Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fighting The Battle

Today I've been fighting the battle of depression with not working, a steady rain, darkness all around with the rain, out of sick days so no pay.  Isn't it amazing how quickly you can be overcome with sadness when circumstances come together like this?    For me this is a constant battle to keep Christ front and center and Satan no where near where he can whisper in my ear any suggestions or ideas he has to make my moment more upsetting.
  I know I need to get back to my Bible reading and my Sunday School reading and book study.  I need to ask God to again help me get back to these.  I know it's not something that has to wait for me to be ready to do it or to feel like doing it, I just have to do it!
  I pray that you will be on board praying for me to begin again to battle Satan and his horrible ways so that I can grow closer to God again and leave this darkness behind.
   Tonight I asked Ben to go with me shopping.  It's just what I needed, to get out of the house.  It was later than usual but it also gave me some 1-1 time with my young man.  I can't call him a boy anymore, he's taller than I am, has a deep voice and hair on his legs............when did all of this happen?  He even started shaving!!  That's probably the last thing a mama sees which confirms her little boy has disappeared.
  Anyway having him with me encouraged me.  Sometimes I get them candy and tonight we hit the dollar aisle and got something for each of us and something for Tim who was fixing the ugly viruses that attacked my computer today.
  Tonight I did stamp a card for the SCS color challenge.  Here it is.  The colors were Rose Red, Going Gray, Daffodil Delight and a color of your choice.  I chose Pear Pizzaz for the stem of the flower.  I like the pearls in the middle.
My son Ben brought up something interesting today on his blog.  He said if you look around where you spend your day and see how many people are there. We don't know how many are saved, but think of all who are not saved.  Those people will go to Hell if they don't accept Christ. We have a responsibility to spread the word of God to all the nations.  We think about that as missionaries in other countries don't we?  We are just as much missionaries here as they are overseas.  Think about it, when was the last time you talked to someone about God?  No cheating here, it can't be a believer friend or someone from church.
  I can't do it at work so I will have to get creative as to how I do it.  How do you show Christ is in you?
Do you act differently than others?  Let your light shine for God.  Let others know there IS something different about you.
There should be a packed house in heaven when we get there.  There should be people we know because we shared Christ with them.
Here's a video that has encouraged me more times than I can count.  See what you think.

 Tough subject today I know, but sometimes it's not all sunshine and sunflowers.  We have to help each other through the muddy, rainy days.  We all have them and it's easier to get through them knowing we all share them at one time or another.  Isn't it wonderful though that God brings us through these times?  He knows just what to do for us.  We just have to ask.................sometimes that's hard isn't it?
Hugs and Blessings to you for hanging in there tonight.

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Pattyjo said...

Hang in there Hon, this too shall pass. I am speaking from experience, or I would not be here at all. Depression happens to Christians too, its Satan way to discourage us make us want to give up. He knows when we are weak, especially when we are recovering from surgery, feel ill or are tired.
My husband & I, have just started a Bible Study, just us together, and I can feel Satan being threatened by this. He will be out there trying to pull the rug out from under us.
I strongly feel that God will not let anything touch us, unless He first OK's it for our good. I find peace in that.
It sure doesn't help that its rainy and dreary outside. Maybe you could make a trip to the Video store and get lost in a few good movies. Make a big bowl of pop corn and put your feet up and enjoy a good movie. That is another thing that brings me up. I don't know if you crochet. I crochet and when I was recovering from surgery once I finished a crocheted dress for my Granddaughter. She wore it all the time, until she out grew it. It kept my hands busy and that also helped me. I hope some of these suggestions will help. I know the darkness of depression only too well and feel so strongly for you now. I have been praying for you daily. You are a wonderful, loving person and always put others first. If you must be out of circulation for a while, make it fun for yourself.
Big get well hugs!