Monday, September 27, 2010

The Staples Are Out, The Staples Are Out!

The staples are out ha ha, ha ha.  It is painful to have them removed and it is painful now, but I got to take a shower tonight, Woot, Woot!  Do you know how wonderful it is to take a shower after not being able to for two weeks?  Sponge bathing isn't much at all compared to a shower.  I am looking at the little things these days in my life.
  The nurse came and the pt came so my day was a bit busy.  I also made a set of 4 cards for the Splitcoast Stampers New Technique Lovers Challenge.  You were to stamp on tissue paper after wetting it with water then drying it with a heat tool.
Here are my four cards.  Now what I have to do is decide what type of box to make to put them into.

This last card is very NOT me.  I wanted to do something different so I place the designer paper diagonally on the background.

So there they are my 4 creations for the day. I have to decide now what I want to make to put them in.  I hope they will make a nice gift for someone.
 I've been turning things around here lately.  I'm not as sad as I was before and I think, between reading my Bible and doing cards for others and sending them out has helped.  That's how I helped myself out of a depression earlier in my life.  Take the spotlight off yourself and put it on others.  God shows me so many people who have life worse than I do.  There are tons of them.  He has also recently shown me people who make a meal for someone they don't know and bring it to them when they've come home from the hospital.  Isn't that a wonderful gift to have?
Sometimes we look at ourselves and think we don't have talents that could help someone else.  That is Sooooo wrong.  That comes from Satan himself.  You have gifts and talents for sure.  God gave them to you.  Just to be able to talk to someone who is lonely, hug someone who needs a touch, smile or say a kind word is so easy to do. 
I know one of my gifts is encouragement.  I make cards and write in them to people I don't know.  I use Splitcoast Stampers Need a Lift Forum to get names of people who need encouragement.
There are so many things you could do in your own work place, church or with people you come in contact with.  We hold ourselves back because we don't talk to strangers.  Sometimes we don't even make eye contact, sad but true.
Look through your day and see what little acts of kindness you can do for others.  The fun part is not letting them know what you're doing.  Make it something between you and God.
Thanks for visiting today.  I can't wait to see what's in store for me tomorrow.
Staples out, card making, boss visited, shower taking.....what could top that? LOL

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