Monday, August 16, 2010

A Week From Today............Sniff, Sniff.............

A week from today I'll be back to work. Yes, Hope I can hear you laughing. I will start back afternoons for two weeks. Then after Labor Day I should be back full time to the classroom. I will miss the late night challenges on SCS. I will miss stamping whatever I want, when I want. Instead I'll be a prisoner of work during the day and probably at night too.....sniff, sniff.....I know welcome to YOUR world! LOL
I made two brayered cards tonight. I really enjoy making them. I want to look at my stamp sets to see if I can expand my cards to include other stamp sets.
Here's the first card I did.
Here is the second one I did.

I love the look this gives and I'm trying to do more layers to my cards so they look like they have a lot of dimension.  I hope to get better with that part.
It's been a wonderful evening.  DD, Sarah was so chatty tonight.  It was like old times chatting with her like this. The teen years are tough on parents and teens alike.  Thank you God for giving me a glimpse of my sweet Sarah again.  I loved it and know it came from you.
Thanks for visiting today.
Bless you,

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