Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Busy and Fun Friday

Today I've been busy putting together cards I am making for the Christmas
I also played the hole in one free for all challenge on Splitcoast and came up with this card.  It took forever though. The image was stamped off from a friend.  I like the way I was able to add more leaves and cherries to the background.  This will be a thank you card for a family who provided two meals for us in the past two weeks.

I have to share a poem Sarah wrote for school about Summer and Fall.

Summer vs. Fall

By Sarah Craig

Fall arrives
September 22, 2010
Cool weather, fresh-picked apples,
and crispy leaves
All prepared and ready for battle

It’s enemy?
Worn out and tired,
Hot weather, days at the beach,
and the need for sun block
Wearily line up to fight

The battle takes but a few days
Summer is crushed, crumbled
Its time is done,
But it’s not ready to stop

Fall comes in like a flood
Tearing down the little strength Summer has left
It has no concept of mercy, of compassion
For this has been an annual event since the beginning of time

Summer wants to keep going,
but it cannot survive much longer
Fall argues that its time has come
Even calendars proclaim this is Fall’s season

The end of the battle is swift
Summer retreats
Fall replaces warmth with swift, cold rain;
replaces green with red, orange, and yellow
It marks its territory

Nature sings a new song
now that Fall has won
As the wind blows through the new colors,
you can hear it proclaim in harmony,
“Summer has gone and Fall’s time starts now!”

Here is a snowman card I made using Pam's images once again.  Pam visited and brought cute stamps for me to stamp off and color.  I have had such a fun time doing just that.  Not only did Pam bring stamps, she also brought lunch from Panera Bread!  Yum.  We had such a nice time working on cards, chatting and then eating lunch.
Tomorrow we'll go to the Stamping Convention in Strongsville.  I've got to get ready to go to work and walk, so what better training ground that a room filled with stamps and stamp stuff and women pushing to get to it! LOL

Tonight I had a friend come over to make two cards for the retirement home her mom lives in.  Emily and her sister will have the residents who sign up, make the two cards.  Fun huh?

My assistant came by too with her daughter to look through the stamps that were donated to me and the Card Ministry.  There had to be a thousand stamps.  There's no way I could house or use that many stamps so I share with my friends who live close enough to stop by.

What a wonderful evening of stamping and visiting.
Bless you for stopping by.

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