Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Day Back but OH So TIRED!

Today was my first day back full time at work.  I was happy to be there.  I felt so organized and ready to go.  It was a good day too, we had Art.  That means an hour without students so I could work on lesson plans for next week.
  God is so good, he also had a program for my students which went from 2:30-3:00 so I got more time to work on things.
 I went to PT today and by the time I was finished I had decided that I couldn't go to Ladies Latte at my church.  You wouldn't believe this but between 300 and 500 ladies show up each month to sit a large round tables and listen to the pastor's wife talk and do a power point, then sit and eat desserts and drink coffee, tea or water.  It's a wonderful time of growing and getting to know other ladies.  I love going but just didn't want to push it tonight.  The more tired I get the more apt I am to have an accident walking or something.
I actually asked Tim if 8 o'clock was bedtime.  I sat with ice on both hips and relaxed then stamped a card.
Here's the card.  This was wet stamping for the technique lovers challenge on SCS today.
I stamped in mambo which really spread out then stamped in razzleberry and olive for the leaves.  I then used gold ep on the leaves to dress it up a bit.
In my Bible Study class we're learning how to see God working around you and going where he sends you to do His will.  In a small way that happened to me this morning.  I was reading my Bible Study book and began to think about  the son of our teacher of the Bible Study.  He said his son was not wanting to come to church, he stayed up late Saturday then slept in Sunday and didn't come to class or church.  No usual for this man at all.  Anyway, this morning I felt the Holy Spirit say, get a card and send it to him.  I got right up, got a handmade card, wrote in it addressed it and mailed it at work.  I was kind of shocked since usually this is the kind of thing that I'd write on a post-it-note and do later.
I can't wait to see what God does with this.
  I'm off to sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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