Friday, October 15, 2010

Been Busy Can You Tell?

I spent today working on things for the craft show Nov. 5-6th. We didn't have school today so I had lots of time after the kids' dr. appt. The kids had to have a physical to go to Peru this summer. So we took today to get the physical then we'll begin working on the shots they will need when they go.

Here are some of the projects I made for the craft show. I have to come up with how much to charge with this stuff. Any ideas?
Here is the Christmas Fudge I made for the sale.  I think this poem is a hoot!

Here's the contents of the Snowman.......This is his Snowman Soup
Here is the drawer I made and put 5 matching cards in the box with envelopes.

Check out this video a friend passed on to me today.

I was truly amazed by this information.  It makes me want to find out more about this guy.
Thanks for stopping by tonight.

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