Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday A Day of Rest

Today was a day of rest compared to yesterday.  Tim and I went to church together for the first time in a long time.  It was nice.  He usually does the library and goes to the later service, but today it worked out that we could sit together.
  We also had a meeting with another family and were blessed to all come through it with smiles and hearts for God.  we thought it might be difficult, but God gave Tim and I a peace about it.  God is soooooooooo good.
We have lots of left overs from yesterday..........anyone want a burger or some hot dogs?  LOL

Today I have been so tired but managed to make a card.  See what you think.
I've got to get ready to watch a little tv.  I've spent this evening sending Random Acts of Kindness cards out to people who've requested cards from Splitcoaststampers website.  I love to do this.

Our Church Card Ministry celebrated 3 years and we figured that we've made roughly 3900 cards!  Isn't that truly amazing?
I have to get some things ready to go to work to put my room together.  I keep saying I should take pictures of  before and after so parents can see how much goes into putting a classroom together.
Thanks for visiting.
A blessing for my day:  Sarah saw our neighbor, a friend her age sitting on the curb tonight.  She walked over to talk to her and found she was crying.  She'd just heard the girl's grandmother had been in a car accident.  Sarah sat with her and calmed her down and waited until the girl was able to go into the house.  she was home alone. Her brother just came home so she's not alone.  I was so proud of Sarah that I thanked her and asked her to pray with me for the grandmother and the family.
Thank you Lord for that blessing today.  You are an awesome God.

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