Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 2 Being Home

Check out this cute penguin video........penguins chasing a butterfly.  It's precious.

Here are lots of cards that I received from such wonderful people to help in my recovery. How  cute is this with the ribbon and leaves coming off of it!  I'm going to remember this layout.
This card was made by a pastor's wife so her husband and the head pastor could send a card to me.  I love the sparkle on the sun and the colors of  the flowers.
This is from a friend at church.
Check out the scallop ovals.  I love the pieces in the center of the oval and the embossing. THanks Pam.
This cute card is from my boss.  She's always so encouraging. Thanks Jodie.
This card is from a friend of the family.  I like her layout. Thanks Kalyn.

Can you believe this card from Lacyquilter~Melody.  I love the embossed background and the beautiful lace borders and flowers.  Oh my Melody this is just gorgeous.

This is a card from my mom.  It's so pretty in person. Thanks Mom
This is a card from my in-laws.  They take such good care of me.  Thanks Mom and Dad.
This is from a friend named Karen.  She came to visit me one summer day.  She sends me lots of get well cards, almost daily.  Isn't this card cute?  When's the last time you made a buckle card?  Love the owl and the raised pumpkin.  Thanks Karen, you're a gem.
Here is the edible arrangement our family received from Tim's aunt and uncle.  It lasted one meal and was quite tasty!  Thanks Uncle Al and Aunt Betty.

Well this is sure longer than I thought it would be for my second day home from the hospital.  Bless you for stopping by.  Tomorrow I'll post some cards I've made.  Until then live God's way for you.

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