Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Was A Busy Day.....Now I'm Crabby

Today was a very busy day.  I got up early to get my ingredients for Snowman Soup and other chocolate delights that we'll be selling at the craft show.
Then I went to Bible Study with Tim.  I had to grab some hot tea and a bagel and ate in Bible Study.
After Bible Study I took Sarah to lunch.
Then we went to pick up snacks for her Washington trip.
Next we went to get her hair cut...........we had a young and very new stylist.........she took almost an hour to cut and layer Sarah's hair................UGH!
I got home by 2 and found Tim sleeping so I went back to church at 2:15 to pick up Ben from his Refuge Corp meeting.
I then had some time out on the screened in porch to do work stuff.  It was just a perfect day!
Finished that stuff, got something to eat, then went to the evening service.  Sarah has small group from 6-7:30.
After service we didn't get Sarah until about 7:40 so I didn't get home until about 7:55.'s 8 o'clock and I'm tired and Sarah still has homework!
She now has to find a Spanish song and download it.  She has to also find the lyrics in English and Spanish.
I wonder why my patience is running thin...................hmmmmmmmm

But God is good.  I told Sarah to leave my office so I could problem solve downloading this stuff and was able to get what she needed.  However it's 10 p.m. now. 

Tonight we could hear the pack of coyotes howling somewhere off in the distance.  They have the creepiest spine-chilling howls I've heard.  I'm always glad I'm inside when I hear that noise they make.

I am continuing to struggle with getting my Bible time.  I sat in our Bible Study class this morning listening to people say they love to read their Bible and they read it because they want to.  I've been going through a time now where I read it because I feel I have to do my assignment for class.  Or I feel guilty if I don't read my Bible.  I"m praying that God will help me overcome this type of attitude.  I truly want to have a love of reading the Bible again.  I want to feel like I'm being fed again through His word.
Here's a video that is helping me tonight.

Tomorrow I will work full time!!!  This is my first full time day in the school year.  I feel so excited to do this.
I have Physical Torture at 4:45 then Ladies Latte at church at 6:30.
Busy day.  I hope I have the energy to go to Latte tomorrow night.
Thanks for checking up on me.  I pray that you are continuing your walk with the Lord.  He's an awesome God and loves us in spite of ourself!  I speak from experience here ya know.

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Pattyjo said...

I am glad I read your blog today. I feel a little the same myself. I will try to keep my thoughts on God today. Your so right about Him loving us, in spite of ourselves.
I just can not imagine living in this world without God. What a hopeless place that would be.

Your day sounds so heavy for someone that is "still recovering". You need some rest time in your schedule, even if you have to say "No" to something.

You are a wonderful Christian lady Sue.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Keep looking up.
Big Hugs,