Monday, September 20, 2010

I Have A Laptop in my Room!

I got DH to bring my laptop for me for my LAST night in the hospital! Woot woot! I was so excited tonight to go home that my heart rate was racing! LOL The nurse laughed at it too.

Hey did you know that an annual event called Meet At The Pole, is Wednesday?
Check it out
I'm excited about it because both of my kids will be participating.  My Sarah Annie organized it last year at her school.  I've been out of the loop for this year's event, but know she's participating in it.  What's really cool is youth pastors from the area, join the kids around the flag pole.  Being in a public school this really stands out. But that's what we're called to do.  I'm not sure I could have done it as a teenager.
  My daughter also wrote a note to a Christian teacher at her school to see if they could use her classroom one day a week after school for Bible Study or a prayer time.
Ben has a table in the cafeteria and daily before school they pray for one another and school etc.
It reminds me of Facing the Giants where the older man walks the halls touching the lockers and praying for a revial in the school.  God can do amazing things is we just get out of his way!  We let Him work through us.
      I am excited to be going home tomorrow.  I can leave as early as 8:30.  Cardmaking here I come!  I did some coloring of images here but it's just not the same as stamping and making the whole card.  So watch out when I get home.  I'll be adding to my SCS gallery and to this again with pictures.
  I have learned through this experience that God shows himself all throughout our day.  He also helped me to see and appreciate the little things in life.  My health I've always taken for granted.  Things like having a bed by the window where sunlight can reach you is a little thing.  Being able to walk to the bathroom, walk with a cane, dress yourself, make some decisions for yourself are some of the other things I so appreciate.
Well, it's off to sleep.  One more sleep until I'm home.
Bless you for your prayers and thanks for visiting to get an update.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,

It's wonderful to read your blog entry this morning. I love hearing about your children .... they are such amazing soldiers for Christ!

Our son and daughter-in-law have three little girls that they are raising to be soldiers for the Lord. When we purpose in our hearts to teach our children to have a personal relationship with our loving Savior, He is so faithful to do amazing things through their lives.

Sue ... I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue through your healing process.

Looking forward to those cards you will be sharing in your gallery!