCS.  The dessert for today was to use newspaper.  Here are my cards for that.

I got the cutest card from Peggy Elms, all the way from Canada.  See how cute it is?  It sure did make my day.  See what you think.

I'm so tired that I'm going to go to bed on time tonight.  It's so easy to sit up and watch tv when you're not tired.  Before you know it the night's almost gone.  Thanks for stopping by today.  May you continue to shine for God.

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Renée said...

wow, you sure got a lot done! Love them all!