Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Creations and Goings On

Today has been a very good day.  It is the beginning of a full work week for me since I came back full-time.
I had a pretty good day at work.  I'm slowly getting things organized to be as efficient as possible.  We have 13 students with varying degrees of needs for Reading and Language Arts.  Some of the students are coming to us from General Ed. since they're not making it there for Reading.  I can't imagine some of these kids in general ed.  They seem lost in our class as far as organizing things.
  Today I had Physical Tortue and it wasn't too bad.  I got a few new exercises since my right leg some times turns in.  It always feel good to get ice on my hip once the hard work is finished.
  Tonight I went shopping with Sarah after a wonderful dinner cooked by Tim.  He made Ravioli and salad for dinner.  I love cheese ravioli and it made my day perfect.
  I still had energy to stamp when I got home so I made a few things.  These are CASED and I'll link you to the videos I followed.

Then for these purse cards I followed this video.

Our Bible Study class was good yesterday in that a prayer had been answered for me.  I sent an encouraging card to the adult son of our class teacher because he'd been feeling down and didn't want to come to church. Because of God working in his life when he got my card, he came yesterday.  Praise God for the things he does for us.

I continue to get ready for the craft fair.  I am finding more and more things I want to make for it.  I know I need to balance this, work, family and my time with God.  Off to get some time with God.
Thanks for stopping in.

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Susan Carlson said...

Thanks for sharing those tutorials and projects. I'm doing a craft fair in December and am looking for different card ideas