Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Can See God At Work

First off a friend offered another few names for turkey groups so it made me think what is the official name for a group of turkeys?  Rafter is what I found.......I thought that was an odd name how about you?

I also have been able to see God at work all around me.  It's pretty cool when you realize where it's coming from.
Two get well cards arrived on one of my saddest days
My son brings a song to me which emphasizes you're not alone-I added it to yesterday's post
Someone I don't know pm'd me that she looks forward to cards I make and it seems I love what I do.
A lady I know from SCS only sent me encouraging words and suggestions for getting out of the duldrums
I got to drive so I can get out of the house
My daughter gives me little hugs just to let me know she's there
My hubby has coffee ready for me to flip on in the morning.
Another card filled with encouragement arrived today with a cross in it.
A friend came over to stamp today and brought lunch.
I got to stamp some cute images from what she brought.
Two friends are coming to visit tomorrow evening.
A stamp convention is in Strongsville Saturday and I'm going.

I could go on and on however I think you get the picture......God has heard my cries and has sent people to encourage me.  I get to see first-hand how a card, kind words can make someone's day.
That's why I do what I do.  How about you? 

Here are two cards that are from a friend I met on SCS, named Karen.  We even got to meet for lunch one day.  It was like we'd known each other a long, talk, talk.  Karen you've been a blessing through all these days of surgery and recovering.  Once again she sent me a few cards to help me see God's love.
This card arrived while I was in the hospital so it got misplaced until now.  But isn't this dog the cutest?
check out the background behind the dog.  It's embossed and colored. Do you see those paw prints? They are raised up off the cardstock.

check out this second card from Karen.  It's so elegant looking.  White stamped on black.  Check out the Smile at the top corner of the card.  I loved this card and commented on it in Karen's gallery and I actually got to have this card!  Nothing better than that!  Thank You Karen for giving me a great idea for another card to make.  CASE time!

Here are two more items I received today from another SCS friend, Patty.  She saw on my blog that I was having a tough time getting through this second recovery so she made and sent a beautiful card with a wonderful encouraging note inside.  Thanks so much Patty.
Look what Patty put inside my card.......more encouragement, a crocheted cross.

I also found out that I can earn money for my Card Ministry at church by selling items at my table.  They will give us a table free and any money we make is for my ministry to keep!  Woohoo, now I have to get going making things for this...........who says God doesn't care about us?  Who says He's nowhere to be found.  He's been here all along and now I'm hearing him. :-)
Here's another song that has helped me thought this tough time.

It is by Kerrie Roberts called No Matter What....take a listen.

She says No MATTER WHAT, she's going to love God because He knows what He's doing and she Trusts Him.  Can you say the same? Can I?  I'm going to go give that more thought and prayer.  That is SOOOO hard to do with all the bad things that happen.  While God doesn't cause them, sin does, He allows them for our good.  You don't have to undertand Him, you just have to Trust Him!  OH SO HARD TO DO! I know, I struggle with this too.
May you find a way to trust the one who created you.

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