Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Baby Went To Washington D.C. Today

Sarah was up around 5 and out the door with Tim at 5:30 to be at school at 5:45 to leave for Washington D.C. today.  She was so excited!  She waved to me as I was getting up and said, "Bye, Mama!"  Then she was gone.

  She and her classmates are going on an evening dance cruise tomorrow night.

 She had to get a dress, shoes and accessories to go with it.  She had to get snacks of course the the long trip.  What fun to have all these goodies to choose from plus more from your roomates!
This morning God gave me a run for my money with the students who come to my classroom from general education............two came down with nothing.  I don't know how teachers expect me to teach when kids don't bring what I need to teach............sigh..............sometimes you wonder if what you are doing is a good thing ya know?  Patti, and my assistant both were ready to give up since this wastes so much time for us.  We each ended up with a headache.  We're doing these teachers a favor by taking these kids yet we're getting no help.  Next week we're going to have a meeting for sure.  We're documenting things and will go up with hard facts.
  Today after school we had our staff meeting.  Yuck, I hate meetings at the end of the day. 3:20-4:20 it's hard to be motivated to do anything.  The majority of the staff voted for afternoon meetings though.  Usually it's 8-9 a.m. which I like a lot since I'm a morning person and get to work by 7:45 each day.

  Here's my card for the color challenge today on SCS.  We had to use real red, pink pirouette and pear pizzaz.

Tonight Tim and I went for a walk around the block.  That's 3/4 of a mile.  I did pretty well tonight.  I am out of breath climbing up the hill we have but it feels good to have accomplished that much walking with my cane and holding my hubby's hand.
  I told him I'd go any day but my Physical Torture days Monday and Thursday. LOL
 I am not ready for bed and it's 8 o'clock so that's a good sign.  I'm getting more stamina.
Here's a good reminder of what our life should be like. Take a listen.  This is Never Going Back To Okay by The Afters.

I found the newest song by The Afters, which is called Light Up The Sky.  It's a catchy song with so much to say.  See what you think.

Well, I continue to pray for Stephanie and her family.  It appears that Stephanie is nearing the end of her life.  She had multiple seizures one of which caused a heart attack which caused a lack of oxygen to her brain which left her with limited brain activity.  Many people have been praying for her and ready about the amazing things God is doing which is being reported by her husband on this blog.   I don't know this family but they attend a church I used to go to so when I saw it on facebook, I began to pray for this family.  Maybe you'd consider praying for them too.  While you're at it would you pray for a safe trip for Sarah and the 8th graders in D.C. this week?
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