Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our God Is An Awesome God Who Reigns From Heaven Above.........

I have to tell you that after yesterday morning I wasn't looking forward to teaching againg this morning.  Oh my I had a headache by noon so I took 2 excedrin before students came today! LOL
Guess what?  God gave us a tremendous day!  The girl who didn't bring anything to class came prepared with everything she needed today!  The young man who forgets still forgot, but 1 out of 2 is great!
  Patti and I were so pleased with how well things went.  We ended up writing about 5 or 6 certificates for skills learned today to share with the principal and families.
  I saw this in 95.5 The Fish Radio Station's blog today and thought I'd share it.  It is so interesting to hear this man's perspective on things.  To be the oldest man in the world and to still have your faculties like this is amazing and God given for sure.

Tim and I walked our 3/4 of a mile again tonight.  I was tired but I made it.
Thank you for making a visit today.

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