Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Monday-Attic Clean Out Day

We've had this on the TO DO list for a long time.  How many of you also have an attic that has held things you haven't seen in 10 years or more?  That's what our attic had become, an easy place to put things that you didn't want to get rid of.  Well, this morning at exactly 8 a.m. Ben and I began to tackle the attic.  I was the supervisor, every job needs a supervisor ya know? LOL
  I helped with the light stuff and he carried the other stuff to the pitch pile or keep pile.   Each child got a big, blue 50 gallon container to put their childhood treasures into.  That would go into the attic.  It was interesting to watch decisions being made, especially as the container got more full.

It was also very difficult for me to let some things leave the attic.  Why is it we hold on to things like furniture from our past?  I had a dining room table from my grandfather and no longer used it and it sat in the attic.  I had two chairs that I had stained and put caning into years ago.  One needed another new seat and the other need work because it was wobbly.  They went into the attic and stayed there for years.  I had a table that I bought when I first moved out.  It's moved from my apt. to my condo to the Parma house, then to North Royalton..........oh my.................Anyway I'm happy to say that most of the stuff up there was removed from the attic. 
Now to get it to good homes like the Salvation Army.  Stuff and more stuff, why do we collect so much stuff?

I have been working all week on designing and cutting paper to get ready for Card Ministry Friday.  We will celebrate three years this Friday.  Not sure how I want to celebrate.  It's interesting that in those three years we've begun to serve more ministries throughout the church.

Here are the cards I made to go to the Special Needs Ministry for birthday celebrations.

It was requested that I make sympathy cards for the loss of a baby or child...........oh my these were the hardest cards I've every made.

The next card is for new grandparents.  This is also a new card for us to make in the Card Ministry.

The next card is for the shut-ins this month.

The last card is the card I made for the Rebus card challenge on SCS.  You had to make a card using pictures for words.  Here's mine which says, Love You bunches-----The heart is love, the second heart has a U on it and the monkeys have two bunches of bananas-bunches........
I can't believe that for a change I'm ready for Card Ministry early.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm so glad attic day is over.  Take care and may God be with you.

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A-M said...

Your baby sympathy cards look really good. I like the word stamp you have used.