Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Fun and Wonderful Saturday

Today was a lot of fun.  I met a friend, Jane and went shopping for stamping supplies that we needed.  If you know Jane or me you'd know that we don't have a NEED of stamping supplies but a WANT!  Unlike many of you I'm sure huh? LOL
  Anyway we shopped and had a fun time together.  We also went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  It's a Christian restaurant where you are treated by teens who have been trained in a special way of handling customers.  It's my what they say when you thank them..........I am so impressed with this chain of stores that I will go out of my way to eat at one.
   Jane and I came back to her house and tried out the things we bought then I had to go home.  We planned some fun things to make for our craft fair.  I showed Jane how to do the candles.  She's also going to make the snowman box and we'll put snowman soup in the box.  So cute! HUH?
  Here are some of the cards we made last night at Card Ministry.  We made 150 cards in two hours with 9 ladies.  We broke a record last night!

I had a lot to clean up last night also.  I unpacked all of the stuff I had for the 5 cards we made.
I hope to get more stamping done this week, I bought some items to make my snowman soup for our sale in 3 weeks.  Can't wait to see how this will look Saturday when Jane and I put these things together.
I could tell I was tired when I talked to Jane, she asked me if I could punch out 3/4" black circles for the eyes of the snowman.  I said, I could, then turned to look at my snowman box on the table.  I tried to imagine what he would look like without eyes.  Then I started to laugh thinking about a blind snowman using the candy cane we'll put in the snowman soup to get around! LOL  I know, you had to be here and it's probably only funny if you're tired.
Here's the snowman box I'm talking about.
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