Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Brought Torture AGAIN!

Should have called it Torture Tuesday with PT beginning again today.  I will have 3 weeks of therapy 2x a week Mon and Wed beginning next week.  Tomorrow I go to the dr. to see how this new hip looks to him.

I was busy making some more things for the craft show.  Here are some candles that I made with candles that I had sitting around here.
Today's been another dreary day with constant rain which for me brings headaches.  I finished a good book called, The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans.  It was similar to a Scrooge story but good just the same.
The title is funny to me because Tim's begun to email me things he wants for Christmas.  He's putting his list together bit by bit.  Guess that means if I want something I'd better begin a list of my own.  That means I have to narrow it down........oh my I'd better start now huh? LOL

Today has been a struggle to read my Bible, but I"m not sure why.  I know that with the class I'm in the more I read and grow the more I'll probably be attacked by Satan.  I need to continue to do what I need to do to keep my armor strong and keep my guard up.  Please pray that I'll continue to fight the fight.
If you'd also pray for my return to work this week.  I am so anxious to to start work again and teach!
Thanks for stopping by.

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