Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You're Never Alone...................

Ben brought a song video to me tonight by Barlow Girls called, You're Never Alone.
He doesn't really know the struggles I've been going through but this song really spoke to me.  It's a very powerful and thought-provoking song by Barlow Girl. At first you think "hey, where are these lyrics going, God would never forsake or abandon us", but ultimately the singer of the song realizes that and clings to what she knows in her heart, that God is always there, and if we think that He's not then we're just not paying attention. It's human nature to sometimes feel alone in this world, but when we do we need to stop and remember that in fact we are "never alone".
See if it speaks to you.

Here are some get well cards I got from friends.
Isn't the paper and layout of the card beautiful?  Thank you Emily for this beautiful, beautiful card.  I will order two packages next time SU has sparkly designer paper.
 This card is from my assistant, Patti.  Isn't this just darling?  I love the plain strip in the cuttlebug folder for words and I just love this cute basket. Thank you Patti for continuing to bless me.  You're one in a million and I'm truly blessed to work with you.
Here is a card I made today for the Sketch Challenge on SCS.  I think this house mouse is darling gliding down to something we can see, using leaves. I brayered the background with daffodil, pumpkin and rust inks. I dabbed some red onto the leaves, added a leaf brad and linen thread.

I also saw something today that I've NEVER seen before, 10 turkeys eating grass by the side of the road in the Albion Road parkway.

I like the second picture because one turkey looks like he's trying to dance or get my attention! LOL
I was busy today.  I got out to run errands and did well getting in and out of the van with my cane and handicapped parking sticker.  I ran three errands today and had PT, picked up Ben from school, took Sarah to the doctor, got dinner out, took kids to church, dropped a few prescriptions at the drug store, and came home to drop over!

Today I am feeling a bit more encouraged.  Maybe it's knowing I'm going back to work next week.  Maybe it's God working things through in me. Whatever it is I'm greatful for it.  You know just like the song says, even when we feel alone, and cry out to God, and feel like He's NOT there, guess what?  He's right there holding you to help you go through what He's allowing you to go through.  Nothing surprises Him, everything goes through His hands to enable us to become what HE wants us to be.  Many times we don't have a clue what that is and are angry about what we have to go through.  We think God doesn't care, we think He must be getting back at us for something.  Not so.......He love You and I more than anyone here on earth.  He weeps when we are far away like the prodigal son or daughter.  He rejoices when He hears from us again.
Where are you in your relationship with God?  I've got lots of work to do, so I'm going to end this post.
Good Night and thanks for reading and visiting tonight.

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Susan J. Carlson said...

Thank you for that song and for your words of encouragment. God is with us ALWAYS!